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Engineers, wind and a crumbling bridge: how 500 pounds of metal ends up on a roadway

(San Francisco - KALW) In October 2009, a temporary device engineers made to hold the San Francisco Bay Bridge together broke. Hundreds of pounds of metal fell onto the lanes of Interstate 80, and one of the busiest crossings in the Bay Area. No one was injured, but ...

NYC Taxi Drivers Object to Being Labeled Crooks

Kathleen Horan, WNYC

Kathleen Horan, WNYC

(WNYC) -- The City of New York has revealed that it believes the majority of licensed taxi drivers have been involved in a scheme to overcharge passengers. More than 35,000 drivers are accused of charging ...

With Billions In federal stimulus, why are states cutting public transit?

Chris Christie

NJ governor Chris Christie is trying to bridge a nearly $11 billion budget gap. He presented his 2011 budget last night (above).

As states struggle to close epic budget gaps, public transit systems are yet another item ...

When the Subway Doubles as the Yellow School Bus

(WNYC) New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority is planning to cut back on the discounts that students receive to travel to and from school. Officials say those discounts are an education expense and should be covered entirely by the state and city. But a lot of other transit agencies around the ...

Without a Car in Montana

montana highway

A highway in southwestern Montana. (Thanks: flickr user gmark1 (cc:by-nc-nd)

(Yellowstone Public Radio, March 15, 2010) There are Montanans who don't worry about the price of a gallon of gas or the latest vehicle recall. They ...

LaHood: Bikes are Cars, Too

U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood at the 2010 National Bike Summit. Thanks: flickr user bikeportland (cc:by-nc-nd)

U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood at the 2010 National Bike Summit. (Thanks: flickr user bikeportland (cc:by-nc-nd)

Okay, that isn’t exactly what he said. ...

In Virginia, Gridlock on Highways Shifts Political Allegiances

It's a truism that Chambers of Commerce - those tireless advocates for local businesses - are nearly always opposed to raising taxes. So it was surprising to hear a Chamber president say this:

"There is no way possible to fund the solutions necessary to improve our transportation systems ... without ...

Will High-speed rail change Florida Politics?

Among the projects picked for federal stimulus spending, Florida's Orlando-Tampa high-speed rail route was a curious place to put $1.25 billion. After all, it's Florida, and the 90-mile route runs through counties President Obama fought over tight margins of victory and defeat. So are the voters of Polk ...

How to cross a wild and scenic river? They can't agree in Minnesota

The St. Croix River, with the Stillwater lift bridge in the foreground. (MPR Photo/Tom Weber)

The St. Croix River, with ...

Google Rolls into Bike Maps

After years of cities and planners carefully building their own bike maps, based on vetted lanes Google is entering the business. We're now in the process of trying out their routes and data, and want your experiences in comments below. The web giant's maps are the basis of the ...

New Front for Distracted Driving: Drivers Shaving Bikini Line

The definition of distracted driving is expanding under the Obama Administration -- they're fighting talking and texting while driving, and Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood has asked for a ban on just about everything behind the wheel. Here's the secretary recently reciting his list, which includes combing you hair, putting make-up ...

Stimulus Leaving Women, Minority Contractors Behind

The money doesn't trickle down to the economy like it should. Especially when the money's been earmarked for highway departments across this country, and the good old boy network is alive and well in those institutions.” That's what what the owner of an African-American owned construction company tells us. Minority ...

The money doesn't trickle town to the economy like it should. Especially when the money's been earmarked for highway departments across this country, and the good old boy network is alive and well in those institutions.


First Stop: 'Obvious Problems'

Orange County Convention Center

Orange County Convention Center

(Orlando, FL - March 4, 2010) This parking lot at the Orange County Convention Center could be the first stop on Florida's high-speed rail line, as it leaves the Orlando ...

MPR: U of M opts against another Central Corridor suit

(Minneapolis, March 2, 1010) — University of Minnesota officials say they won't take additional legal action against the Met Council over concerns about the Central Corridor light rail line proposed to run through the east bank campus.

Read the full story here.

The Obama administration is taking into account livability issues. They define that as economic development opportunities and environmental benefits, so that plays into their funding criteria now.


Living Snow Fences? Subway Station Skylights? High-Speed Rail? It's the Federal Stimulus, One Year In: a Transportation Nation podcast

One year ago, the Obama Administration began pushing billions and billions of dollars out the door.  The federal stimulus combines tax cuts, huge chunks of federal spending and the extension of benefits in hopes of stimulating the American economy.  So how are American cities changing, and what will we remember ...

It’s convenient and I actually say its hyper convenient. A bike share station is every 300 meters throughout a city. That means that for every transit station, you might have three, four, five bike share stations and you literally come up to a station, you swipe a card and you take a bike.
— Nicole Freedman, head of bike share at the Boston Redevelopment Authority on Transportation Innovations from Across the USA


WNYC: MTA to Unveil Proposal for Speeding Up East-Side Buses

NEW YORK, NY January 14, 2010 —City plans for speeding up buses on First and Second Avenues do not include physically separating the buses from other traffic. But the new designs do include miles of protected bike lanes.

WNYC: Back to the Beame Shuffle? Transit Advocates, MTA Debate Use of Stimulus

NEW YORK, NY January 12, 2010 —Transit advocates have a plan to avert the service cuts the MTA is proposing to implement this summer. They say, use a small portion of the money that's being allocated to big capital construction projects. But MTA officials say that would be sacrificing the ...