New Sounds : Archive by Episode Number

Episode No. Episode
110 New Music from Japan, Part 2-The Undead
111 Live From Merkin Concert Hall-The Undead
112 New Acoustic Music- The Undead
113 A Privet Reel-The Undead
114 New Music for Bass-The Undead
115 Meredith Monk-The Undead
116 Lounge Lizards-The Undead
117 New Music from Hungary-The Undead
118 Live from Merkin Concert Hall-The Undead
119 New Music with Cello-The Undead
120 Oregon-The Undead
121 Akhnaten-The Undead
122 Vaults: Accordion Songs
David Garland/Guy Klucevsek-The Undead
123 New Music from Australia-The Undead
124 Unusual Folksong Arrangements-The Undead
126 Extending the Voice-The Undead
127 Relache, Live from Merkin Hall
128 Mark Isham- The Undead
129 West African Snap-The Undead
130 Program # 130- The Undead
131 New Music from England-The Undead
132 New Sounds Program 132-The Undead
133 New Sounds Program 133-The Undead
135 New Sounds Program 135-The Undead
136 New Music for Brass- The Undead
137 New Music from Eastern Europe-The Undead
138 Involuntary Songs-The Undead
139 New Sounds Program 139-The Undead
140 New Music for Mandolins
141 Michael Nyman-The Undead
142 New Sounds Program 142
143 Michael Harrison- The Undead
144 Program #144 - the Undead
146 New Sounds Program 146-The Undead
147 Program #147
Program #147
Cutting Branches-The Undead
148 New Sounds Program 148-The Undead
149 New Sounds Program 149-The Undead
150 Robert Moran-The Undead
151 New Sounds Program 151A-The Undead
New Sounds Program 151-The Undead
152 New Sounds Program 152-The Undead
153 New Sounds Program 153-The Undead
154 The Art of the Acoustic Guitar- The Undead
155 New Sounds in Film Music-The Undead
156 New Music Americana-The Undead
157 The Native Americans-The Undead
158 Americans Abroad-The Undead
159 The New Academia- The Undead
160 The Newest Americans- The Undead
161 New Sounds Program 161-The Undead
162 The Undead - Vocalise