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Two NJ Transit Rail Unions Reject Contract

Last month, NJ Transit and its rail workers reached a tentative deal, narrowly averting a strike. But it seems not everyone was happy with the contract. Now, two unions are balking.

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Two NJ Transit Rail Unions Reject Contract

Last month, NJ Transit and its rail workers reached a tentative deal, narrowly averting a strike. But it seems not everyone was happy with the contract. Now, two unions are balking.

NYC Subway, We Love You, But You're Letting Us Down

Two competing figures prove just how important transit is in New York City: even though service continues to degrade, record numbers of riders are flocking to the system.

NJ Transit's Deficit Shrinks, Even as Transportation Funding Uncertainty Grows

NJ Transit is currently $45 million in the hole, and it has to close that gap before June 30. But that's the least of the state's transportation funding problems.

For New York City Straphangers, Wait Times Are Getting Longer

According to an audit by New York State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli, the city's subway system failed to meet arrival goals between 2013 and mid-2015. 

NJ Transit Names New Executive Director

NJ Transit's board voted to confirm former Amtrak official William Crosbie as its new executive director. He has his work cut out for him.

NJ to Port Authority: We're Going to Make Sure Bus Terminal Gets Built

Just one week after getting the Port Authority to include a new bus terminal in its capital plan, New Jersey elected officials have a simple message for the Port: we're watching you.

Port Authority's Grand Compromise Yields New Bus Terminal, and Tensions

The takeaway from Thursday's marathon board meeting? "Openness, transparency...and democracy are messy." No one who sat through it would disagree.

MTA to Run Out of Capital Program Money by June 30

The MTA board approved its five-year, $26 billion capital program in September...of 2014. Since then, lawmakers have been trying to figure out how to fund it. Now it's crunch time.

The Thrill is Gone: NYC's Newest Subway Station Is Leaking

The six-month-old Hudson Yards station is already plagued by leaks. And board members were surprised to learn that the agency knew of water problems back in 2012.

NJ Transit Deal: Let the Union Voting Begin

NJ Transit reached a tentative deal with its 4,200 rail workers last week. Now they have to ratify the contract — and that could take a while.

NJ Transit, Unions Reach Last-Minute Deal to Avert Strike

The agreement, which comes less than 30 hours before a Sunday deadline, averts a strike that would have paralyzed the nation's third largest commuter railroad.

As Work Week Ends, Stress Begins for NJ Transit Riders

Tonight's commute for NJ Transit rail riders should be normal. Monday morning's is not so clear.

NYC to Install a Record Number of Protected Bike Lanes This Year

The city's Department of Transportation is focusing on quality rather than quantity when it comes to new bike lanes.

A Tale of Two Looming Transit Strikes

Five days before a possible NJ Transit strike, Gov. Christie is out of town. But when Gov. Cuomo was faced with a LIRR work stoppage in 2014, he swooped in. The difference: tactics.

Facing Possible NJ Transit Strike, Some Suburbs Get Ready

NJ Transit admits its contingency plans will fall short if its rail workers go out on strike this Sunday. So some suburbs are taking matters into their own hands. 

A Critic Looks at Calatrava's PATH Station

Architecture critic Alexandra Lange likes the light and air the $4 billion structure brings to Ground Zero, but is still left wondering, "Why?"

Calatrava Hub's Value Is in Architecture, not Transportation

As more and more people squeeze themselves onto subway cars, some of them might wonder: why did we spend $4 billion on a transportation hub that doesn't add more...transportation?

L Train Shutdown? Wait for It. Then 'Boom!'

The North Brooklyn line will continue running for another two years . But when repair work begins, the tunnel under the East River will be shut down. Completely. For months.

Why is NYC MIA on the MTA Board?

Last June, Mayor de Blasio nominated three new members to the MTA's board. But Albany has yet to hold confirmation hearings — leaving the city's interests seriously underrepresented.

LIRR's Snowstorm Postmortem: We Need Better Technology — And Communication Skills

Last month's blizzard stranded some passengers on trains — and then angered many more when service didn't resume when the MTA said it would.