Radio Rookies

January 2014

Inside Co-Location

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Under the Bloomberg administration, the number of "co-located schools"—multiple schools in a single building—has doubled in New York City. Radio Rookies Leslie Batista and Kiala Donald attend one of these schools, which shares building space with five others. Each school operates on a different floor and draws upon students from many different neighborhoods. Sometimes there's tension between students from different schools once the final bell rings. Microphones in hand, Leslie and Kiala took to the hallways to find out more. (Watch it here)


Molly & Hip Hop

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Radio Rookies Alejandro Estevez and Daniel Bostick—aka “Alex E. Styles” and “AR Danny”—have heard plenty about the psychedelic drug “Molly,” the street name for an allegedly pure form of MDMA or “ecstasy." As Molly has grown in popularity, so has its mention in contemporary hip-hop music. Both Alex and Danny have chosen to stay away from the drug, but as aspiring hip-hop artists, they feel pressured to follow their peers and rap about Molly. Alex and Danny consider the relationship between music and its influence on teens while marching to the beat of their own rhymes. (Watch it here)


Education Motivation

Monday, January 27, 2014

Imagine: a high school where students are on a first-name basis with their principal and teachers, have personal advocate counselors, and where a failing grade doesn’t mean trouble, but an offer of help. West Brooklyn Community High School is that kind of school. Opened in 2006, West Brooklyn is designed to give students a second-chance at earning lost credits and graduating. In this report, two students—Eddie Munoz and Jairo Gomez—tell the story of how they fell dangerously behind at their previous schools and got back on track at West Brooklyn. (Watch it here)


Teen Talk Show: Street View

Friday, January 24, 2014

Welcome to Street View: Where We Get it Straight From the People—Radio Rookies first-ever teen talk show! Under the helm of Radio Rookies host Sharnalee Reid, reporters Cam Johnson and Ahmed Khan collaborate in a group-report about bullying from a variety of perspectives.  Bringing the voices of family and friends into the studio, they ask some hard-hitting questions about bullying: “What’s the difference between bullying and drama?” “How do you stop a bully?” and, “Can bullies change?”  To find out, take a look at Street View! (Watch it here).


Teenage Pregnancy

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Like many New Yorkers, Radio Rookies Shakoya Hamilton, Marvin Ramos, and Anna-Lisa Gordon have seen the advertisements for New York City’s teen pregnancy prevention campaign. Accompanying the face of a toddler, are big-lettered statements like, “Got a good job? I cost thousands of dollars each year” and “Honestly Mom, chances are he won’t stay with you. What happens to me?” Each of these Radio Rookies shares an experience with pregnancy and parenthood, but their stories were not reflected in the faces of the posters. This is the story about what it’s really like to face teen pregnancy, from teenagers themselves. (Watch it here)