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Congressional Disruption: Senior House Transportation Leader, DeFazio, Now FacesTight Race

(Washington, D.C. — Todd Zwillich, Transportation Nation) One of the House's most powerful voices on transportation all of the sudden finds himself in a tough re-election race.

Even in an anti-incumbent year, Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-Ore.), was considered one of ...

GM to Recall 300,000 Vehicles Over Seatbelts

(Jerome Vaughn, WDET -- Detroit) General Motors is recalling more than 300-thousand vehicles, because of seat belt problems. The recall affects Chevrolet Impala sedans from the 2009 and the 2010 model years.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says the ...

NY Minor Party Candidates have Transportation Plans

(Andrea Bernstein, Transportation Nation) There was a fascinating segment on The Brian Lehrer Show this morning, where he spoke with each of the five non-major party candidates for NY Governor. Well worth a ...

TN Moving Stories: TIGER Grant Winners Leak Out, Flights into France Cut, Tappan Zee Bridge Replacements Unveiled

TIGER II grants to be announced this week, but the winners have begun to leak out. (Streetsblog)

Swiss complete drilling for 35.4 mile tunnel, the world's longest (BBC)

Unrest continues in France over possible increase in retirement age. Today, government to cut flights into French terminals ...

Charlie Wilson’s Bus

(Matt Dellinger, Transportation Nation) – I recently visited Lufkin, Texas, to meet with Louis Bronaugh, the former mayor of Lufkin and the original champion, in Texas, of the proposed Interstate 69. Like a surprising number of his fellow highwaymen, Bronaugh has a soft spot for public transportation too. In fact, ...

We're Hiring: Transportation Reporter Position Open

This position will contribute to Transportation Nation, so spread the word, or apply yourself.

WNYC News seeks Temporary Reporter to cover transportation, energy and the environment.

The WNYC newsroom is looking for an experienced reporter to cover transportation, energy and the environment from November 2010 to July 2011.

TN Moving Stories: GM Gives Volt a Boost, HUD Funds Development Along Transit Corridors, and Christie Says Sen. Lautenberg Should Find Money to Pay For ARC

HUD awards $100 million in sustainability grants (Streetsblog). Among the winners: the Twin Cities area, which received $5 million to plan for development along transit corridors. (Star Tribune)

GM says consumer demand for the Volt is so high, it will boost production (Detroit Free ...

"Fare Media" And Other Logistical Nightmares

(Washington, DC — David Schultz, WAMU) "Fare media" is the transit industry term for the stuff you use to pay for a ride on a bus or a train. It used to be tokens, then slips of paper ...

The ARC of the Covenant: ARC Tunnel Update

ARC tunnel supporters are taking advantage of the two-week reprieve that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie gave the project to make their case again. Christie canceled the project last week because of cost overruns, though he later agreed to study ...

In Florida Rail Turns into Political Issue

(Washington, DC — Todd Zwillch, Transportation Nation) They say Social Security is the "third rail" of American politics. Nowhere is the metaphor more apt than in Florida.

But in the state's hotly-contested Senate race, actual rails are helping drive the debate as well.

Florida is on the receiving end of ...

Election Report: Ohio: Get the Jobs First, then Spend on Infrastructure

(Canton, Ohio — Andrea Bernstein, Transportation Nation) Once, people believed in Canton Ohio. Its Palace Theater hosts statues of gods and goddesses in the balcony boxes. Its Canton Tower has deco details like a mini-Rockefeller ...

Repurposing ARC Money: Let the Wishing Begin

(Kate Hinds, Transportation Nation) Although the ARC tunnel seems to have received a temporary stay of execution (and today's news is that Senator Lautenberg is seeking private money to help save the project), that ...

The Bayou City Seeks to Link Three Hundred Miles of Trails

(Houston-Wendy Siegle, KUHF News) Houston has a lot of nicknames: Space City, Petro Metro, H-Town, The Bayou City. It got that last appellation because of the city's vast network of bayous. Ten of those bayous are slowing transforming into a series of parks and pathways thanks to

TN Moving Stories: More Ethanol Allowed in Gas; Ray LaHood's High-Speed Rail Dream; and Car-Eating Rabbits in Denver

Iowa, the new Saudi Arabia? The EPA is now allowing up to 15 percent ethanol in gas. (NPR)

A plan to to pave parking lots and roadways with solar panels (turning them into solar grids) gains traction--and a little more R&D money. (Wired)

London's bike share ...

Manhattan Select Bus Service's Launching Pains: Cranky Passengers, Cabs in the Bus Lane, Faster Ride

(Alex Goldmark — Transportation Nation) Manhattan got its first taste of "bus rapid transit" this week. New York's MTA calls it Select Bus Service, and it is rolling up and down dedicated ...

Shovel-Ready Projects? Obama Admits There's No Such Thing

(Kate Hinds, Transportation Nation) In the upcoming New York Times Sunday Magazine, journalist Peter Baker's profile of President Obama, "Education of a President," includes this quote:

"There’s no such thing as shovel-ready projects."

No real surprise, as the ...

Can a Tunnel Under the Hudson Fix "The Great Traffic Ordeal?

Lincoln Tunnel, New Jersey side approach, circa 1955

(Kate Hinds, Transportation Nation)

"I don't think it is necessary for me to dwell upon the obvious significance ...

Do lower salaries = faster buses? A San Francisco ballot measure is betting yes

Muni bus in San Francisco, California. Photo by BrokenSphere.

(San Francisco–Casey Miner, KALW News) San Francisco’s MUNI is facing a good news/bad news situation. The good news ...

If The Volt Is Electric, Why Does It Have A Gasoline Engine?

President Barack Obama drives a new Chevy Volt during his tour of the General Motors Auto Plant in Hamtramck, Mich., July 30, 2010. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

TN Moving Stories: Airline tarmac delays down, complaints up; MTA sued for lack of access; and New York's most veteran cabbie retires after 62 years

A class-action lawsuit being filed today says that New York's MTA "makes travel next to impossible for New Yorkers with physical disabilities." (New York Daily News)

Ridership on Amtrak's Northeast Corridor line is up almost five percent over last year -- which translates into $900 million more in ...