New Sounds : Archive by Episode Number

Episode No. Episode
1 Going Waaaay Back- The Undead #1
2 Really Old New Sounds
3 Unusual Suspects-The Undead
4 More Unusual Suspects-The Undead
5 Program #5
Program #005
6 New Music from Canada-The Undead
8 Old Wine in New Bottles-The Undead
9 The Indian Influence-The Undead
10 Music with Computers-The Undead
14 New Music from Germany-The Undead
15 Dreams-The Undead
16 The African Influence-The Undead
17 Extending the Piano-The Undead
18 New Music from the Northwest-The Undead
19 Orchestral New Music -The Undead
20 More Old New Sounds-The Undead
21 Unusual Folksong Arrangments-The Undead
22 Program #22
Extending the Violin-The Undead
23 New Music from the Southwest
24 Minimalism: Second Generation-The Undead
25 New Sounds of Ancient Music-The Undead
26 More Minimalism-The Undead
27 New Music from France-The Undead
29 Extending the Voice, Part 2-The Undead
30 The Art of Acoustic Guitar-The Undead
31 Program #31
Extending the Guitar-The Undead
32 Philip Aaberg-The Undead
33 Songs of Technology-The Undead
34 New Music from the Midwest-The Undead
35 Vaults: Gavin Bryars
Gavin Bryars-The Undead
37 Place, Show-The Undead
38 Still More Old New Sounds-The Undead
39 New Sounds in Film Music, Part 1-The Undead
40 Spacey Electronic Music- The Undead
41 Musica Elettronica Viva-The Undead
42 World Music in 1987-The Undead
43 Music for Invented Instruments-The Undead
44 Piano with Unusual Instruments-The Undead
45 New Music From Poland--The Undead
46 Electroacoustic Music-The Undead
47 The Third Stream-The Undead
48 New From the South, #48- the Undead
49 The First New Sounds Live at Merkin Hall
50 Prepared Pieces-The Undead
51 Unusual Folksong Arrangments-The Undead
52 Songbirdsongs-The Undead
53 New Music from Japan-The Undead
54 New Music from California-The Undead
55 Program #55
Extending the Accordion-The Undead
56 Program #56
Program #056
A Conversation with Keith Jarrett-The Undead