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New MTA Capital Plan Slashes Funding for Second Avenue Subway

The MTA board has formally passed its latest five-year, $26 billion capital spending plan. But while some new projects were included, the Second Avenue Subway was the big loser.

Design Competition to be Held for New Port Authority Bus Terminal

The Port's board took what it's calling an "important first step" in replacing its aging bus terminal. But there are a lot of unknowns.

MTA Tries Blocking 'Political' Ads, But Some Get Away

The agency's viewpoint-neutral ad policy was supposed to fix a problem. But enforcing it has raised new issues.

The Case of the Disappearing NJ Transit Trains

When NJ Transit announced it was slashing some service due to budget cuts, it didn't mention all the specifics. Now the reality of new late-night service is infuriating some riders.

Seven Things the MTA's Capital Plan Does. You'll Probably Only Notice Three of Them.

The mayor and governor agreed on how to fund billions of dollars' worth of transit goodness. But you probably won't notice where the money's going. At least not yet.

Explainer: What are the Transit Funding "Raids" Holding Up the MTA Budget Deal?

Mayor de Blasio says he won't spend more city money on the MTA until the governor promises not to divert it. Cuomo calls that concern "a joke." Who's right?

Unfunded MTA Capital Program Now Legal Fodder

Two people hurt in a subway derailment last month are blaming the city and the MTA for their injuries. It's the latest — and most novel — wrinkle in the MTA's ongoing funding impasse.

New York's Bus Terminal: Overcrowded, Fragile and Largely Ignored

Buses move more people into the city from New Jersey each morning than NJ Transit trains do. But they don't have any good place to drop them off.

A Stronger Transit System Will Greet Joaquin, but It's Not Storm-Proof

Sandy taught New York's MTA and New Jersey Transit a costly lesson, but both agencies say they're in better shape now to weather a storm.

Your Guide to Getting Around During the Pope's Visit

The subways will be running — but bus service is impacted. The list of NYC street closures is four pages long. And driving into Manhattan? Find another way in. We'll show you how.

MTA to City: Pay Up, or Else

At an otherwise sleepy committee meeting, the MTA's chief threatened to cut funding for transit projects in NYC because Mayor de Blasio hasn't committed enough money to the agency.

Higher Prices + Tough Winter = Fewer Members for Citi Bike

Bike sharing was supposed to transform the way New Yorkers got around, but its first two years have been bumpy. Will the third be better? 

Agony, Ecstasy and Art on Display at New 7 Train Opening

The new subway station opened Sunday to much fanfare, but the celebratory atmosphere couldn't entirely disguise some ongoing tension over the MTA's capital funds.

New Football Stadium? No. New Neighborhood? Sort of. New Subway Station? Yes.

The long-sought dream of the Bloomberg administration to develop Manhattan's Far West Side takes a big step forward this weekend.

We Get to Keep Our C Train Cars for Seven More Years

When we last checked in with the R32s — the oldest subway cars in the MTA system — the agency said they'd be replaced in 2017. But now it looks like you'll be riding them until 2022.

Taxi Driver Could Pay $25,000 for Refusing Black Passenger

A case filed by the city's Commission on Human Rights claims the driver told a black woman he was off-duty and proceeded to pick up two white women. 

Cuomo Says He Doesn't Control the MTA

Speaking Wednesday, Governor Cuomo said the real beneficiary of the MTA's capital plan is the NYC region, not the whole state.

Port Authority Cool to New Hudson Tunnel Talks

The agency meant to foster regional cooperation says it needs more information if discussions "are to be fruitful."

The Octogenarian Electric Cables That Screwed Up This Week's Commute

Following four days of NJ Transit misery this week, the head of Amtrak came to New York Friday to see first-hand what the problems are.

De Blasio Opens Door to Congestion Pricing; Cuomo Slams It Shut

The de Blasio administration has avoided taking a position on the latest iteration of a congestion pricing plan — until now. But the governor was quick to react.