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Is Your City a Pedestrian Death Hotspot?

Between 2003 and 2012, more than 47,000 pedestrians were killed nationwide. Find out which cities are safer and why.

NYC Transit Workers Approve Contract

After two years of negotiations, the city's largest transit system and its largest union look to have finally settled a protracted contract dispute.

D.C. Metro to Take Control of Silver Line Next Week

After months of delay, the largest public transit project in the D.C. region could finally be zeroing in on an opening date.

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A bill to expand transit tax benefits for commuters is being held up in the Senate. San Francisco's Transbay Transit Center is over budget. G.M. must pay a $35 million fine. And: listen to a conversation about the stuff New Yorkers leave behind in taxis.

Illinois Moves to Rein In Ride-Sharing

Illinois senators have passed rules for the new, growing industry of “ride sharing” services, and they appear to be the strictest statewide regulations in the country so far.

What's Missing On Bike To Work Day? Data.

D.C.'s Bike to Work Day festivities are expected to break records, and bike commuting in the District is on the rise. But advocates say bicyclists are undercounted, leading to a disproportionately low investment in the city's cycling infrastructure.

'Sweeping' Safety Reforms at Metro-North

The changes come in response to a scathing report from federal regulators, which found that Metro-North had a “deficient safety culture” and emphasized on-time arrivals over safety and maintenance.

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NYC's mayor is reining in the city's outer borough taxi program. Ten thousand gallons of crude oil burst from a pipeline and swamped streets in Los Angeles. E-bikes are emerging as a huge hazard in China. And: happy Bike to Work Day!

Price Tag of Proposed Arlington Streetcars Increase -- and So Do Ridership Projections

Arlington County officials say that when its new streetcar line is built out, it will provide the majority of transit trips in the area. But opponents say that's overstated -- and that the increasing cost doesn't justify the project.

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Despite a presidential scolding, the House isn't exactly wading in to the transportation funding fray. The jitney business is booming in NJ. More children are killed in drunk driving wrecks in Texas than anywhere else in the U.S. And: a bourbon-filled steel train sculpture sold for $33.8 million.

Sleep Derailed: Fatigue Plagues Train Workers

Fatal crashes on commuter railroads are rare. But for people who work in transportation, deep exhaustion is common. “Two-thirds of the train operators and one-half of the pilots said they rarely get a good night’s sleep,” said one expert.

Life is About to Get a Little Better for L Train Riders

The MTA plans to add dozens of train trips to the L and M subway lines this fall, primarily because of explosive growth in the parts of North Brooklyn served by the lines.

Obama Urges Infrastructure Push in Tappan Zee Speech

With the White House projecting the Highway Trust Fund will run out of money this summer, President Barack Obama visited the Tappan Zee Bridge to press Congress for a solution.

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President Obama will be talking infrastructure at the Tappan Zee Bridge today. Seattle's mayor is scrambling to prevent massive bus cuts. People feel better about driverless cars if they give the car a name. And: in the market for a transit-themed soap opera? Your search is over.

Fatal NYC Intersection Gets Redesigned

Officials have made changes to 96th Street and Broadway to make the intersection safer for pedestrians and drivers.

D.C. Council Mulls Insurance Coverage For Ridesharing Services

During a grueling, six-hour hearing, representatives of app-based transportation companies tried to convince D.C. City Council members — not to mention the city's even more skeptical taxi commissioner — that they did not need to be strictly regulated.

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Check out the Swedish approach to traffic safety. The rail company involved in last summer's train explosion in Lac-Mégantic, Quebec, is facing criminal charges. U.S. DOT head Anthony Foxx wants a four-year transpo bill. And: Pepsi turned a London bus stop into a mind-bending experience.

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A fiery crash is sparking calls for more oversight of the hot air balloon industry. Drones are flying around in a "free for all."  Queens might get dedicated bus lanes. Philly's on-train cameras are saving the city millions. And San Francisco's Bay Bridge is being dismantled piece by piece. 

See the San Francisco Bay Bridge Being Dismantled, Piece by Piece

How do you take down a 77-year old bridge without using explosives? The same way it was built -- only this time, in reverse order.

Last Call for the Bar Car

Like so many venerable New York traditions, Metro North's bar car from Manhattan to Connecticut has gone the way of the Redbird.