10 Questions the Count: The Brian Lehrer Show's Census Project

Every 10 years the country "counts heads" and uses those numbers to determine everything from election districts to funding levels. But the story of our neighborhoods, cities, and states is much deeper than what's in the numbers. Join the Brian Lehrer Show as we make sure our listeners count, from in-depth coverage of the census process to interactive projects and all sorts of stories about who we are and how we live in 2010.

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Your Anecdotal Census

How has your community changed in the past 10 years? We need your stories to create a people's history of the New York City area since 2000. Follow the link and start participating!

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Latest Stories

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Test Your Census Knowledge

NEW QUIZ! Navigate our Anecdotal Census site and Patchwork Nation links to find the answers to these questions, and see how you stack up against other WNYC listeners! Miss a quiz? Find them here.


Open Phones: 11th Census Question Roulette

Brian asks callers to answer listener-submitted 11th Questions! The U.S. Census asks 10 questions that try to capture the demographics of our communities. But there are millions of other stories to tell about who we are. Listeners have submitted hundreds of 11th questions. Check them out here.

Baratunde's America: The Census

May's weekly guest, Baratunde Thurston - comedian, politics watcher, and web editor for The Onion - offers his take on the Census, and Census workers call in to talk about their experiences knocking on doors. 

Census Coverage: Flash Census, Karl Rove, Gay Marriage

Monday, April 05, 2010

We've been following tons of Census coverage, and some amusing videos and multimedia have been popping up. Here's a little roundup of some of the best stuff:

Today, the Census Bureau reached out to the LGBT community for the first time with the release of a series of PSAs encouraging ...

Our Favorite Census Video

Here's the famed Christopher Walken Census sketch from Saturday Night Live, circa 2000.

Vintage Census Audio

WNYC Archivist Andy Lanset has unearthed some gems from the WNYC vaults, including "Casey Taking the Census," a comic radio play that's over 100 years old. It's like the Daily Show of 1905! Listen to it below, and check out more of Andy's finds here.

Five Census Myths

Each day during the first week of March, William Frey, demographer and senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, discussed a common myth about the U.S. Census.

#1: Immigration's Role in Diversity
: Are We Getting Older?
: Big States Always ...


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Map Your Moves Data Viz Challenge!

We provided the information, you made it beautiful!

Your 11th Question


If you could ask everyone in America one question, what would it be? This year the US census is asking 10 questions that try to ...

Been Counted Yet?

April 1 is National Census Day, the Census Bureau's target day for everyone to mail in their questionnaires. Check out the map of nationwide returns here.

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