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LaHood to Brian Lehrer: We Haven't Endorsed the Transit Bill

(Andrea Bernstein, Transportation Nation)

(This post has been updated) U.S Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood tells WNYC's Brian Lehrer the administration has not endorsed is not endorsing Senator Christopher Dodd's Emergency Transit Aid Bill. " In the interview, LaHood did not say whether he or the administration might ...

DC Bus, Metro fares to go up?

(David Schultz, WAMU) The Board of Directors of Metro, Washington D.C.'s transit system, was scheduled to vote on a package of historically large fare increases and services cuts late last month.

They did not.

Instead they delayed for two weeks a vote on the package, which was meant to close ...

TN Moving Stories: "Perfect Storm" of Highway Delays in Georgia, and Canadian Coup in Michigan?

Highway repair problems in Forsyth County create "perfect storm" of delays; residents form PAC called "Get 141 Done." (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Has the Michigan state house been taken over by Canadians? Opponents of a new Detroit-Canada bridge say YES. Legislation approving bridge's construction clears house, moves on to state ...

NYC MTA Overtime up after Layoffs

(Matthew Schuerman, WNYC) The MTA has been paying more overtime since it laid off 260 station agents earlier this month.

The MTA originally wanted to lay off 475 agents because of budget pressures but settled for 260 after a judge blocked the authority's plan to close some station booths open.


DC Streetcar Restored!

Rare news this transit cutting season. After an outcry, $48 million in funding will keep the DC streetcar alive. Details here

DC Streetcar Dead, Victim of Budget Woes

Photo: DDOT

Takeaway Correspondent Todd Zwillich writes from Washington: "The DC City Council Budget Battle is killing streetcar program, at least for now." DCist has more details.

TN Moving Stories: Dallas Transit's $3 billion hole and don't park in the handicapped space!

What happens when three Alabama municipalities agree on a road expansion project, obtain federal money...and then one wants to back out? The $500,000 question: who reimburses the feds? (The Anniston Star)

Welcome to the World Series of excuses: St. Petersburg cracks down on people who abuse handicapped parking ...

What Will Andrew Cuomo Do on Transportation? He's Not Telling.

(Andrea Bernstein, Transportation Nation). Like moth to a flame, I'm drawn to read every page when a candidate releases a 252-page briefing book. So when Andrew Cuomo sent out his "The New NY Agenda: A Plan for Action" on Sunday night, I was excited. Really.

I wouldn't be ...

Senate Introduces Emergency Transit Aid bill

Would divide up $2 billion to stressed systems facing cuts and layoffs. Streetsblog has the story.

Blood on the Tracks: Could the Cal Train Die?

Photo: Caltrain

(KALW, Nathaneal Johnson)

It’s hard to imagine that the Caltrain, the commuter train that runs through the heart of Silicon Valley, could actually die. But the whistles that echo past Cisco Systems, Sun Microsystems, Yahoo, Google ...

TN Moving Stories

Modern streetcars are long-term vision for Broward County travel (Sun Sentinel)--but will it be a hard sell in an area where residents are "car crazed?"

Indiana officials lure Chinese automakers to town to try to boost local auto parts manufacturers--and to continue Indy's bid to become an electric ...

Ford Investing $135 million in Hybrids

Ford announces today it's putting $135 million into design and technology for a new line of hybrids out in 2012.

From the release: " Ford Motor Company – moving to create a center of excellence in Michigan for vehicle electrification – today announced it is investing $135 million to ...

TN Moving Stories

The Transit Cuts Edition:

WNYC: NJ Transit Cuts Started Sunday

Jesse Jacksons rallies with transit workers in Cleveland to protest 12 percent service cuts and 80 layoffs.... (Plain Dealer)

...but Detroit had him first! He was there protest that city's 100 layoffs. (Free Press)


The New Times Square Unveiled

(Andrea Bernstein, Transportation Nation) The city has chosen local artist Molly Dilworth to paint the five pedestrian plazas at Times Square and Herald Square. Dilworth topped some 150 competitors to win $15,000 and the honor ...

Obama signs order to develop fuel standards for trucks.

The president starts the process for fuel standards for trucks.

From today's Rose Garden ceremony.

"And today, we’re going even further, proposing the development of a national standard for medium- and heavy-duty trucks, just as we did for cars and light trucks."

Bixi: Big Expansion of Washington DC's Bike Share System

(Andrea Bernstein, Transportation Nation) -- "Bixi roulera de Washington a Washington" announces the website of the Montreal-based BIXI bike sharing company today.

Here's a partial (and somewhat loose) translation from the French: "The capital of the United States, ...

TN Moving Stories

NY Times: Ped Plazas Slow Buses. Ouch, two of NYC DOT's favorite constituent groups -- bus riders and pedestrians -- pitted against each other. True wonks can read the full report, which presents a somewhat muddier picture than the headline would indicate.

Good News/Bad News: Green car maker ...