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Transit Agencies Battle Controversial Ads By Changing the Rules

When the MTA banned political advertisements earlier this week, it wasn’t the first transit agency to try to do so.

MTA Votes to Ban Political Ads

Over the objections of some public speakers — as well as some board members — the MTA changed its policy so it could reject controversial ads.

MTA: Fund the Plan or Risk Second Avenue Subway Expansion

It's been seven months since the MTA first announced it needed $15 billion to close a gap in its five-year capital plan. Officials say it won't rely on higher fares. So what has to give?

Court Ruling Leads MTA to Propose Banning Political Ads Altogether

In the past couple of years, the MTA has had as many court cases dealing with free speech as it has had fare hikes. Now, it wants to accept only viewpoint-neutral ads.

L Train Riders: Help Is on the Way

Last year, every single station along the L line in Brooklyn saw an increase in ridership. Now, according to the MTA, a significant boost in service is coming later this year.

NJ Transit Proposes Fare Hike

The agency says it needs to raise fares by about nine percent — and cut some service — in order to close a $60 million budget gap.

'Boulevard of Death' to Get Protected Bike Lanes

A dangerous stretch of Queens Boulevard will get protected bike lanes this summer as part of a larger plan to tame the chronically troublesome road.

Drive Like Your Family Lives Here

Drivers, your choices matter. That's the message of a powerful video that cabbies and city workers will soon watch as part of their driver training.

Citi Bike 2.0

The new head of New York's bike share company didn't mince words: “Things were broken when we came in.” Now, he said Citi Bike is tackling some of the system's biggest problems.

Affordable Housing Push Takes Express Train to MTA Boardroom

The drumbeat for affordable housing has moved from the streets to City Hall and, on Wednesday, into the MTA's board room.

Fewer New Yorkers Are Dying in Traffic Crashes

Traffic deaths are down in New York City, compared to this time last year. 

7 Train to West Side Will Open at Some Point

You've waited this long for the station at 34th Street and 11th Avenue to open. What's a few more weeks?

The Lament of the C Train Rider

"It's like Cinderella without the glass slipper," a former conductor says. If subway lines were fairy tales, the C train is most definitely still waiting for its prince to come.

Everything You Need to Know About the MTA's Fare and Toll Hike

This weekend, transit fares and MTA bridge and tunnel tolls are going up.

New Midtown Bus Terminal Proposal Causes Sticker Shock

Expect eyes to be popping at the Port Authority's board meeting Thursday when the potential price tag for the new bus terminal is unveiled.

Four Dangerous NYC Streets Could Get $250 Million Safety Upgrade

The de Blasio administration plans to give a handful of the city's most hazardous roadways the Vision Zero treatment.

After the Arrests of 6 Bus Drivers, MTA Asks for 'Fairness'

A law that makes it a criminal offense to injure or kill someone in a crosswalk was passed unanimously last year. Now, it's become controversial.

Witness: Driver 'Suddenly Pulled Forward' Into Path of Metro-North Train

Preliminary data from this week's deadly Metro-North collision shows the crossing gate warning system was "operating as designed," according to federal investigators.  

Metro-North Investigation to Ask: Why Was She There?

Federal investigators are on site in Westchester County, trying to determine what was happening in the moments before a Metro-North train collided with an SUV.

6 Killed in Metro-North Crash in Westchester

A crowded Harlem Line train crashed into a Mercedes SUV in Valhalla on Tuesday evening, creating a fatal explosion — and the deadliest incident in the railroad's history.