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Past Brian Lehrer Show Interns

On the Brian Lehrer Show page, we spotlight our current interns. Here's an archive of our past intern profiles.

Shumita Basu

Online: Website | Linkedin

Hometown: Clark, NJ

School: University of Pennsylvania

What Else Do You Do?I split my days between working here at WNYC, interning for the newsroom at WBUR up in Boston, and freelancing for WHYY in Philadelphia. When I’m not on a bus, train, or subway, you’ll find me dressed to the (vintage) nines ready for a night of swing dancing at the nearest jazz joint.

What's Your Favorite Thing About Radio? I love radio for being the perfect mix of casual conversation and breaking information. Not only does radio have a knack for inhabiting all areas of your life (your car, your morning run), it also creates an amazing sense of ownership and community in its listeners. And in the ever-expanding universe of radio and podcasts, there really is a show for everyone!

Tiffany C Brown-Bennet

Online: Linkedin

Hometown: South Bronx, NYC

School: SUNY University at Albany

What Else Do You Do? My college years stemmed not only my interest in public radio but also a passionate interest in sociology /cultural affairs/the human condition, etc. - I'm a people-person down to my very core ! I'm a poet, vocalist, and lover of performing arts and multimedia. I'm an avid people-watcher and note-taker.

What's Your Favorite Thing About Radio? The powerful relationship it has with the citizens is what draws me to public radio. No other medium provides a forum of community and interactivity quite in the way public radio does - it truly is for the people and by the people; a fact that I learned when my former internship at WAMC Northeast Public Radio in Albany managed to raise over a million dollars in a month's time all from the inspiring support of our listeners. Such a bond is undeniable and easily dismissed in other mediums and industries.

Ben Ellman

Online: Soundcloud

Hometown: Yonkers, NY

School: Bard College

What Else Do You Do? I enjoy recording live music (usually bands that my friends are in). Other than that, I spend a lot of my free time divising an interesting psudonym for myself. "Ben Ellman" is not going to cut it in this business.

What's Your Favorite Thing About Radio? I like that radio encourages critical thinking and rounded, well researched reporting.

Pam Himeles

Online: Linkedin

Hometown: I grew up in Teaneck, NJ. I now split my time between Ridgewood, NJ and the Upper West Side.

School: University of Pennsylvania (just a couple years before my intern colleagues)

What Else Do You Do? During the time that I am not at the WNYC studio, I mostly look forward to going back to work! I spend my other time volunteering for several not-for-profit organizations, helping out a friend with her management consulting business and parenting workshops, and I am perpetually working on finding the best way to get discarded stuff from “the haves” to the less fortunate “have-nots.” I love novels, movies, fitness, and of course spending time with family and friends.

What's Your Favorite Thing About Radio? Radio is the purest media form. There are no bells and whistles, no make-up, no fancy camera tricks, and no ads (on public radio anyway). And how wonderful to be able to interact with the host, guests and other listeners!

Gabrielle Wright

Online: Website | Linkedin

School: New York University

What Else Do You Do? I'm mastering how to bridge reporting, data mining, and code at NYU and also interning at ABC World News. I'm passionate about producing multimedia pieces on people, beliefs, art, and the politics that shape them. Last year, I studied Shakespeare and UK Government at Oxford to explore the intersection of art & social change which continues to fuel my work. When I'm not listening to BLS, other radio shows or eating a book, I'm dabbling in jazz and appeasing my inner-thespian (ex-theatre major).

Abraham Moussako

Online: Website | Linkedin

School: McGill University

What Else Do You Do? Aside from current affairs, I take quite an interest in public transport.

What's Your Favorite Thing About Radio? One of the great things about radio is that it, more than any other medium, is truly a blank slate upon which you craft many different kinds of programming.

Billy Richling

Online: Website | Linkedin

School: New York University ‘16

What Else Do You Do? I'm a musician. Also a falafel fan.

What's Your Favorite Thing About Radio? The voice of Soterios Johnson, which soothes me back to sleep every morning.

Fiona Glisson

Online: Website | Resume

School: University of Pennsylvania

What Else Do You Do? Harpist and minority affairs reporter at the Daily Pennsylvanian, the University of Pennsylvania's independent student newspaper.

What's Your Favorite Thing About Radio? I wake up to Morning Edition and listen to podcasts while running. Harp-cast, Radiolab, and, of course, the Brian Lehrer Show are my favorites.

MaryEileen Croke

Online: Website

School:CUNY Graduate School of Journalism

What Else Do You Do?I like live music and am a long-suffering but always hopeful Mets fan.

What's Your Favorite Thing About Radio? I love radio because it feels personal and is a great way to get information or be entertained while you're cooking, jogging or whatever. I recommend Julie Klausner's "How Was Your Week" and Scott Aukerman's "Comedy Bang Bang" podcasts for a funny diversion from the news.

Rasheed Williams

Online: Website

School: HS: Dalton School ’13 | College: Brooklyn College

What Else Do You Do? Avid lover of dogs, although I've never owned one. Mets, Jets, Angels and Lakers fan. Excited about starting college in the fall.

What's Your Favorite Thing About Radio?I love that people have a forum to listen, talk and learn from public entertainment without the entertainment being an act. It is great to be able to interact with the people you listen to, formally and informally, in a comfortable position or just listen to people around the city in an honest way.

Tess Scriptunas

Online: Linkedin

School: Wesleyan University ‘14

What Else Do You Do? When I'm not in the control room of the Brian Lehrer Show, I like to choreograph, read everything British, play with my cats, and assistant teach Hip Hop dance.

What's Your Favorite Thing About Radio? I love radio because it makes the news conversational. When reading print journalism it’s easy to let the current events wash over you, but when the news is spoken and discussed it becomes active for the provider and the listener.

Xander Landen

Online: Website

School:Tufts University ‘16

What Else Do You Do? I'm also an intern/reporter at WSHU Public Radio in Connecticut, where I write and voice news stories for broadcast and I'm a connoisseur of kimchi.

What's Your Favorite Thing About Radio?For me, listening to the radio has always been the easiest way to imbibe information. I've always been impressed by how words and conversations alone can reach and influence people over the air waves.