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Wednesday through Friday at Noon on The Jonathan Channel stream, Saturdays at 8pm and Sundays at noon on 93.9 FM

An eclectic mix of american popular standards, classical, rock and roll, jazz and "good talk" with host Jonathan Schwartz. He was, for four years, the artistic director of Lincoln Center's American Songbook series, and for five years appeared as the music correspondent on NBC's Sunday Today Show. He is also an accomplished author, cultural commentator and jazz singer. He's a diehard Red Sox fan (is there any other kind?), which shows a certain dedication and passion against all odds, and he winds down the weekend with his unique take on the cultural life of the city, both as an observer and participant. Tune in for a very particular take on New York life.

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Jonathan Schwartz is now hosting a 24/7 music stream on named The Jonathan Channel which launched November 1, 2013. Read the announcement about this exciting new channel devoted to Great American Songs.

The Jonathan Channel will provide an unparalleled showcase for this timeless music, presented by its strongest advocate, Jonathan Schwartz, in his intimate, insightful, and utterly original approach that combines impeccable taste with countless personal tales, colorful anecdotes and encyclopedic knowledge.


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