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This show has ceased production. You can access archives online.

Smiley & West from Public Radio International (PRI) is an energetic radio program that is a fusion of thought provoking, intelligent and stimulating dialogue on every subject from news & politics to entertainment & culture. The one-hour weekly show attracts a broad spectrum of compelling guests and asks questions that solicits newsworthy discussions. Listen as Smiley & West engage in deep dialogue in the “Hot Stuff” segment where the duo dissects the hottest news topics.  The most engaging portion of the show encourages audience interaction in the “Take ‘Em to Task”segment when a caller debates Smiley & West on a political or social issue. Finally, what would a Smiley & West show be without provocative discussions with A-list newsmakers, celebrities, great thinkers and doers of our time! Get Ready…it’s time for Smiley & West!

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Noam Chomsky: The Final Smiley & West

Friday, December 27 2013 05:00 AM

M.I.T. professor emeritus Noam Chomsky reflects on eight decades of struggle. Plus, Smiley and West share highlights from their favorite conversations and say goodbye.