Nicholas Calas

Thursday, December 09, 1971

Author discussed his book, Icons and Images of the Sixties. Discussion of 60's art world attitudes and controversies - attitude of experimentation - enigmatic art/withholding knowledge. Mention of Jasper Johns, Marcel Duchamp, Wittgenstein's theories of art.

WNYC archives id: 8613


J. Carter Brown

Wednesday, December 01, 1971

J. Carter Brown, Director of the National Gallery in Washington, DC, discusses the construction of the Gallery's East Wing, the history of the Gallery, and the acquisition of its collection.

WNYC archives id: 8601


Robert Indiana and Carl Weinhardt

Monday, November 29, 1971

Robert Indiana on his 'LOVE' sculpture.


James Wines

Monday, November 15, 1971

Host Ruth Bowman speaks with sculptor James Wines (b. 1932) from SITE, Sculpture In The Environment.

WNYC archives id: 11109


George H. Hamilton

Monday, June 28, 1971

Guest: George Heard Hamilton, Director of Sterling & Francine Clark Art Institute, Williamstown, Mass., and Professor of Art, Williams College.

Author discusses his book, 19th and 20th Century Art: Painting, Sculpture, and Architecture on art history and author’s experiences curating modern art collections at Yale and Williams ...


Rosa Esman

Monday, June 14, 1971

Join Views on Art host, Ruth Bowman, as she speaks with art publisher, Rosa Esman of Tanglewood Press to discuss contemporary American graphics and editioned art.

Although the concept of editioned artworks, or multiples, was not new to the 20th century, many would credit Marcel Duchamp with ...


Ulfret Wilke

Monday, April 19, 1971

Director of the University of Iowa Museum of Art, Ulfert Wilke, talks with host Ruth Bowman.

WNYC archives id: 11108


The Monumental Works of Beverley Pepper

Thursday, December 03, 1970

Views on Art host, Ruth Bowman, interviews American sculptor, Beverly Pepper about her recent work.

New York City-born, Beverly Pepper turned to sculpture after spending the first 10 years or so of her artistic career as a painter. In this interview with Ruth Bowman, Pepper does not ...


Leon Polk Smith

Thursday, November 19, 1970

Views on Art host, Ruth Bowman, speaks with painter Leon Polk Smith about his then current exhibition of his earlier work at the Galerie Challete in New York City.

Intent on pursuing graduate studies in teaching, Oklahoman Leon Polk Smith moved to New York City in 1936 ...


Alfred Frankenstein

Tuesday, September 15, 1970

Dr. Alfred Frankenstein, art critic, San Francisco Chronicle, curator of American Art, U.C. Berkeley, adjunct Prof of Art History, NYU and Prof of Art, Mills College.

WNYC archives id: 8653


Morman Paintings of C.C. Christiansen

Wednesday, August 19, 1970

Join Views on Art host Ruth Bowman as she talks with David W. Evans and Mahonri Sharp Young about the Whitney’s Christensen panorama exhibition, Mormon art and architecture.

In its May/June issue of 1970, Art in America published a feature by Carl Carmer entitled, “A Panorama of ...


Interview with Max Kozloff

Tuesday, June 23, 1970

Art is no stranger to socio-political subject matter, as exemplified by pieces like Picasso’s Guernica. But can the role of the artist go beyond expression? Can artists truly effect change? Art critic and representative of the Emergency Cultural Government, Max Kozloff, grapples with some of these issues in this interview ...


Robert Rosenblum

Wednesday, June 03, 1970

Rosenblum gives a brief history of protest art. In the modern world, it first appeared during the French Revolution. Protest art has explicit political content and is often aimed at a large audience. It can be either public or private art.

WNYC archives id: 9783


William Woolfenden

Tuesday, June 02, 1970

Listen to Ruth Bowman as she interviews William Woolfenden, Director of The Archives of American Art, just after it had joined the Smithsonian.

WNYC archives id: 11105


Hedda Sterne

Monday, April 20, 1970

Though a working artist for the span of some 80 years, Hedda Stern may be best known for simply being in a photograph featuring some of the brightest stars of the Abstract Expressionist movement in America. In this interview with Views on Art host, Ruth Bowman, we gain some insight ...


Dan Flavin--Florescent Sculpture

Tuesday, February 17, 1970

Flavin calls the gallery system a necessary evil.


El Museo del Barrio

Monday, January 05, 1970

The conceptualization of El Museo del Barrio began in the wake of the civil rights movement in the United States, in a time when local community activists in Central and East Harlem began to demand changes in the city’s education system that included the acknowledgement of the cultural diversity of ...


Victor D'Amico

Thursday, November 06, 1969

Victor D'Amico, Director, Department of Education and the Art Center, MOMA, discusses education at MOMA.

WNYC archives id: 8633


Peter Selz

Wednesday, October 15, 1969

Peter Selz, director, University Art Museum, U.C. Berkeley interviewed by Ruth Gurin Bowman on "The Making of a Great University Museum."

WNYC archives id: 9780


John Hightower--The Visual Arts as Sponsored by NY State

Thursday, October 02, 1969

Taxpayer funds for the arts.