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Why Don't More Women Bike to Work?

Female biker's feet in heels

Rachel Bents, St. Paul consultant, now bikes to work after to give up her leased car a few weeks ago. (MPR Photo/Dan Olson)

(Minneapolis, MN - Dan Olson,

TN Moving Stories: Worldwide baggage fees? World Cup "trans-sport-tation." Biking, yes biking, illegal in CO town

South African transportation minister: "the World Cup is not just about sport, it is more about transport." Says nation is ready for the rush. (AP)

Judge rules NYC must re-open and restaff subway station booths. (WNYC) Meanwhile, BRT-like plan for East Side comes with

New, Bigger Bike Share Has a Name in DC

"Capital Bikeshare" it is, rolling toward 100 stations in Washington and 14 in Arlington. DC's DOT reports that the name beat out George, GoBike, Capital Bixi and ShareCycle. DC's SmartBike was the first big city bike share pilot, launching with a small number of bikes in 2008. Capital ...

Passenger Rail Is Booming In Virginia

(David Schultz, WAMU) Late last year, Amtrak began running trains daily between Washington D.C. and Virginia's Shenandoah Valley - the locale of cities and towns like Lynchburg, Culpeper and Charlottesville, home to the venerable University of Virginia.

This new train service was meant to be a pilot program, funded by ...

From High-Speed Rail to Red Ink: Where California's Governor Wannabes Stand

California Attorney General and democratic candidate for governor Jerry Brown (L) shakes hands with a voter as his campaign manager Steven Glazer looks on this morning in Oakland, California. California. Voters are heading to the polls ...

TN Moving Stories: SUV sales are up--but you won't need one to get to the polls today in Montana

Who says Americans don't have long memories? Gas prices are holding steady -- so sales of SUVs are up. (The Takeaway)

Full-body scans about to become routine at BWI Airport. (WAMU)

Who should finance transportation: Washington, or local states? Making the case for a "General Fund." ...

Do Truncated East Side Bike Lanes Threaten a New York Bike Share?

(Andrea Bernstein, Transportation Nation) On March 3, New York City Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan told WNYC's Brian Lehrer "we can't do bike share until we have safe bike lanes." (Transcript and audio below.) That was when the city planned to build, this year, 160 new blocks of protected bike lanes ...

From Peoria to Washington, and Back Again: LaHood Listens To Rural America's Transportation Needs

(Collin Campbell, Transportation Nation) - Before becoming the nation's Secretary of Transportation, Ray LaHood lived his entire life in Western Illinois. He was born in Peoria, went to college there, taught school there, and eventually became the Congressman for the state's 18th District.

As U.S. Transportation Secretary Secretary, ...

MPR: Minneapolis Bus Ridership Up, Still Tiny

(Dan Olson, Minnesota Public Radio) Bus ridership is higher than at any point since right after World War II in the Twin Cities But car commuting still dwarfs transit. More here.

Bike Lanes Scaled Back on First and Second Avenues -- at Least for Now

Rendering Courtesy of NYC DOT

(Andrea Bernstein, Transportation Nation) In announcing construction will get underway shortly on the First and Second Avenue Select Bus Service lanes, the city is acknowledging publicly that bike lanes, once ...

TN Moving Stories: Will Republicans Debate Energy? Swearing at BP, Do-It-Yourself Potholes

Will Republicans start the bipartisan dealing on energy reform? Early hints. (The Takeaway)

WSJ editorial writers take on "the artist formerly known as the climate bill." Fear one-sided, by any means necessary effort. (WSJ)

MTV Movie Awards feature host's gesture-filled shot at BP. (Huffington ...

Analyst: SUV Sales Growth "Absolute Proof" of Short Attention Spans

(Andrea Bernstein, Transportation Nation) SUV sales are up, as we reported below. Preliminary data shows some of the fastest car sale growth in May of 2010 over a year ago, May 2009, was in the light truck division. Toyota reported a drop in May sales in its car ...

NYC MTA relocates falcon chicks

(Andrea Bernstein, Transportation Nation) As deep service cuts approach, the NYC MTA continues its charm offensive this week. First smart cards, then an announcement of eco-friendly solar-powered subway train washing facilities.

Now they're ...

NY City: Women Bridge Painters who Couldn't Get Work Not Entitled to $$

(Kate Hinds, Transportation Nation) From 1996 to 2001, the New York City Department of Transportation employed about 40 bridge painters; none were female. In 2007, the United States District Attorney filed a discrimination lawsuit against the city, stating that "the DOT has never hired, extended an offer to hire, or ...

Preliminary Data: SUV Sales Inching Back Up

(Andrea Bernstein, Transportation Nation) For a long time, light truck sales, including SUV's, were about half the retail vehicle market share. In May of 2008, as gas approached $5.00 a gallon in some markets, sales plummeted to 43 percent. But now, according to figures provided to WNYC by Autodata Corporation, ...

TN Moving Stories: a Hot July Senate Energy Debate? CA high-speed rail chief speaks, 3,000 will move for NY tunnel

Harry Reid says Senate will take up an energy bill in July. (Fire Dog Lake)

Ugly air delays down. Hawaiian, Alaska and US Airways top on-time ratings as airlines try to get ahead of new federal penalties. (USA Today)

3,000 people get letters telling them

Caltrain Closes in on Cuts, Fare Hikes

Caltrain, the commuter rail line linking San Francisco and San Jose, is now officially in a fiscal emergency. It has a budget gap that amounts to more than a third of its $100 million annual operations. The unanimous declaration ...

How much of the work on the Brooklyn Bridge will go to minorities and women?

(Kate Hinds, WNYC) Earlier this week we wrote about Brooklyn Bridge contractor Skanska and how, at one point in the bidding process, their bid did not meet the city’s 14% disadvantaged business enterprise goal. The city expressed concern—but wound up awarding them the contract anyway.

Yesterday we got to ask ...

Painting Gets Underway on Brooklyn's Prospect Park West Bike Lane

DOT workers say it will be a month until work is complete. Here are some photo's from this morning. (And here's the Marty Markowitz interview from earlier this spring.)

Cars were moved away from the lane next to ...

TN Moving Stories: Radar guns vs. eyeballs, bicycle-powered chargers, and continually trying to count Brooklyn Bridge jobs

VP Biden visits Brooklyn Bridge rehab, touts job creation--but good luck putting a number to it. (WNYC)

Ridership on CalTrain, the San Francisco-area's commuter rail, is at an all-time high. So it must be a good time for a budget cut, right? (The Takeaway)

Get ready ...