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At the behest of Mayor Fiorello H. La Guardia, prominent funnymen read newspaper comic strips to the children of New York City.

In July 1945 the newspaper delivery drivers of New York City went on strike for seventeen days. During that time, Mayor La Guardia ordered several well-known New York City entertainers to read the daily comic strips so that the "kiddies" of the City wouldn't miss a moment in the adventures of Little Orphan Annie.  

The comics page gets in touch with its surreal side as each panel is painstakingly explained, from over-sized hoses labeled "Penicillin," to punchline commentary about rascals and the gamely Blondie. With charming asides and endearing efforts to provide appropriate context, this show might make you rethink the way you read comics (that is, silently to yourself).

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