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For years, America’s funniest auto mechanics, Click and Clack, have offered insights on that weird sound your Volkswagen makes.

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#1531: Existential Stupidity

Saturday, August 01 2015 07:00 PM

This week on The Best of Car Talk, are Tom and Ray's seemingly moronic questions actually a form of deep philosophical inquiry, worthy of Kierkegaard or Camus? Probably not, but one listener's theory is at least worth a few laughs! Elsewhere, Debra is taking push-starting to a new level—she has to do it just to get her key to turn. Also, should Anne accept a free Range Rover or Mazda for her 16-year old son to drive? Fortunately, we have a 16 year-old Magliozzi on hand to counter Tom and Ray's advice to just let the kid walk. And, on Stump the Chumps, did Heidi manage to keep her husband from changing the timing belt on her Volvo himself? All this and more this week on The Best of Car Talk.

#1530: Male Answer Syndrome

Saturday, July 25 2015 07:00 PM

It is an affliction that has touched millions of lives, perhaps none more so than Tom and Ray— the need for guys to speak in great detail on things about which they know absolutely.... nothing. Nada. Squat. This week on The Best of Car Talk, we probe the signs, the symptoms and the causes of Male Answer Syndrome. Our case studies? Tom and Ray's attempts to figure out why Kristin's Sentra is stalling on turns after a near-fender bender; and whether Bruce's son can paint his Town Car and have the job last longer than three weeks. Thankfully, an MAS respite is in store, as we learn that Gina's husband is taking the fun out of his mid-life crisis convertible by being a little too careful—he's cleaning bugs off the windshield, while he's driving. Is Gina being too much of a nag trying to get him to stop, or are those dope slaps she's administering well earned? All this and more this week on The Best of Car Talk.