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Moving Stories: Passenger in Miami airport scare has record; best bike city, new trucker demand

Miami airport terminals evacuated for seven hours, over suspicious luggage of scientist. He's been busted for strange items before. (Miami Herald)

Drivers wanted! Rise in freight drives trucker demand (

New Ideas for the Troubled Path to Oakland Airport

(San Francisco—Casey Miner, KALW News) If you had to get the Oakland Airport, and fast, would you rather ride a train or take a bus?

What ...

Moving Stories: GM wants 'range anxiety,' CA debates CO2 laws, Texas' worst traffic

GM seeking to trademark "range anxiety." But will they build electric vehicles to beat it? (NY Times)

Greenhouse gas laws are part of debate for Boxer's Senate seat in California (KPCC)

Texas puts out list of its most-congested roads. I-45 in Houston, you're tops! (

August Sales Lower for U.S. Automakers

(Detroit, MI - Jerome Vaughn, WDET) U-S automakers posted lower sales figures for August. Last summer’s “Cash for Clunkers” program is partially to blame.

Industry analysts say concerns about the nation’s economy kept consumers out of ...

Can I Interest You in a Car, Congressman?

(Washington, DC - David Schultz, WAMU News) Car dealerships, as downtown businesses go, aren't great neighbors. They bring grease-stained service centers, and large, open ...

Life Inside China's 60-Mile, 11-Day Traffic Jam

Traffic jam in Beijing (Flickr: johnmcga)

(The Takeaway) For nearly two weeks, ...

Moving Stories: Car sales up 60 percent in China; can Wall Street fund transportation? Oil trucks as Idaho's enemy

Auto sales soar 60 percent in China this August, up across rest of Asia, too (Reuters)

Federal rulemaking to ban text messaging for commercial drivers clears another hurdle (Landline)

Can Wall Street fund a new transportation bill? You bet, says Majority Whip Jim Clyburn. Wants 0.25 ...

US DOT Issues Standards for High-Speed Rail Design

We're chasing information on this. But the spec is here, hosted by American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO). Off the bat, it flags two important developments: 1) The chance that some foreign train manufacturers may be excluded, for now, from the CA and FL high-speed ...

Should Transit be Free? Oui, Say French Metro Riders

(Marketplace) A single ticket on the Paris Metro costs 1.70 euros -- about $2.15 at today's rate of exchange. Not bad as fares go for a major world-class city. But for some Metro riders in Paris, ...

How Would You Design an EPA Label?

(Houston, TX - Wendy Siegle, KUHF NewsLab) If you’re at the dealership and itching to purchase a new car but wish there was an easy way to tell what its environmental impact would ...

Moving Stories: Glenn Beck backers on the bus; Clunkers, but no cash; What is "high-speed" rail?

Is the way supporters got to Glenn Beck rally hypocritical? ("Politics and World News" blog)

No cash for clunkers: Fewer discounts, incentives for car buyers this fall (AP)

Rendell, not content to boss around PA legislators, says Congress should pass Surface Transportation Bill before midterms (

Used Cars Worth 10% More Than They Used to Be

(Marketplace) Consumers have been waiting for the economy to turnaround before purchasing a new car. But with the future still uncertain, many are opting ...

First Steps for Obama's DOT, Seen Through a Bush Administration Lens

President George W. Bush speaks with US Secretary of Transportation Mary Peters in the Oval Office of the White House on September 27, 2007.(JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images)

President George W. Bush speaks with US Secretary of Transportation Mary Peters in the ...

What's Saving the Lives of Texas Drivers?

(Houston, TX - Wendy Siegle, KUHF) The nightly news here focuses on mangled cars, strewn across Texas freeways. The reports tallying the number of daily highway fatalities feel incessant. So you might think deadly traffic accidents across Texas ...

Moving Stories

Portland streetcar success has fueled interest elsewhere (USA Today)

Union members face potential buyer of GM plant set to be closed in Indiana (Indianapolis Star)

Baltimore Gas & Electric to create smart grid (and 250 jobs) (WAMU News)

Texas celebrates decision said to increase ...

Ford Recalls 463,000 Minivans in U.S.

(Detroit, MI - Jerome Vaughn, WDET) Ford is recalling more than half a million Windstar minivans for possible axle problems. The action affects vehicles in cold weather states.

The recall affects Ford Windstar minivans from the ...

Denver Finally Doesn't Have to Drive to the Airport (in 2016)

(Denver, CO - Nathan Heffel, Transportation Nation) With the wave of a yellow and ...

Moving Stories: Dreamliner delays, GM "timebomb," high-speed rail jobs

Boeing postpones Dreamliner delivery until 2011 (WSJ)

Washington Post: Pension "time bomb" is major obstacle for GM turnaround

UC Irvine report predicts high-speed rail line would create jobs and boost L.A.-Orange County economy (LA Times)

Speakers, petitions pack meeting against I-69 in Bloomington (

A Lively Night in the Fight Over Interstate 69

(Bloomfield, Indiana - Matt Dellinger, Transportation Nation) Tonight will be a big night for opponents of Interstate 69 in southern Indiana. The 20-year long local battle against the Canada-to-Mexico highway is reaching a climax. The state ...

Explainer: What is a heat restriction, anyway?

(San Francisco—Casey Miner, KALW News) It's been downright sweltering in the Bay Area over the past few days, and here at KALW News we’ve ...