Are You Being Gouged? Beer

Our latest "crowdsourcing" project asks listeners to go to their local grocery store and find out the price of three goods: milk, lettuce and beer. We've mapped the results below. Click on a tab above the map to see results for that item. Click on a pincushion to see the results for that particular block.

Most Expensive Beer:
Store Address Price
Garden of Eden 180 Montague Street, Brooklyn, NY $12.99
Gourmet Garage Mercer St. and Broome, New York, NY $10.99
Least Expensive Beer:
Store Address Price
Fine Fare Supermarket Grand Street, New York, NY Lower East Side $4.99
Wine Country/ Liquor City 877 Saint George Ave, Woodbridge, NJ $4.99

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Budweiser Beer | Iceberg Lettuce | Quart of Milk

Map key - Price of a 6-pack of 12-ounce
Budweiser (bottles):

- less than $5.49
- between $5.50 and $6.50
- more than $6.50

Item Maps:

Beer Lettuce Milk