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Even 40 Inches of Snow Would Be No Problem for These Trains

Today's storm hasn't been deemed "historic," as was last week's blizzard. But if it were to be, could the subways stay open? We analyzed every segment of the system to find the answer.

Ice on the Third Rail Strands 7 Trains

Service on the No. 7 subway line was halted Monday morning after a build up of ice cut power to the third rail.

MTA Had Plan to Keep Subways Running Despite Heavy Snow

It's called Plan V. But Gov. Cuomo instead shut the nation's largest mass transit system down for the first time because of snow.

Your Coming MTA Fare Hike, Explained

As expected, the MTA voted Thursday to raise fares and tolls. But before you fixate on the 25-cent increase, take heart: there's another way of looking at it.

The New MetroCard Probably Won't Be a Card

The MTA is at least five years away from implementing its new fare payment system. Meanwhile, it has to keep the MetroCard limping along.

Citi Bike's Parent Company Changes Name

Alta Bicycle Share not only has new ownership, but a new name. Effective immediately, the company is now known as Motivate.

Threatened Cuts to Overnight PATH Service Officially Dead

Something that wasn't likely to happen in the first place now really won't happen.

The DMV Could Be More than Just a Place to Sit and Wait

Governor Cuomo's DMV commissioner resigned last month. Now, transportation advocates want the department transformed into one that cares about street safety.

Queens Family Still Waits for Justice in Traffic Death

A judge finally hears what happened when an SUV ran over 3-year-old Allison Liao, then says he'd deliver his ruling in the future.

20% of What? Taxi Payment Systems Don't Agree

Credit card machines in New York City cabs suggest tips of 20, 25 or 30 percent. But it turns out many riders end up tipping 21 percent. Why?

NYC Pedestrian Deaths Hit Record Low...Maybe

According to the New York City Department of Transportation, fewer pedestrians died this year than ever before. But that depends on how you do the counting.

NY State DMV Commissioner Resigns

Barbara Fiala, who held the post since 2011, largely flew under the radar — until a tumultuous autumn had street safety advocates calling for her resignation.

Streetcar Opening Awaits Fourth D.C. Mayoral Administration

You won't be riding D.C.'s streetcar on the first day of 2015.

Subway Emergency Exit Alarms Will No Longer Drive You Nuts

New Yorkers, our long national nightmare of alarmed subway emergency exit doors is finally over.

MTA's New Etiquette Campaign: Keep Your Knees Together and Your Bodies Off the Pole

As subway ridership reaches record numbers, New Yorkers are getting "gentle but firm" reminders about courtesy and spatial awareness.

New Year's Eve Streetcar Ride In D.C.? Maybe, But No Promises

The final round of safety documentation has begun, and there's a chance — a chance — that the system's opening could squeak in under the 2014 wire.

In Record Year, D.C. Builds Nine Miles Of Bike Lanes

The District, which is marking a record year for bike lane construction, now has a total of 69 lanes.

MTA To Combat Subway Delays With 'Platform Conductors'

Ridership on the New York City subway is booming — and so are delays.

The NYPD Doesn't Publicize Traffic Deaths a Quarter of the Time

A homeless man, killed in a hit and run, was almost forgotten.  A WNYC investigation found his was one of 69 traffic deaths police didn't publicize, leaving crimes unsolved.

Citi Bike's 'Shoddy' Management Left Riders In the Lurch: Audit

A new audit confirms what most New York City bike share users have already experienced: the system suffered from bad management. But officials say better days are ahead.