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What's happening on Wall Street? When did old-fashioned "firing" become "downsizing"? And what motivates a 16-year-old grocery clerk in Illinois to invest in a stock portfolio? Hear these and other financial items. Marketplace is not only about money and business, but about people, local economies and the world — and what it all means to us. The only national daily business news program originating from the West Coast, Marketplace has four domestic bureaus—in New York, Miami, Washington, D.C. and Los Angeles, plus international bureaus in London and Beijing.

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Last updated: Sunday, November 23 2014 03:36 AM

11-21-2014-Marketplace-Immigration and Jobs

Friday, November 21 2014 08:00 PM

President Obama made a lot of claims this week about how his move on immigration will boost the economy. We look at which industries will be impacted most, and how. Plus, one of the jobs of the Federal Reserve is to provide regulatory oversight of banks. But the Fed’s watchers think the relationship between the Fed and the banks is way too cozy, and they’re giving the Fed a hard time on the Hill. Finally, the NFL has moved Sunday’s Bills-Jets game from Ralph Wilson Stadium in snow-covered Buffalo, N.Y., to Monday night in Detroit. A move like that is rare, so we explain the many logistics behind it.  

11-20-2014-Marketplace-Yahoo and Firefox

Thursday, November 20 2014 10:00 PM

Updated: President Obama announced his plan for immigration reform. There are an estimated 11.2 million undocumented immigrants in the United States. We examine what changes are coming as potentially millions more are brought into the legal workforce. Plus, the UC system is a classic example of what’s happening in higher education. States cut funding, and the difference comes out of students' pockets. Finally, Mozilla signed a deal with Yahoo to make it the default browser on Firefox, leading to the question ... why? 

11-19-2014-Marketplace-Dojo Data

Wednesday, November 19 2014 08:00 PM

The New York Fed is a special case: more powerful than other regional Feds, more influential within the Federal Reserve system, and therefore more at risk of being influenced by the big banks. Plus, the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation is set to reap more than $3 billion from an investment in a drug to treat the lung disease. One person's cost to use the drug? $300,000 a year. Finally, the Class Dojo app does a 180 after being outed by the New York Times for collecting classroom behavior data on kids. We look at third-party classroom apps and the push against data collection.

11-18-2014-Marketplace-Morning Wars

Tuesday, November 18 2014 08:00 PM

The Senate votes today on a bill to get the Keystone Pipeline from Canada approved. Does the pipeline really matter much at this point? Plus, the morning news slot is very profitable for television networks such as NBC and ABC, bringing in lots of advertising dollars. The recent firing of Jamie Horowitz at NBC's “Today” show, however,  indicates that the networks are struggling to get the programming mix just right during this golden moment.

11-17-2014-Marketplace-Facebook at Work

Monday, November 17 2014 08:00 PM

States that count on revenue from oil severance taxes are running into budget problems as oil prices fall, reducing that revenue. Plus, Facebook is said to be working on a new “Facebook at Work” platform that would let users collaborate on documents, chat with colleagues, etc. We look at the growing attention on the enterprise market.

11-14-2014-Marketplace-Creepy Cars

Friday, November 14 2014 08:00 PM

ISIS wants to make, distribute and regulate its own coins, but there are all sorts of problems with creating a currency out of precious metals. Plus, S&P just gave Twitter a BB junk rating. Junk!?!? Does that mean Twitter is destined for the trash pile? Not really. It simply means that it’s carrying a lot of debt relative to its earnings. Finally, car makers are agreeing to voluntary privacy standards for all data being collected by in-car computers. But what data is being collected and how could its use or release affect you?

11-13-2014-Marketplace-Toys and Movies

Thursday, November 13 2014 08:00 PM

The U.S. signed a trade agreement with India this week and also one with China to do with tariffs on tech products. They’re being heralded as major trade pacts, so why the flurry of deals now? Plus, Warren Buffett is buying Duracell from Proctor & Gamble with P&G stock. We look at how he plays the market in order to get big tax advantages. Finally, Hasbro is said to be interested in buying Dreamworks. It would give the toymaker an easy way to promote its products beyond stores shelves. 


Wednesday, November 12 2014 08:00 PM

China agreed to cap emissions. How are the goals stated by China and U.S. attainable, and who would be the winners and losers? Plus, banks are being fined because their traders manipulated the foreign exchange markets. We look at how and why the offenders did what was thought to be impossible. Finally, Hostess Brands, which makes Twinkies and other snacks, was bought out of bankruptcy last year by a private equity firm. Now it’s about to be sold on for $1.5 billion. We explain how the Twinkie-maker was saved by private equity.

Marketplace Special Podcast: The Business of Creativity

Wednesday, November 12 2014 04:46 PM

Hear this one- time event with Kai Ryssdal hosting a conversation about creativity with Amy Poehler, Norman Lear, Gwynne Shotwell and Franklin Leonard. 

11-11-2014-Marketplace-Auto Jobs

Tuesday, November 11 2014 08:00 PM

Yesterday, the Department of Health and Human Services lowered its estimate of how many people will sign up for an ACA health plan this year.  We look at how the size and composition of this year’s pool will affect premiums. Plus, Ford’s new F150 pickup production line starts operating, with hundreds of new auto workers. What kind of jobs is the auto industry is adding as it comes back? Finally, in the wake of a crazy Oklahoma divorce case, we ask how much a CEO really contributes to a company’s success.  

11-10-2014-Marketplace-Net Neutrality

Monday, November 10 2014 08:00 PM

The luxury home builder Toll Brothers Inc. announced that revenues rose 29 percent in October. Should we see this as a sign that things in the housing market are improving? Plus, President Obama says the internet should be regulated. Treating the internet this way would enable the FCC to enforce net neutrality, barring ISPs and their customers from developing practices like fast lanes.

Ralph Peer: The man behind the modern music industry

Friday, November 07 2014 09:40 PM

The industry as we know it today wouldn't exist without Peer.

11-07-2014-Marketplace-Remembering Shields

Friday, November 07 2014 08:00 PM

The latest employment report continues the recent trend of a lot of job growth but not a lot of wage growth. What would happen if the U.S. swapped those two? Plus, former Trader Joe’s CEO John V. Shields recently passed away. Shields is the person largely credited with the store's success. We look at how he did it and what he brought to the iconic company. Finally, falling gas prices have been big news all week. But for American voters, the flip side of cheap gas – climate change – is a low urgency issue with high costs.

11-06-2014-Marketplace-Facebook Fundraiser

Thursday, November 06 2014 08:00 PM

Facebook is going to take over the top of newsfeeds and try to raise money for fighting Ebola.  We explore the potential value of Facebook as a fundraiser, and just how much an ad or promotion before so many eyes is worth. Plus, Microsoft is giving away a mobile version of Office 365 for free on Apple and Android devices. We look at why this is a strategic shift for Microsoft, and the acknowledgement that increasing users of MS products is a better way forward than charging those users for software.  

11-05-2014-Marketplace-Emoji Diversity

Wednesday, November 05 2014 08:00 PM

Now that the elections are over, the one thing most people can agree on is that not much will change. This is great for Wall Street because stasis means certainty. And Wall Street loves certainty. Plus, Denton, Texas is special. It sits on top of a huge shale oil reserve. The oil industry went all in to defeat the proposal and it passed with nearly 60 percent of the vote. Turns out maybe people don’t like living in an oil field. Finally, emojis are about to get more racially diverse. We take a broad-brush look at the emoji industry, and the money behind creating and spreading the little pictograms.

11-04-2014-Marketplace-Gas Money

Tuesday, November 04 2014 06:00 PM

If Saudi Arabia does drive oil prices down more, the first to feel it may be the drillers whose fracking operations are financed by borrowed money. What happens if the investors shy away? Plus, gas prices has dropped to their lowest price in four years. Some analysts say that consumers are spending their savings elsewhere. We examine these claims. Finally, Verizon and AT&T are using sophisticated technology to monitor which internet sites their mobile phone customers visit and target ads based on their interests.  The markers have been dubbed “supercookies” by critics, who say they are so powerful that it’s difficult for users to turn them off.   

11-03-2014-Marketplace-Spotify and Swift

Monday, November 03 2014 08:00 PM

Janet Yellen meets with President Obama today to discuss the economy. In her first year she’s offered actions and comments that suggest her ideas of how her version of the economy should look. Plus, the world’s third-largest ad agency, Publicis, looks set to buy a US based digital ad specialist Sapient. Will this deal help the advertising giant keep up with its digital competitors and stay relevant in a changing advertising industry? Finally, Taylor Swift has pulled her music from the streaming service Spotify. We look at the narrow business model that streaming services like Spotify have, how small the payments to artists are and how dependent Spotify and others are on their content.  

10-31-2014-Marketplace-Internet Addiction

Friday, October 31 2014 07:00 PM

The U.S., Europe and now Japan are pouring money into their economies to stimulate them. How can they pour in so much money without creating inflation? Plus, a new report shows that Americans pay substantially more for their internet service than people in other countries. And the quality is lower. We examine the details.

10-30-2014-Marketplace-Introducing Xiaomi

Thursday, October 30 2014 07:00 PM

We have seen progress in the workforce, which is increasingly diverse, but not in the c-suite. We look into the disparity between diversity in the workforce and the corner office. Plus, the world’s third largest-smartphone maker is now the Chinese consumer electronics firm Xiaomi, according to new data from IDC. The company got there by focusing on China and southeast asia. We introduce the company and its strategy.    

10-29-2014-Marketplace-The Rule of 1 Billion

Wednesday, October 29 2014 07:00 PM

The discovery of oil doesn’t always make a country, or a state, rich. Ohio’s governor wants his state to get a proper slice. Plus, the explosion of a rocket bound for the International Space Station yesterday has shifted attention on NASA’s contracting out to private companies such as Orbital Sciences and Spacex. We look at the business of these shuttle companies. Finally, Mark Zuckerberg laid out his plans for the future of Facebook. He says its products like Whatsapp and Instagram are all on the way to a billion users. We look at what the word billion means for businesses.