Danny Kaye

Thursday, October 10, 1968

A master of the accent.


John Simon 1968

Thursday, October 03, 1968

Patricia Marx interviews film and theater critic John Simon, who has recently published Private Screenings (1967), his newest compilation of film reviews. Mr. Simon discusses whether or not film has become the most vital art form of the day and whether or not it receives the criticism it deserves. ...


Edward Villella

Thursday, September 26, 1968

What makes a good dancer?


Al Hirschfeld

Thursday, September 12, 1968

The man of a thousand Ninas.


Michael Harrington

Thursday, August 22, 1968

The difference between a Democratic Socialist and the democratic left.


Thomas Wilfred

Thursday, July 18, 1968

Patricia Marx interviews Thomas Wilfred, a pioneer in the art of light. Mr. Wilfred gives an overview of his life, explaining his lifelong fascination with light and how he made a living before creating Lumia, or art created from light. He also discusses the Clavilux, an instrument created specifically for ...


Arthur C. Clarke

Thursday, July 11, 1968

The making of 2001: A Space Odessey


Martin Garbus

Thursday, June 13, 1968

A report on the slow progress of integration in The South.


David Schoenbrun

Thursday, May 30, 1968

How to end the war in Vietnam.


Earl Reiback

Thursday, February 08, 1968

Patricia Marx interviews nuclear physicist and artist Earl M. Reiback on the development of his light sculptures and theory of "luminal art". Considering himself both a sculptor and choreographer of light, Reiback describes his techniques and impulses for creating these light installations. Often incorporating psychedelic colors and sound, Reiback hopes ...


Wolf Von Eckardt

Thursday, February 01, 1968

Patricia Marx interviews Wolf von Eckardt, architecture critic for the Washington Post and author of the recently released book, A Place to Live: The Crisis of the Cities. In the interview, von Eckardt expresses the desire to see technology be used more in modern architecture while also retaining the feeling ...


David Halberstam

Thursday, January 18, 1968

The war in Vietnam goes on and on and on.


Anthony Lewis

Friday, April 07, 1967

The liberal voice of the Times.


Peter Brook

Thursday, January 26, 1967

How to turn a great play into a great film.


Colin Davis

Thursday, January 19, 1967

Colin Davis on why he became a conductor.


Theodore Sorensen

Sunday, January 01, 1967

He says the war in Vietnam can only end through negotiation.


James Dickey

Thursday, October 13, 1966

Patricia Marx sits down with Southern poet James Dickey to discuss his introduction to writing and the inspirations for his work. Dickey affirms that a writer must pursue interests outside the literary arts, viewing poetry as an "interpretive art" informed by a writer's sundry experiences of the external world. Throughout ...


Dick Gregory

Tuesday, November 03, 1964

Comedian Dick Gregory isn't joking around here.


Gunter Grass

Tuesday, July 28, 1964

Patricia Marx interviews German author Günter Grass, who has recently published Dog Years, the third and final volume of his Danzig Trilogy. Mr. Grass discusses the role of fantasy and symbolism in his writings, especially regarding the first book of his Danzig Trilogy, The Tin Drum, and the inspiration behind ...


Woody Allen

Wednesday, July 08, 1964

Woody - way back when...