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Oil Execs on the Hill, But Not Much on Gas Prices, Energy Policy

Lamar McKay, Chairman and President of BP America sits in today's House Energy and Commerce Committee hearing. (Getty Images)

(Washington, DC -- Todd Zwillich, Transportation Nation) You didn’t really think oil CEO’s were going to get a grilling ...

Bronx Gets Electric Truck: 15,999 To Go.

(Andrea Bernstein, Transportation Nation) Hunts Point, the Bronx is New York's major food distribution center. There's a fruit and vegetable wholesaler, a seafood market -- and lots of lots of trucks. The area, in the poorest congressional district ...

TN Moving Stories: Where's the paint, Black Hawk bicylists down, and Wichita imagines its transit future

Upturn in the economy, downturn in supplies: road crews grapple with nationwide paint shortage. (WAMU)

Can't we all just get along? "To say we all can't fit on the road together is ridiculous," says one recently ticketed Black Hawk bicyclist. (Denver Post)

Rethinking Wichita: city unveils ...

JetBlue VP: Airplanes No Good For New York-Boston (AUDIO)

(New York, NY - Collin Campbell, Transportation Nation) Jet Blue Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Rob Maruster has a refreshingly comprehensive view of transportation. "I may be shooting ourselves in the foot here, with five daily flights ...

TN Moving Stories: Empty buses = empty seats at World Cup. What is UAW's Future? Spirit strikes, strands

Spirit strikes, cancels all flights. No talks scheduled as of Monday morning. (Reuters) Video:

Empty seats at World Cup blamed on fans who don't trust public transportation. ...

Planning Group: Tear Down That Drive!

Photo: Terreform and Michael Sorkin Studio

(Andrea Bernstein, Transportation Nation) In the last five years, New York has added hundreds of miles of bike lanes and closed parts of Broadway to cars, a re-allocation of street space that has ...

TN Moving Stories: DOT wants oversight of mass-transit; a Spirit strike? Solo teen sailor found stranded

As anniversary of DC Metrorail crash approaches, LaHood quietly pushes for more federal oversight. (Washington Post)

Spirit Airlines, pilots inch closer to weekend strike. (AP)

Freight rail, federal DOT working out differences slowing high-speed rail plans. (Crain's)

West Virginia laments rail expansion ...

GOP Fail to Stop Obama Plan to Regulate Carbon, but Get a Test for July?

Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) and others hoped to strip the Environmental Protection Agency of its authority to regulate carbon. The move failed 47-53 in the Senate today. "Murkowski might have lost the vote, it looks like she won the war: It's hard to see a strong climate bill getting 60 ...

Minneapolis Rolls Out Bike Share

Friends Mark Hawkins, right, and Sherri Juenemann stopped to check out one of the new Nice Ride bicycle kiosks in Minneapolis. Nice Ride is the largest bike sharing program in the country, and allows riders to pick up, ...

TN Moving Stories: Navigating World Cup traffic, Twin Cities bike share kicks off, and food trucks in trouble for feeding meters

Senator Boxer: LA must build 30 years worth of transit in ten years. (Huffington Post)

Alabamans wonder: would boycotting local BP stations hurt the oil company--or local mom-and-pop stores? (Anniston Star)

Um, remember how World Cup organizers weren't worried about transportation? Scratch that. (Sport ...

Shall We Kick Off The Energy Debate?

Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) in January with Senate Minority Leader Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) (at left) (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

(Washington, DC - Todd Zwillich, Transportation Nation) -- The much-anticipated Senate debate over energy and climate ...

Boston Bike Share Postponed

(Andrea Bernstein Transportation Nation) Boston's bike share was supposed to start this summer, but it's been pushed off at least until April, 2010. Nicole Freedman, Director of Bicycle Programs for the Boston Redevelopment Authority, explains "we felt like we need more time to ensure we could get the operations correct." ...

Why Don't More Women Bike to Work?

Female biker's feet in heels

Rachel Bents, St. Paul consultant, now bikes to work after to give up her leased car a few weeks ago. (MPR Photo/Dan Olson)

(Minneapolis, MN - Dan Olson,

TN Moving Stories: Worldwide baggage fees? World Cup "trans-sport-tation." Biking, yes biking, illegal in CO town

South African transportation minister: "the World Cup is not just about sport, it is more about transport." Says nation is ready for the rush. (AP)

Judge rules NYC must re-open and restaff subway station booths. (WNYC) Meanwhile, BRT-like plan for East Side comes with

New, Bigger Bike Share Has a Name in DC

"Capital Bikeshare" it is, rolling toward 100 stations in Washington and 14 in Arlington. DC's DOT reports that the name beat out George, GoBike, Capital Bixi and ShareCycle. DC's SmartBike was the first big city bike share pilot, launching with a small number of bikes in 2008. Capital ...

Passenger Rail Is Booming In Virginia

(David Schultz, WAMU) Late last year, Amtrak began running trains daily between Washington D.C. and Virginia's Shenandoah Valley - the locale of cities and towns like Lynchburg, Culpeper and Charlottesville, home to the venerable University of Virginia.

This new train service was meant to be a pilot program, funded by ...

From High-Speed Rail to Red Ink: Where California's Governor Wannabes Stand

California Attorney General and democratic candidate for governor Jerry Brown (L) shakes hands with a voter as his campaign manager Steven Glazer looks on this morning in Oakland, California. California. Voters are heading to the polls ...

TN Moving Stories: SUV sales are up--but you won't need one to get to the polls today in Montana

Who says Americans don't have long memories? Gas prices are holding steady -- so sales of SUVs are up. (The Takeaway)

Full-body scans about to become routine at BWI Airport. (WAMU)

Who should finance transportation: Washington, or local states? Making the case for a "General Fund." ...

Do Truncated East Side Bike Lanes Threaten a New York Bike Share?

(Andrea Bernstein, Transportation Nation) On March 3, New York City Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan told WNYC's Brian Lehrer "we can't do bike share until we have safe bike lanes." (Transcript and audio below.) That was when the city planned to build, this year, 160 new blocks of protected bike lanes ...

From Peoria to Washington, and Back Again: LaHood Listens To Rural America's Transportation Needs

(Collin Campbell, Transportation Nation) - Before becoming the nation's Secretary of Transportation, Ray LaHood lived his entire life in Western Illinois. He was born in Peoria, went to college there, taught school there, and eventually became the Congressman for the state's 18th District.

As U.S. Transportation Secretary Secretary, ...