New Sounds : Archive by Episode Number

Episode No. Episode
3500 Pianist Composers
Pianist Composers
3501 Post-Rock & Soundtracks
Post-Rock & Soundtracks
3502 Still More World Music
Still More World Music
3503 Inspired by Sci-Fi
Inspired by Sci-Fi
3504 New Music From Southern Italy
New Music From Southern Italy
3505 World Music Ports of Call
New Releases, August 2013
3506 New Music From the Concert Hall
New Music From the Concert Hall
3507 Mid-Sized Ensembles
Mid-Sized Ensembles
3508 New Soundtracks
New Soundtracks
3509 With John Zorn
With John Zorn
3510 Near East/South Asian Connections
Near East/South Asian Connections
3511 New Music, Old Roots
New Music, Old Roots
3512 Classical-Adjacent Music
Classical-Adjacent Music
3513 With Guy Buttery
With Guy Buttery
3514 The Non-Western Orchestra
The Non-Western Orchestra
3515 Music for Voices and Strings
Music for Voices and Strings
3516 New Releases, September 2013
3517 New Music from Mali
New Music from Mali
3518 The Sounds of Sunda
The Sounds of Sunda
3519 New Music/Baroque Forms
New Music/Baroque Forms
3520 Desert Songs
3521 All Acoustic
3522 Works for Multiple Electric Guitars
3523 Electroacoustic Music, Old and New
3524 "String" Trios
3525 New Sounds Live: Music of Caroline Shaw
3526 Hybrid Ensembles
3527 Global Jazz
3528 New Sounds Live: Music of Caroline Shaw, Part 2
3529 October 2013 New Releases
3530 Music for Strings, Old and New
3531 Music Inspired by Architecture
3532 New Music for Piano
3533 Sir John Tavener, a New Sounds Tribute
3534 World Music Roots
3535 Unexpected World Music
3536 A Modern Liederabend
3537 Pipes & Wind Instruments Aplenty
3538 Mixed-Music
3539 New Releases, November 2013
3540 Cultural Collisions
3541 Two Unconventional Orchestral Works
3542 Nelson Mandela, In Memoriam
3543 One on Ones: Duo Music
3544 Acoustic Music Inspired by Electronica
3545 Music From the Dark Side
3546 Yodels and Hockets
3547 Music for Gamelan
3548 Between Two Worlds
3549 December 2013 New Releases