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A hybrid of a talk program and a newsmagazine, On Point puts each day's news into context and provides a lively forum for discussion and debate. Topics chosen for the program are often taken from the biggest news stories of the day while others have a direct connection to issues that are at the core of what is urgent and important in the world at the moment. Interwoven are programs containing interviews with personalities, politicians, musicians, writers, and journalists. On Point deliberately seeks out distinct and provocative voices that may be new to public radio or that may not have been heard in quite the same context before. Debriefs, discussions and radio diaries are designed not just to stimulate the intellect of the listeners but also to elicit emotion and passion about the state of national and international affairs.

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Last updated: Saturday, November 29 2014 05:41 AM

Poet Malcolm London Finds Hope On Chicago's Streets

Friday, November 28 2014 08:33 PM

From Chicago, a young, new poet gives voice to one of America's great cities, and its tough streets. Malcolm London joins us.

The Rise Of Robots In Our Everyday Lives

Friday, November 28 2014 08:33 PM

Robot love, robot work, "killer robots" - we get the latest on robots moving deeper into life.

An Insider's View Of The Bob Dylan Story

Thursday, November 27 2014 08:33 PM

A new take on the life and music of Bob Dylan, from way inside the Dylan story. "Another Side of Bob Dylan."

The Hard And Soft Rules Of Apple Cider

Thursday, November 27 2014 08:33 PM

All about hard cider. It's all over these days. And sweet, fresh apple cider, too. We'll look at the history and comeback.

How To Stay Sane At Your Holiday Table

Wednesday, November 26 2014 08:33 PM

The Thanksgiving get-together and all the family drama trimmings. Sage advice from advice columnists.

Don't Worry: There's Still Time To Make Your Thanksgiving A Success

Tuesday, November 25 2014 08:30 PM

We'll talk turkey and all the sides. Top chefs join us to answer your Thanksgiving questions.

After Grand Jury Declines To Indict, Ferguson Responds

Tuesday, November 25 2014 08:30 PM

Grand Jury decision out of Ferguson — no indictment. We're on the ground with the latest details and reaction.

Living 'Hand To Mouth' In Modern American Poverty

Monday, November 24 2014 08:33 PM

Smashing the assumptions about what it's really like to live in poverty in America.

Encryption: Tech Companies And The Government At Odds Over Personal Privacy

Monday, November 24 2014 08:33 PM

We'll look at privacy, security, and the battle heating up between intelligence agencies and tech companies that are moving to encrypt your communication.

True Stories Of The Real 'Pioneer Girl'

Friday, November 21 2014 08:33 PM

A big new look at the legacy of Laura Ingalls Wilder and the woman behind the Little House.

Week In The News: Immigration Reform, Israeli Tensions, Mike Nichols Dead At 83

Friday, November 21 2014 08:33 PM

The president throws down the gauntlet on immigration. Bloodshed and new tensions in Israel. Keystone fails. Our weekly news roundtable goes behind the headlines.

When Sideshows Take Center Stage

Thursday, November 20 2014 08:33 PM

From TV to Broadway, circus sideshows — freak shows — are having a big cultural moment. What's the history behind the comeback?

The Quiet Clean Credit Rating Crisis

Thursday, November 20 2014 08:33 PM

You're supposed to have a clean slate after bankruptcy. But that's not always true. We'll ask what's going on.

Homeless LGBTQ Youth: Stories And Solutions

Wednesday, November 19 2014 08:33 PM

Up to 40 percent of homeless young people are LGBTQ. We'll hear their stories.

Fresh Tensions In Jerusalem

Wednesday, November 19 2014 08:33 PM

New violence in Jerusalem. The building battle for the Holy City.

Battling To Save The Endangered Gorillas Of 'Virunga'

Tuesday, November 18 2014 08:33 PM

An award-winning new documentary takes us inside the deadly, high-stakes struggle to save the home of the last mountain gorillas.

Executive Action And Immigration Reform

Tuesday, November 18 2014 08:33 PM

The President is set push ahead alone on immigration reform. The GOP says it's 'gloves off' if he does.

'A Brief History' Of 1970s Jamaica

Monday, November 17 2014 08:33 PM

The 1976 assassination attempt on Bob Marley is the plot of a bright, new novel that's getting rave reviews. We'll talk with author Marlon James.

The Economics Of Keystone XL

Monday, November 17 2014 08:33 PM

The Keystone Pipeline is closer than ever to being built. We look at the politics and the economics of Keystone.

Winter Is (Still) Coming

Friday, November 14 2014 08:33 PM

Winter is coming. The Polar Vortex, the Omega Block, and forecasting just how cold it will get.