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Pedestrians in one Connecticut city can carry yellow flags across one street. The entire NYC subway system came to a brief halt Wednesday. Trains carrying oil are crashing, exploding and spilling in record numbers. And: a video tribute to subway dancers.

Ball's In Albany's Court on Speed Limit Bill

The speed limit bill before the New York Senate was expected to come to a vote Thursday -- but a top Republican is casting doubt on whether he'll let that happen.

TN MOVING STORIES: Transpo News Links from Around the Web

California's high-speed rail project scored a budget win. It's week two of the French rail strike, and it's getting ugly. Thousands of ducks blocked a street in Thailand. And: the people of Houston like the new Red Line.

Silver Line Commuters, Start Your Engines

Now that an opening date for the Silver Line is within sight — even if Metro remains tight-lipped as to when it might be — transit officials want commuters to know they should take a bus, not their cars, to the train.

NYC Precincts Stepping Up Ticketing For Dangerous Driving

Ticketing was up in most precincts for the six major categories WNYC has been tracking: using a cell phone while driving, disobeying a sign, failing to stop at a signal, making an improper turn, not giving the right of way to a pedestrian, and speeding.

NYC DOT: Public Plazas Should Be Everywhere — Not Just Manhattan

New York City's transportation commissioner said she wants to make sure street transformations like bike lanes and pedestrian plazas make it to all five boroughs — not just Manhattan.

Speed Limit Bill Alive in Albany

With just two days to go before the New York State legislative session ends, Senator Jeffrey Klein has introduced a bill giving cities the authority to lower their speed limits.

TN MOVING STORIES: Transpo News Links from Around the Web

GM recalls another 3.4 million vehicles. Boston train drivers can't keep phones in their pockets or bags while on duty. Delaware's bridge woes are rippling up and down the East Coast. And Bay Area train technicians won the "transit industry’s version of the NBA Finals." 

Metro In 'Final Stretch' Before Silver Line Service Starts

D.C.'s transit agency says it will announce the start date of Silver Line service to Tysons Corner and Reston one week from today. "We are in the final stretch," said Metro's general manager.

No, C Train Riders, You Are Not Getting New Subway Cars

No, it's not a heat-induced hallucination: that really is a newer-model C train rumbling down the tracks. But, like the summer months, it's fleeting.

Traffic Tickets Up Again in NYC

By this time last year, the New York Police Department had issued just under 6,000 tickets for failing to yield to pedestrians. This year: almost 15,000.

TN MOVING STORIES: Transpo News Links from Around the Web

Philadelphia's transit strike is over, but France's rail strike is dragging on. Russia cut off gas to the Ukraine. San Francisco's Central Subway reached a tunneling milestone. And: check out a video of the singing NYC subway motorman.

Hailing a Green Cab in the Forbidden Zone: Riders Say Why Not?

Passengers are either unaware of the rules or don't care about them.

Lower Speed Limits Still Possible for NYC

New York Senator Jeff Klein is planning to introduce a bill to lower speed limits in New York City. But time is tight, as the final days of the legislative session approach in Albany.

D.C. Transit Union Wants To Organize Streetcar Workers

The opening date for the D.C. streetcar is not the only aspect of the project mired in uncertainty. The local transit union is attempting to organize the future streetcar operators and maintenance workers.

TN MOVING STORIES: Transpo News Links from Around the Web

The Port Authority is being investigated by the SEC. Tesla opens its patents. Bikeshare programs might increase cyclist head injuries. And residents of Chinatown are sick of being swamped by buses. 

D.C. Increasing Wheelchair-Accessible Cabs

The number of wheelchair-accessible taxicabs in D.C. is expected to more than double this fall.

NJ Transit Now Knows Where to Put Its Trains When a Storm Comes

A year and a half after Sandy, NJ Transit now has a comprehensive plan to handle weather emergencies.

TN MOVING STORIES: Transpo News Links from Around the Web

World Cup goers, travel easy: there will be no subway strike in Sao Paolo today. Port Authority Bus Terminal commuters aired their grievances. Don't e-smoke your e-cigarette on Chicago transit. And: toads can cross safely on one Philadelphia road.

NJ Transit: We're Doing What We Can with the Port Authority Bus Terminal

There is a daily flood of complaints from New Jersey Transit bus commuters at the Port Authority Bus Terminal.