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The Near Death of Reagan National Airport After 9/11

(Washington, DC - David Schultz, WAMU News) This week on WAMU, we aired a story about the closure of Reagan National Airport after the 9/11 attacks.

Some background: all U.S. airports shut down the day of the attacks. ...

Redskins in First Place, For Once

Fans of the Washington Redskins already know they're stuck with one of the worst teams in the NFL. But the worst traffic? Afraid so, at least according to a report out by TomTom, a portable GPS and car ...

Moving Stories: Pilots get more rest; NYPD quotas caught on tape; Metro a Texas campaign issue

FAA will propose new rules on how long pilots can fly without rest (Dallas Morning News)

Secret tape has NYPD pressing parking ticket quotas (NY Times)


FTA: Houston's Metro Broke Federal Laws

(Houston, TX – Wendy Siegle - KUHF) It’s been four months since the Federal Transit Administration launched its investigation into METRO's procurement practices. The results of the inquiry are in, and it doesn’t look good for the Houston transit agency. FTA officials say METRO violated both federal purchasing laws and ...

The second stimulus, I-69, and the battle for local control

(Matt Dellinger, Transportation Nation) Along with the proposal to jump-start a six-year transportation authorization with $50 Billion in funding, President Obama on Monday also suggested changes in the way such federal dollars are spent. ...

Moving Stories: Highway deaths lowest since 1950; liquor sales = roads in VA?

Highway deaths fall to lowest level since 1950. Economy (and less traffic) may have played a role. (AP)

LaHood again pushing for U.S.-built trains on visit to Seattle (Seattle Times)

California agency approves $20 million in state funds for embattled BART link to Oakland Airport (

Obama Plan Could Help Dems. But Not the Way You Think.

(Todd Zwillich, Transportation Nation) Did President Obama do his party a political favor by proposing $50 billion in new transportation infrastructure spending to a budget-weary nation right before the November midterms? Was his labor day infrastructure ...

Label Debate: Letters vs. Numbers

(Kate Hinds, Transportation Nation) Another start to another school year, another debate about grading systems. So it's a good time for Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood to unveil proposed changes to fuel economy labels.


So, you're going to a party and you're going to have a few beers....

(Andrea Bernstein, Transportation Nation) The NYC DOT wants you to designate a driver by calling him, or presumably her... um "You The Man." The city "You the Man" app will allow drunk New Yorkers to ...

Democrats Surprised by Obama Transportation Plan

(Crossposted from Transportation Nation)

Presidents Barack Obama’s proposal for $50 billion in new spending on highway and railroad infrastructure, delivered in Milwaukee on Monday, has players on Capitol Hill ...

Moving Stories: Obama's plans may have to wait; transit strikes boost bike-sharing; Virginia DMV changes rules for immigrants

Obama transportation plan likely to have to wait (Washington Post)

NTSB again asking for seats, restraints for airline passengers under two (AP)

Tube services resume in London ...

Democrats Say Obama Transpo Plan a Surprise

(Todd Zwillich, Transportation Nation) Presidents Barack Obama's proposal Monday for $50 billion in new spending on highway and railroad infrastructure has players on Capitol Hill scratching their heads while at the same time predicting the money ...

Bike to the Theater

(Andrea Bernstein, Transportation Nation) How should you get to Broadway? Drive? Cab? Train? In New York City, Transportation Alternatives wants you to bike, and to make it easier, they'll be setting up a "bike valet" on ...

Moving Stories: European Transit Unions Strike, and All Aboard the Quiet Car

Is this the first of the UK's "austerity strikes?" London Underground workers begin a series of 24-hour strikes. (Marketplace). Meanwhile, across the channel, French transit employees are also striking. (NPR)

Shhhh: NJ Transit launches "quiet car" pilot program. Put down the cell phones, commuters. (

$50 Billion More for Infrastructure? Just the Facts (The White House version)

Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release

September 6, 2010

President Obama to Announce Plan to Renew and Expand America’s Roads, Railways and Runways

Infrastructure investments one key way to continue recovery and keep our economy growing


Obama: Infrastructure, Transportation Equals Jobs

(Marketplace) We mark this holiday by noting that there are millions of people in this country who wish they were laboring. We have the highest unemployment rate for a Labor Day in almost 30 years. Labor Day 1982 ...

Care to Watch Them Suffer in Traffic?

Travelers sit in traffic on Interstate 90 in Chicago Friday, as they hit the road for the start of the Labor Day weekend. AAA auto club projected a nearly 10 percent increase in the number of Americans traveling this ...

Moving Stories: Obama has $50B road, rail plan; Traffic better on road to Beijing; whither Broadway

Obama unveils $50 billion road, rail plan today in Milwaukee (Politico)

Upbeat Chinese news agency reports massive traffic jam eased (Xinhua)

How would you re-design a crosswalk? (Good)

Virginia facing fallout from DMV computer crash, which affected records for 40,000 (WAMU News)


Houston, We Have a Problem: 4,507,059 Hours of Traffic

flickr: kalebdf

(Houston, TX - Wendy Siegle, KUHF NewsLab) Frankly, driving around Houston can be a nightmare. Resistance to mass ...

Moving Stories: Passenger in Miami airport scare has record; best bike city, new trucker demand

Miami airport terminals evacuated for seven hours, over suspicious luggage of scientist. He's been busted for strange items before. (Miami Herald)

Drivers wanted! Rise in freight drives trucker demand (