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$42 Million for Traffic Safety in Mayor's Budget

Mayor de Blasio’s executive budget, released yesterday, puts some numbers to the Vision Zero plan. The fiscal details come after months of questions from the City Council and transit advocates, about how the city was going to pay for its commitment to eliminate traffic deaths by 2014.

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California approved another leg of its high-speed rail project, but the cost went up by $1 billion. The Eurotunnel turned 20. Florida's new commuter rail line is hotter than the sun's corona. And: Houston's annual Art Car Parade is this weekend. 

Boise Bikes More Than New York

Portland, Oregon, had the most bike commuters – more than six percent. Which shouldn't surprise anyone who's watched Portlandia. And while more people are biking to work overall, most people still drive. 

Bikeshare Lessons: Men Are From Midtown, Women Are From Brooklyn

Bike share stations in Manhattan are predominantly used by men, while women prefer brownstone Brooklyn, the East Village and the Lower East Side.

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Bus rapid transit is stalling in the Bay Area. Florida SunRail trains are already running at capacity. Air quality is deteriorating in cities around the world. And: check out old NYC subway cars in a Mad Men-inspired ad campaign.

Governor Cuomo Wants Post-Sandy 'Reinvention' of NYC Transit

With the MTA's next long-range capital plan due in September, Governor Cuomo has weighed in to say it should focus heavily on coping with one factor: "a changing climate."

NYC Opens Traffic Crash Data -- Finally

After years of prodding from safe streets advocates, the New York City Council, and the tech community — not to mention reporters — New York City has finally released comprehensive traffic crash data.

VIDEO: Cute Kids, Catchy Music Push City's Traffic Safety Plan

This is kind of...strangely irresistible. New York City pushes traffic safety with an Aerosmith-inspired rap.  All in a day's work for Mayor Bill de Blasio's Vision Zero.



While Uber Skirts D.C. Taxi Surcharge Rules, Some Drivers Pay Twice

All taxi rides in D.C. come with a 25 cent surcharge, but Uber, an app-based hailing service that has fought with city regulators, isn't paying the surcharges at all.

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Speed camera violations are down in D.C. Detroit's new Transit Police force is riding buses. The Congressional Budget Office is presenting some hard choices to save transportation spending. And: happy Bike to School Day!

Governors Name a Panel of Insiders to 'Reform' Port Authority

Not on the committee: anyone from academia, a think tank, a watchdog group or with a transportation background.

SunRail Exceeding Ridership Expectations: Officials

Orlando's new commuter rail service has been open for less than a week — and officials have already added an extra departure to the schedule. But the free rides are about to come to end.

NYC Subway Service is Either 'Deteriorating' — Or Not

MTA subway service alerts have jumped 35 percent between 2011 and 2013. But what that actually means is open to debate.

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GPS data revealed a bunch of NJ Transit employees were using agency vehicles for personal use. So far, so good, SunRail. The beleaguered Port Authority may have reached a tipping point. And: Nissan has developed a self-cleaning car.

The Incredible Sinking Port Authority

The Port Authority used to get things done, like massive bridges and futuristic airports. So how did a bi-state agency with an $8 billion budget become an emblem of political meddling and dysfunction — and how can a guy named Wally Edge help fix it?

SunRail's Challenge: Changing the Habits of Florida's Commuters

How do you convince Floridians who are used to driving to give give it up in favor of mass transit? Experts say it's no small feat — but that with the right messaging and good service, it can be done. And the ace in the hole will come, they say, ...

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Traffic fatalities are decreasing overall, but pedestrian fatalities...just aren't. D.C. is experiencing a "pandemic of potholes." A community group is suing San Francisco over its Google tech bus plan. And blessed be thy bicycle: two-wheelers get "a little extra mojo" at a NYC church.

Photos: The Second Avenue Subway, Under Construction

The first leg of the the Second Avenue Subway is on track to open in less than one thousand days. It's two-thirds of the way done. See for yourself, inside.

19 Injured in F Train Derailment

The derailment happened around 10:30 a.m. in a tunnel near the 65th Street Station in Woodside. The MTA says the middle six cars of the train left the track.

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New York's bike share could get a new investor. Pittsburgh is expanding its network of 'smart' traffic signals. Volvo is prototyping an inflatable car seat. A Florida man who jammed drivers' cell phone calls was fined. And for your viewing pleasure: the trending video of the Baltimore street collapse.