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NYC Quietly Removes Staten Island Bike Lane

(Alex Goldmark, Transportation Nation) There's one fewer bike lane in New York City, but no one seems to want to comment.

After repaving a major traffic artery on Staten Island, the City DOT is replacing the bike lane along Father ...

AUDIO: Longtime Earmark Critic, Repub. Jeff Flake, on Transpo Funding after the Ban

Republican Jeff Flake of Arizona is probably the House's most outspoken critic of earmark spending. In fact, his attacks on earmarks by his own party have landed him punishments including being stripped of valuable committee assignments. Well, now Flake is enjoying vindication. Republicans in the House and Senate have vowed ...

Janet Napolitano on Airport Full-Body X-Ray Scanners

A TSA Agent viewing images from a full body X-Ray scanner. Image: Getty Images

(Alex Goldmark, Transportation Nation) Opposition from travelers is mounting to new security screening equipment that uses full-body x-ray technology at airports ever since ...

NYC DOT to Begin Camera Enforcement of Fast Bus Lanes

From the NYC DOT:

Immediate Release RELEASE # 10-057

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Authorized by Albany, bus lane cameras will speed transit by deterring unauthorized use

New York City ...

From The Onion: Forget High Speed Rail. What About High Speed Buses?

(Kate Hinds, Transportation Nation) Here's your transportation levity for the day. Get out of the way, the bus of the future is here!

Obama Replaces Costly High-Speed Rail Plan With High-Speed Bus Plan

The S.E.C. Settles With Car Czar Rattner, But Cuomo's Not Done With Him Yet

(Kate Hinds, Transportation Nation) GM Turns a page today, issuing a $16 billion IPO that has (as the New York Times puts it ) "Wall ...

New York "Must Prevent a Self- Destructive Backsliding" on Transportation Infrastructure

(Kate Hinds, Transportation Nation) Lieutenant Governor Richard Ravitch released a report today that says New York needs billions of dollars just to maintain its aging infrastructure--and "has no credible strategy for meeting future needs."

"Because of the constraints ...

Republicans Make Earmark Pledge Official - But Pet Project Spending Still Possible

(Washington, D.C. -- Todd Zwillich, Transportation Nation) Senate Republicans on Tuesday made good on their plans to swear off those pet spending projects called "earmarks." House Republicans have done the ...

TN Moving Stories: What's the Likelihood of the 7-Subway-to-Secaucus, Exxon Mobil to Clean Up Greenpoint Oil Spill, and Happy Anniversary, 150-year-old Bike Sho

New York's current lieutenant governor, Richard Ravitch, will release a report today that lays out the transportation challenges facing incoming governor Andrew Cuomo. Such as: failing to come up with a long-term plan to fund transportation infrastructure "means surrendering any plausible chance for a prosperous future for New York." (

General Motors Increases Size Of IPO

(Detroit -- Jerome Vaughn, WDET) General Motors is expanding the scope of its initial public offering of stock.

GM says it will offer 478 million shares of common stock in its IPO, a 31 percent increase.

The Detroit ...

California to Feds: You Gonna Keep That High-Speed Rail Money?

(San Francisco–Casey Miner, KALW News) One of the biggest challenges facing California’s high-speed rail effort is the question of funding: Is there going to be enough of it, available ...

Bloomberg: New Tunnel Could be "Even Better" than ARC

Mayor Bloomberg at a Press Conference with Spiderman, announcing Comic Book for Job Seekers

(New York, NY -- Jim O'Grady, WNYC) ARC is dead. Long live ARC in a different guise.

Yesterday’s announcement that ...

NY Governor-Elect Cuomo: Transit Money "Fungible"

(Andrea Bernstein, Transportation Nation) It's been a bit of an unhealed wound for transit advocates -- the redirection last year of some $160 million in revenue collected by the NYC MTA to New York State's General Fund. Facing ...

NYC Pols Take on Rental Car Fees Based on Residence

(Alex Goldmark, Transportation Nation) Residents in some parts of New York City pay an additional fee--as much as $55 a day--to rent a car in the tri-state area because of their home address. The fee, charged by Dollar/Thrifty Rental Car, ...

Ford Announces Launch Cities For Focus Electric--And Houston Makes the Cut

Ford Focus Electric (CC) by Flickr user Kevin Krejci

(Houston -- Wendy Siegle, KUHF News) Houston will be one of 19 U.S. cities to debut Ford’s first all-electric vehicle (EV) next year. The automaker ...

The Taxi of Tomorrow

NYC Taxi and Limousine Commissioner David Yassky was on the Brian Lehrer Show this morning to talk about the Taxi of Tomorrow. Listen below--and visit the segment's comments page to weigh ...

TN Moving Stories: More on the Number 7's Trans-Hudson Ambitions; DC Unveils First Public Car Charging Station, and Virgin Wants in on U.S. High-Speed Rail

ARC tunnel, we just can't quit you: The New York Times takes a look at the mayor's plan to run the number 7 train under the Hudson River to New Jersey. And while Mayor Bloomberg didn't shed many tears when the ARC died...when it comes extending his beloved ...

Minn. Commuter Rail Celebrates 1st Birthday, Not Meeting Ridership Targets

Image: (CC) by Flickr user Mulad.

(Tim Nelson, MPR) Minnesota's first commuter rail line marked its first anniversary Tuesday morning.

This year, nearly 600,000 people have stepped aboard the line's trains for the half-dozen ...

Son of ARC: Mayor Bloomberg Wants to Extend Subway Across Hudson

(Andrea Bernstein, Transportation Nation) New Jersey Governor Chris Christie killled the ARC tunnel twice, but it still won't die.

Now New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg wants to build a transit tunnel under the Hudson, extending the number 7 subway train -- a new line under construction -- to New ...

Fourth Graders Educate New Yorkers About City Speed Limit

Janette Sadik-Khan, James Vacca, and PS 261 students

(Kate Hinds, Transportation Nation) Are you smarter than a fourth grader? If you don't know what New York's speed limit is, the answer is probably "no."

As part ...