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Unpaving Paradise To Put Up A Park

Transportation Nation's own Andrea Bernstein guest-hosted today's Brian Lehrer Show. One of the segments talked about plans to demolish the Sheridan Expressway, reconnect local streets, and use the expressway's land for open green space and affordable housing. The plan is controversial -- especially with WNYC's listeners. ...

We Pledge Allegiance to the Bicycle

According to the Denver Post, Colorado Republican gubernatorial candidate David Maes has accused Denver mayor John Hickenlooper of "converting Denver into a United Nations community." Maes was referring to...Hickenlooper's support for Denver's bicycle sharing ...

TN Moving Stories: Taxi Hot Spots, Subway Commuting Excuses, and Let My Transit Data Go

Driver, follow that hot spot: a plan is in the works to bring Wi-Fi to NYC cabs (WNYC)

Subway made you late to work? The MTA will provide an excuse for you, online (WNYC)

Let my data go: a video plea for transportation agencies to end ...

Yellowstone's July Attendance Through the Roof...Er, the Big Sky

(Billings, MT -- Jackie Yamanaka, Yellowstone Public Radio) Yellowstone National Park officials today announced July set a new record for visitation -- at more than 957-thousand people. That's the largest number to ever visit the park ...

Surprise! San Francisco gets its buses back

(San Francisco - Casey Miner, KALW) Most public transportation news isn't good news these days—shrinking budgets have led to service cuts and fare increases all over the country, and the San Francisco Bay Area is no exception. ...

LaHood: Light Rail Will Boost Motor City

(Andrea Bernstein, Transportation Nation) U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood was in Detroit on Monday, just a couple days after President Barack Obama visited a car factory, drove a Volt, and otherwise touted the ...

Canvassing the Brooklyn Bridge

How is the Brooklyn Bridge spending its summer vacation? Being draped in canvas to prepare for being repainted.

Canvas being draped over the Brooklyn Bridge

You can see more pictures here.

(And yes, we did ask ...

The Whimper at the End of the Energy Debate

(Washington, DC - Todd Zwillich, Transportation Nation) This is the way the summer ends: Not with a bang, but a whimper.

The U.S. Senate has hung ...

OMG! Ray LaHood is a Jeopardy Category

Sounds like a joke for transpo wonks, but it's not. "Ray LaHood's Transpo-Looza" was a Jeopardy category. It's the perfect marriage of geekdom and pop culture. Giving an answer like "What is Dulles?" gets you $800. ...

Texas Aims to Get State Wide Rail Back on Track

(Houston, TX - Wendy Siegle, KUHF) Last January, Texas, America’s second most populous state, failed to secure federal stimulus dollars for its high-speed rail plan. Why?

Because it didn’t have one.

It still doesn’t, by the ...

TN Moving Stories

Rendell starts statewide tour to get more transportation funding. (Philly Inquirer)

SF MUNI officials hope to restore 61% of service cuts (SF Chronicle)

Video of veiled women boarding plane sparks security review in Canada (CBC News)

I-69 fireball prompts questions in DC today over tanker ...

Delhi Drivers Take to Facebook

Delhi has quite the public buy-in for transportation. Some residents volunteer to monitor the subway to help enforce rules. Now, it's bringing its battle for traffic safety to Facebook.

According to this New York Times article, the Delhi Traffic Police (which have ...

TN Moving Stories: Conviction in JFK Airport bomb plot, and Do bike lanes train cars not to speed?

Two men were convicted of plotting to blow up jet fuel tanks at JFK Airport. (WNYC)

The highest paid DC Metro board member attends the least amount of meetings (WAMU). Meanwhile, one NPR employee on his morning commute snaps a pic of a rather

Feds Fund Study for Light Rail in Detroit

(Detroit, Michigan - Quinn Klinefelter, WDET) A proposed light rail line is a step closer to reality today in the Motor City. Detroit officials want to build a light rail loop stretching from downtown to 8 ...

TN Moving Stories

Chevy Volt to increase production by 50 percent (LA Times)

Nearly 9 out of 10 teens has driven while texting or talking, says survey by AAA/Seventeen (USA Today)

Twin Cities mark third anniversary of I-35W bridge collapse without a memorial (KARE TV)

Ninety-nine cent ...

Brooklyn Bridge to get "Christo"-Style Treatment

(New York -- Kate Hinds, WNYC) As part of its $508 million rehabilitation, the Brooklyn Bridge will get wrapped in canvas beginning in about two months.

Hasan Ahmed, who oversees the Brooklyn Bridge for the ...

Yellowstone, With Record Visitors, Struggles With Congestion

Photo: Jackie Yamanaka, Yellowstone Public Radio

(Yellowstone National Park -- Jackie Yamanaka, Yellowstone Public Radio) It's been a record-setting summer at the world's first national park. In June Yellowstone hit 700,000 visitors, and July is also ...

Other than Volt President Hasn't Driven since 2007; GM Engineer Predicts $41,000 Volt Will Sell

More from the President's Michigan Trip, from the pool report:

After driving the black Volt earlier, POTUS signed the hood of a white Volt Terry Quigley, the GM plant manager, said she plans to save ...

Obama: We're Proving Naysayers Wrong on Auto Industry

The President's Remarks in Detroit:


Office of the Press Secretary


For Immediate Release July 30, 2010



Chrysler Jefferson North Assembly Plant

Detroit, Michigan

12:16 P.M. EDT

THE PRESIDENT: Hello, Detroit! ...

President Drives A Volt

From the White House Press Pool:

Hamtramck, Mich.
GM plant
1:15 pm

Your pooler will send Chrysler plant report shortly but breaking news from second stop is that POTUS just drove (after consultations w Secret Service and Robert Gibbs' voiced hope that the electric Volt had an airbag)