New Sounds : Archive by Episode Number

Episode No. Episode
3450 Global Jewish Music
Global Jewish Music
3451 Music from Sub-Saharan Africa
Music from Sub-Saharan Africa
3452 European Electroacoustic Music
European Electroacoustic Music
3453 New Sound of Early Music
New Sound of Early Music
3454 Brass Around the World
Brass Around the World
3455 Big Sounds, Small Ensembles
Big Sounds, Small Ensembles
3456 The Guitar as an African Instrument
The Guitar as an African Instrument
3457 Remembering Dean Drummond
3458 Qawwali and Qawwali-based Music
3459 Post-Minimalist Keyboard Works
3460 African Crossover Music
3461 Alone at My Wedding
3462 New Releases, April 2013
3463 Bowed String Multiples
3464 Gamelan-Inspired Music
3465 World Music From Europe
3466 Remembering Steve Martland
3467 Music from Central Asia
3468 With Ludovico Einaudi
3469 Link to the Old Style Via Donnacha Dennehy
3470 New Music Based on Gospel, Spirituals & Folk Hymns
3471 Music from the Armenian Diaspora
3472 New Music from Bass Players
3473 New Music for Thumb Piano
3474 New Releases, May 2013
3475 Music Based on East Asian Stories
3476 Dowland's Tears
3477 Music With Folk Roots
3478 Funeral Music
3479 Dependable Groove Music
3480 With Yungchen Lhamo & Anton Batagov
3481 Latin American Poetry Settings
3482 New Music a la Turk (or From Turkey)
3483 New Releases, June 2013
3484 Variations on Themes by Brian Eno
3485 Music with Multiple Hyphens
3486 Unremembered, by Sarah Kirkland Snider
3487 Recent Guitar-Centric Recordings
3488 Songs for Peace, From Mali
3489 Not Quite Art Songs
3490 New Music With Accordion
3491 Electronic-Based Works
3492 Kronos Quartet at 40
3493 New Sounds of Black Sabbath
3494 New Releases, July 2013
3495 New Blues
3496 El Camino - a Musical Pilgrimage
3497 Fair Play for Women
3498 Gated Music
3499 Hot Brass Band Party