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These Are 10 of the People Killed by Cars in NYC This Year

Here are the stories of 10 people who have died in car crashes in 2014 — 10 of the 138 killed on New York City streets. They are children and seniors, New Yorkers and visitors, drivers, passengers, cyclists, and pedestrians.

Equinox CEO on Citi Bike: I Can Confirm We're In Negotiations

While it's been widely reported that REQX Ventures is in talks to acquire a majority stake in Citi Bike, it's been difficult to get anyone involved in the negotiations to talk on the record about it. Until now.

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Air Algerie pilots had asked to turn back. New Yorkers are loving Lyft into uselessness. The MTA deal with the LIRR cost $147 million. And a 12-year-old test driving went about as well as you'd think.

Details Emerge of Long Island Rail Road Contract

When the Metropolitan Transit Authority and Long Island Rail Road workers agreed on a new contract earlier this month, specific details were not disclosed. But those details can be found in the transit agency's most recent bond update. 

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The Costa Concordia is getting scrapped. LA applies some urban acupuncture. Cameras may be coming to New York subway cars. And a six year old shames a bike thief.

Applying Pressure to Make Transit More Affordable

Transit advocates posed the question to commuters: what would you do with $443 a year in savings on your MetroCard?

Pedestrian Infrastructure Lacking Ahead Of Saturday's Silver Line Opening

The Silver Line opens July 26, but pedestrian amenities like sidewalks and crosswalks are still lacking in parts of Fairfax County.

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Arrests for subway sex crimes are on the rise in NYC. There have been three collisions involving Houston light rail this week. Capital Bikeshare's key shortage may finally be over. And: no, Alec Baldwin won't apologize for that whole riding his bike on the sidewalk episode.

G Train Shutting Down Between Brooklyn and Queens For 5 Weeks

The MTA says the shutdown, beginning Friday night, is necessary so the agency can make repairs to tunnels that were flooded by Sandy.

$12 Billion Gap Between Need and Funding at MTA, Comptroller Says

The MTA is looking at more than $100 billion worth of projects over the next 20 years — and nowhere near that much money. That’s according to a new report by New York State comptroller Thomas DiNapoli.

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There's a "new world order" in oil train safety. LA explores hit-and-run alerts. GM recalls another 800,000 cars. The computer system that issues American passports crashed. And Bostonians can jaywalk without (much) fear of fines. 

Port Authority Promises Better Days Ahead for Beleaguered Bus Terminal

The Port Authority will spend $90 million on some quick fixes to improve its aging Midtown Manhattan facility. But officials say what the bus terminal really needs is to be completely replaced. That solution, however, is at least ten to 15 years away.

Silver Line Could Make Commutes Longer for Fairfax Residents

Thousands of Virginia commuters could pay more for a longer trip on the Silver Line starting in just a few days.

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Former NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg flew to Tel Aviv to make a point. The Senate could vote on transportation funding today. Five countries are responsible for 20% of the world's traffic deaths. And: Sarah Palin is blaming a Sammy Hagar song for her speeding ticket.

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One San Francisco street has seen more than half of the city's pedestrian deaths so far this year. Dallas has a new bike czar. NYC's yellow taxis are facing stiff competition. And: it turns out that transportation is a favorite topic for...Broadway musicals.

"We’ve been around the block. We probably helped pave it."

The current Secretary of Transportation — and 11 of his predecessors — are urging Congress to get its act together and enact a long-term fix for the rapidly dwindling Highway Trust Fund.

Changes To D.C.'s Blue Line Leave Some Commuters Seeing Red

Some Metro rail commuters began their work week on a grumpy note, and it had nothing to do with the mere fact that it was Monday morning. But the new rail schedule is necessary to accommodate the opening of the Silver Line — which will happen this weekend.

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NYC wrongly accused hundreds of people of operating illegal cabs. A future of driverless cars might actually mean more traffic, not less. New Orleans has a transit plan. And: a video of the world's first dog to drive a car.

In Virginia, Highways Grow Wider And Come With Tolls

The state’s top transportation planners unveiled plans Thursday designed to ease the commute on one of the region’s most congested roads. Commuters will get more highway capacity, but unless they are in an HOV-3 carpool they will have to pay a toll to use it.

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The Malaysia Airlines plane that crashed over Eastern Ukraine was shot down by an anti-aircraft missile. Pennsylvania police might finally get radar guns. Bikeshare companies need more bikes. And phew, Long Island Rail Road won't be striking this weekend.