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There are visionaries among us โ€” men and women with innovative ideas about changing lives and transforming communities. You may find them in the far-flung corners of the world or right down the street. With The Promised Land, a new series from Launch Minneapolis, host Majora Carter seeks out these extraordinary yet everyday people and reveals their dreams and struggles โ€” what inspires and challenges their work and their lives. From neighborhoods in east Belfast grappling with a polluted river to kids interviewing for Green Jobs Corps in East Oakland, The Promised Land promises a steady stream of powerful radio.

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    Majora Carter founded Sustainable South Bronx, in 2001 - when very few people were even talking about "sustainability," and even fewer, in places like the South Bronx. By 2003, she coined the term "Green the Ghetto" as she pioneered one of the nation's first urban green-collar job training & placement systems. Her organization spearheaded new policies and legislation that fueled demand for those jobs, improved the lives of New Yorkers, and served as a model for the nation.

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