Dillon S. Ripley

Thursday, September 11, 1969

S. Dillon Ripley, Secretary Of Smithsonian, advisory board member of Cooper-Hewitt, on Carnegie Mansion as Cooper-Hewitt Museum.

WNYC archives id: 8634


Tom Freudenheim

Wednesday, September 03, 1969

The Smithsonian show behind the Iron Curtain.


Edward Fry Part 1 of 2--"Art in the Year 2000"

Sunday, June 15, 1969

WNYC archives id: 8656


John H. Baur

Thursday, April 24, 1969

Views on Art host, Ruth Bowman speaks with John Baur, director of the Whitney Museum of American Art.

John Baur is on the show to discuss the current exhibition: Contemporary American Sculpture: Selection 2, funded in part by the Howard and Jean Lipman Foundation. The Lipmans were ...


Thomas B. Hess on William De Kooning at MOMA

Thursday, April 10, 1969

The de Kooning exhibition at MOMA.


Gene Baro

Thursday, January 16, 1969

Gene Baro, London-based artist and critic, on the state of visual art today This episode was broadcast on both 1/16/1969 and 1/22/1969. It was recorded on 1/9/1969.

WNYC archives id: 8596


Mario Amaya

Thursday, January 09, 1969

Mario Amaya, founding editor of Art & Artists magazine and curator at the London Institute of Contemporary Art, speaks with host Ruth Bowden about the structure and function of the Institute as a center for experimentation, vanguardism, and cultural exchange, and about general trends in the art world in contemporary ...


Betty Blayton Taylor

Thursday, September 26, 1968

Ruth Gurin Bowman interviews Betty Blayton Taylor, artist and member of the board of the Harlem Studio Museum.

WNYC archives id: 11112


Cezanne to Miro

Thursday, September 12, 1968

Ruth Gurin Bowman interviews Monroe Wheeler, Counselor to the trustees, about the "Cezanne to Miro" exhibit at the Center for Inter-American Relations.

WNYC archives id: 11107


Interview with Abram Lerner

Wednesday, September 11, 1968

Long a leader in his field.


Factory Girl Ultra Violet on WNYC

Monday, July 15, 1968

Ultra Violet on her involvement in the art world and how her desire “to turn into art with my soul and body” led her to starring in films.


June Wayne

Tuesday, May 21, 1968

Join host Ruth Bowman as she talks with June Wayne (1918 -2011) about the Tamarind Institute: Lithography Workshop and Gallery in Los Angeles.

WNYC archives id: 11110


Tracy Atkinson, Director, Milwaukee Art Center on Growth and Future of Art Centers

Wednesday, May 01, 1968

Atkinson discusses his various activities as art museum director on his current visit to New York City and the ways in which the Art Center in Wisconsin differs from its big city counterparts. Bowman and Atkinson also cover topics that include the Art Center’s upcoming exhibitions, its role as the ...


Kynaston McShine

Friday, March 29, 1968

Kynaston McShine, Curator of Painting and Sculpture, Jewish Museum, on Gene Davis, Robert Irwin and Richard Smith exhibition at the museum.


John McKendry

Wednesday, February 21, 1968

Host Ruth Bowen talks with John McKendry, Associate Curator of Prints at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

WNYC archives id: 8857


William Rubin

Wednesday, January 03, 1968

While William S. Rubin later went on to become a somewhat controversial figure in the art world as Director of the Department of Painting & Sculpture at MoMA from 1972 - 1988, this interview focuses on the development of his very first exhibition at the Modern.

Rubin ...


Tate Director Sir John Rothenstein

Thursday, December 07, 1967

The man who made sure the Tate survived World War II.


American Federation of Art

Thursday, November 30, 1967

Ruth Goren talks with guests Mrs. Jacob Kaplan and Roy Moyers, the President and Director, respectively, of the American Federation of Arts.

WNYC archives id: 8803


Thomas Messer interview

Thursday, November 16, 1967

Thomas Messer discusses the Guggenheim International Exhibition 1967.


Thomas Hoving

Tuesday, October 24, 1967

Thomas Hoving talks about the Guggenheim at the Met and more.