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New York City is a modern Fairyland; offering you and your children something for every taste and fancy if you but know where to find it!

Mrs. Becky Reyher interviews distinguished guests on How to Have Fun With Your Children (1945-1948) in the city. The consensus? Fun is where you find it!

"Monday through Saturday at 10 o’clock serves the housewife and the homemaker, and on Tuesdays in the month of July, a new feature with Becky Reyher, freelance writer and author of the book 'Babies and Puppies are Fun,' and a guest star." So says WNYC announcer Tommy Cowan on the introduction to the July 3, 1945, program.

Peruse these genteel suggestions for ways to have fun while the children are home during the summers, based on the host's experiences with her daughter. One only needs time, money, focus, transportation, hearty shoes, crisp summer clothing, and perhaps a knowledge of water fowl.
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