Meet the Brian Lehrer Show's Current Interns

Meet the current group of Brian Lehrer Show interns. To learn more about interning and volunteering with the show, visit this page. Past intern profiles can be found here.

Dara Barr

Online: Website | Profile | Linkedin

Hometown: New City, NY

School: Evergreen State College ‘97 | Pacific College of Oriental Medicine ‘06

What Else Do You Do? I'm an acupuncturist and herbalist in NYC working with patients on everything from back pain to fertility support. I like growing my own veggies, riding my bike and making almond milk. My curiosity for what takes place behind the scenes and my desire to keep learning new things bring me to volunteer for The Brian Lehrer Show. Plus, I love radio.

What's Your Favorite Thing About Radio? It must be that it has a pulse. It's a magazine that let's you multitask. It's community involvement and unity in the privacy of your own home. It's an inclusive and participatory venue that's accessible to the public. It's like a family room for the city...the world. It's heart fueled and palpable. It's an opportunity to participate in conversations with great minds and slowly get to know the people behind the voice.

Dominika Dabrowska

Online: Linkedin

Hometown: Greenpoint, Brooklyn

School: CUNY Baruch College '14

What Else Do You Do? I'm obsessed with NYC's history, especially the gentrification of Greenpoint/Williamsburg and abandoned buildings. My journalism school experience is very hands on and involves interviewing local business owners, following their business' progress in this unique neighborhood, and backing it up with research statistics. I also really enjoy working in Baruch's dark room and developing black and white photos. The most exciting project I've worked on so far was at Camp Hero Military Base in Montauk, New York. It's my favorite secret spot in New York, and it definitely feels haunted and a little extra-terrestrial. I also work at Momofuku Milk Bar when I'm not at WNYC or in class and can whip up a pretty mean latte and a three layer cake with my eyes closed!

What's Your Favorite Thing About Radio? I love radio because it feels much more personal than reading a paper. I can't imagine long drives without my Radiolab podcasts to keep me company.

Johanna Mayer


Online: WNYC Work | Linkedin

Hometown: Augusta, Missouri

School: NYU ‘14

What Else Do You Do? I'm a public radio enthusiast, writer, freelancer, serial baker of fruit pies, and lover of all things Argentine.

What's Your Favorite Thing About Radio? Radio is the most intimate and least distracting media form. It's truly a two-way conversation between the listener and the host or reporter.

Nick Trotta

Online: Website

Hometown: Pound Ridge, NY

School: Vassar College, ‘11

What Else Do You Do? I am a NYC-based theater-maker who has worked with many companies, in many capacities, and in many spaces throughout the city. Though primarily a dramaturg, I have also preformed, written, directed and served administratively in the theater. Despite a body of work dedicated (mostly) to fiction, I also love the news and that's why I'm here.

What's Your Favorite Thing About Radio? Radio, and public radio in particular, consistently has some of the most thoughtful and enriching programming available. It is always an educational and entertaining conversation. As a storytelling enthusiast, radio has some of the best.

Dana Varinsky

Online: Linkedin

Hometown: Oakland, CA

School: Washington University ‘10, NYU ‘13

What Else Do You Do? When I'm not at WNYC, I do some freelance reporting, mostly for, and work part time in a real estate office. I also like to explore different neighborhoods around the city, try new foods, read, hike, listen to podcasts, and do yoga.

What's Your Favorite Thing About Radio? To me, radio is the most intimate, personal way to learn about the world. It can feel like a private conversation, provide a platform for community discussion, and be consumed pretty much anywhere, anytime.