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City Comptroller: We Gave $10B to MTA Already!

As the MTA struggles to find billions of dollars to fund its five-year capital plan, NYC's comptroller says the agency should look to Albany, not the locals.

PHOTOS: No Rats, No Pillars, No People in This Peek at the 2nd Ave. Subway

The city's first new subway line in 60 years is supposed to open next December. It's 82 percent complete. Now, things are getting interesting.

Federally-Mandated Safety System Still Years Away for MTA

Following last week's deadly crash, Amtrak says it will have Positive Train Control in place by the end of the year. But it's going to take New York's commuter railroads a little longer.

STEP ASIDE: The MTA Wants to Speed Up Three Subway Lines

The 6, 7 and F lines get special treatment as subway delays become rampant. (And straphangers on all lines get a video primer on why delays happen.)

Bridge Demolition to Disrupt LIRR Service This Weekend

Delays on the commuter rail roads happen almost every day — but this weekend's disruption on the Long Island Rail Road will be a little different.

Obama Administration To Trans-Hudson Tunnel Stakeholders: Get it Together

The federal government stands ready to help the region build new Hudson River tunnels. But first, a federal official says New York and New Jersey need to show some leadership.

Why Left Turns Are So Deadly

Face down oncoming traffic. Dive into a gap before the light changes. Peek around your A-pillar. Whoa! There's a pedestrian right in front of you.

A Little More Money for the MTA Doesn't Buy Happiness

De Blasio proposes to increase what the city chips in for transit, but the budget still fails to keep pace with inflation.

Transit Agencies Battle Controversial Ads By Changing the Rules

When the MTA banned political advertisements earlier this week, it wasn’t the first transit agency to try to do so.

MTA Votes to Ban Political Ads

Over the objections of some public speakers — as well as some board members — the MTA changed its policy so it could reject controversial ads.

MTA: Fund the Plan or Risk Second Avenue Subway Expansion

It's been seven months since the MTA first announced it needed $15 billion to close a gap in its five-year capital plan. Officials say it won't rely on higher fares. So what has to give?

Court Ruling Leads MTA to Propose Banning Political Ads Altogether

In the past couple of years, the MTA has had as many court cases dealing with free speech as it has had fare hikes. Now, it wants to accept only viewpoint-neutral ads.

L Train Riders: Help Is on the Way

Last year, every single station along the L line in Brooklyn saw an increase in ridership. Now, according to the MTA, a significant boost in service is coming later this year.

NJ Transit Proposes Fare Hike

The agency says it needs to raise fares by about nine percent — and cut some service — in order to close a $60 million budget gap.

'Boulevard of Death' to Get Protected Bike Lanes

A dangerous stretch of Queens Boulevard will get protected bike lanes this summer as part of a larger plan to tame the chronically troublesome road.

Drive Like Your Family Lives Here

Drivers, your choices matter. That's the message of a powerful video that cabbies and city workers will soon watch as part of their driver training.

Citi Bike 2.0

The new head of New York's bike share company didn't mince words: “Things were broken when we came in.” Now, he said Citi Bike is tackling some of the system's biggest problems.

Affordable Housing Push Takes Express Train to MTA Boardroom

The drumbeat for affordable housing has moved from the streets to City Hall and, on Wednesday, into the MTA's board room.

Fewer New Yorkers Are Dying in Traffic Crashes

Traffic deaths are down in New York City, compared to this time last year. 

7 Train to West Side Will Open at Some Point

You've waited this long for the station at 34th Street and 11th Avenue to open. What's a few more weeks?