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Vision Zero Gets a Rally, a Hearing and a Town Hall

A week after New York's mayor released details of his 63-point plan to eliminate traffic deaths, Vision Zero will be front and center at several events in the city.

Sneckdowns, D.C. Edition

The storm that recently buried the Washington metropolitan area made traveling a mess, but the snow can illustrate how planners could design safer streets.

TN MOVING STORIES: Transpo News Links from Around the Web

A reporter filmed the NYC mayor's car speeding and violating traffic law, two days after his Vision Zero reveal. Southern California's commuter rail system is the first in the country to get positive train control. Montana's traffic fatality rate is the nation's third worst. And: New York's homeless-in-subways crackdown begins ...

Three NJ Cities Get Bike Share

Hoboken, Jersey City and Weehawken are partnering up to launch a regional bike sharing program this summer.

Mayor Fills Record Number of Potholes — One Personally

Mayor de Blasio took to the streets of Maspeth Queens, shovel in hand, to face a familiar foe.

Paper Or Plastic? D.C. Cab Drivers Still Refusing Credit Cards

The head of the D.C. Taxicab Commission says a significant number of cab drivers are still refusing to accept their passengers' credit cards. And now one city council member says her daughter was locked in a taxi over a payment dispute.

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New York's congressional delegation wants to avert a LIRR strike. California's Democratic lieutenant governor is breaking ranks and yanking his support of high-speed rail. Winter weather has dealt Chicago's commuter rail system a heavy blow. And: a look at Cambodia's transit systems, both old and new.

63 Ways de Blasio Wants to Eliminate Traffic Deaths

From increasing speeding enforcement at the precinct level (8) to creating an honor roll of safe cab drivers (51), New York City agencies have come together to craft a comprehensive street safety blueprint.

NTSB to Metro-North: Put Cameras on Train Operators

The National Transportation Safety Board, which is investigating December's deadly Metro-North derailment, is recommending the MTA install cameras in train cabs and make its speed limit signage permanent.

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As part of its investigation into a deadly December crash, the NTSB is recommending that Metro-North install cameras in its trains. Forty thousand tons of New Jersey road salt are stuck in Maine. Chicago's subways are being wired for 4G. And: check out a map of what L.A.'s subway system ...

De Blasio's Plan for Ending Traffic Deaths

On Tuesday, Mayor Bill de Blasio presented a blueprint comprised of what he called "tried and tested" ideas designed to dramatically reduce pedestrian and cyclist fatalities. 

Embattled NJ Transit Head Leaving

In recent months, Jim Weinstein's leadership has come under increasing fire over performance during Sandy and the Super Bowl.

Someone's Got To Shovel It

A small army of Department of Sanitation hires have fanned out across the city to clear the way for you.

Virginia's New Transportation Chief Has Both Money And Long List Of Projects

In his first interview since taking office, Virginia's new transportation secretary talks about his priorities—and says he supports a new bill that places public transit on equal footing with highways.

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NYC's mayor will announce his 'Vision Zero' plan for pedestrian safety today. The embattled head of NJ Transit could be on his way out. Atlanta's tough winter might -- might -- mean state funding for MARTA. And: Newark Airport's light fixtures are watching you.

Trying to Ratchet Down NYC's Street Tensions With Love -- and Valentines

Traffic engineers often refer to things like speed bumps and pedestrian islands as 'traffic calming' measures. On Sunday, activists took to one particularly troublesome intersection and employed a different method of street soothing -- one that involved the judicious application of Valentines and hot chocolate.

Slush Lakes: An Explainer

Why, why are there slush lakes at every street corner? Doesn't NYC have storm drains? Here's why you're probably vaulting over the small lakes currently forming at many crosswalks.

Come On and Touch Me: MTA Rolls Out Interactive Info Screens

The MTA's long-awaited touchscreen maps are being installed at key stations throughout the subway system—and now 18 of them are at Grand Central Terminal.

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The Bridgegate subpoenas have widened to include -- wait for it -- the ARC tunnel. Airlines have canceled a record number of flights this winter. Los Angeles is piloting a 'bike friendly business district.' And listen to the mysterious howling sound that woke up St. Paul residents.

D.C. Metro Chief: If You Want More Service, We Need More Money

Metro's plans call for a series of upgrades to rail service through 2025, but whether the plans come to fruition depends on the transit agency receiving local and federal funding. And that's far from guaranteed.