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NY's New Gov Says New Grants will Encourage Sustainable Transportation

(Andrea Bernstein, Transportation Nation) -- We'll have more, but here's a bullet point from Cuomo's State of the State -- full text not out yet (you can hear the speech at WNYC)

A cleaner, greener environment: Governor ...

Au Revoir, Tom Robbins

(Andrea Bernstein, Transportation Nation) One of the most generous reporters in journalism is leaving the Village Voice. When I wrote of Wayne Barrett's departure from the Village Voice yesterday -- I didn't know that

TN Moving Stories: the Vehicle Saturation Point, Are Transit Advocates in SF Too White, and is 2011 the Year of the Swagger Wagon?

The Takeaway asks: is 2011 the year of the minivan? Toyota hopes so, and is reimagining the Sienna as a "swagger wagon." The below ad captures a white nuclear middle-class family, in all its gangsta glory:

Detroit Automakers See Sales Gains In 2010

Detroit - Jerome Vaughn, WDET) Detroit’s automakers say their sales began to rebound in 2010.

Industry analysts say consumers who have been waiting for the national economy to improve felt confident enough to make vehicle purchases in ...

Shhh - I'm Commuting Ovah Here

(Jim O'Grady, WNYC)

No cell, no song

low talk

in peace we travel

arrive calm

New Jersey Transit train riders first came across this Zen-tastic bit of doggerel in September. It was printed on pale blue ...

Let's Go Ride the Light Rail, Baby

(Kate Hinds, Transportation Nation) Phoenix's Valley Metro has commissioned a series of earnest, unironic music videos in which local bands sing about the virtues of public transit. Designed to ...

NYC MTA Touts Toll Program on WNYC

(Jim O'Grady -- WNYC) The NYC Metropolitan Transportation Authority is spending $13,000 to support WNYC programming. The language of the so-called underwriting credit tells listeners:

"WNYC is supported by the MTA. This January the gates come off of ...

Goodbye, Wayne

(Andrea Bernstein, Transportation Nation) There is no reporter I learned more from than Wayne Barrett.

He writes today:

"When I was asked in recent years to blog frequently, I wouldn't do it unless I had something new ...

TN Moving Stories: New Fees on Metro North/LIRR Trains, Houston Revives its Rail Building Program, and Skateboard Commuters Want Legitimacy

(LIRR ticket; photo by Michael Caruso/Flickr)

A raft of new fees on Metro North and the Long Island Rail Road can be even more costly to riders than the recent 8.8 percent rise in prices. (WNYC)

Unsnarling ...

TN Moving Stories: Rise in NYC's Transportation Costs Outpaces Inflation, American Airlines Breaches Protocol, and Did WI Gov Set Transit Back 20 Years?

(Michelle Thompson/Flickr)

NYC transportation costs rose 3.7% in last 12 months, outpacing inflation. (New York Times)

The New York Daily News has some suggestions for the MTA about how to handle blizzards. Step one: admit ...

Happy New Year, Here's Some Subversive Transit Art

Since we don't have any sweeping best of 2010 posts for you (we're not even one year old yet, cut us some slack) we'll end the year on a whimsical note. In the spirit of New York City's confusing crosswalk signal malfunction, here's a crosswalk sign ...

Twin Cities Planning Organization Saw 'Golden Age'

(St. Paul, Minn. -- Dan Olson, MPR) A powerful layer of Twin Cities government that many voters have never heard of has a new chair.

On Wednesday Minn. Governor-elect Mark Dayton appointed Susan Haigh to replace Peter Bell ...

New Yorkers Debate Over Increasing Number of Bike Lanes

(Photo by Gnarly, via Wikimedia Commons)

Bikes are environmentally friendly -- given they're powered by your own energy -- but it's tough for traditionally auto-based cities to transition into a more bike-based one. Andrea Bernstein reports on the current ...

TN Moving Stories: Beijing Opens 5 New Subway Lines, and Biking Through "Snirt"

Beijing opened five new subway lines this week; the 60 miles of new track extends from the city center to the suburbs (Reuters); video below.

In NYC, there's kvetching ...

Claim: MTA's Technical, Supervisory Failures Led to 600 Snowbound Buses

MTA bus stranded in blizzard

Stranded bus driver wants some help.

(New York -- Jim O'Grady, WNYC) The MTA says it's investigating why 600 buses had to be abandoned during this week's blizzard, ...

Big 3: How the U.S. Auto Industry Turned Things Around

Things are looking pretty good for the auto industry right now, especially compared to 2009, which was a disaster. Reporter Alisa Roth talks with Bob Moon about what the industry did to turn things around, how the Big 3 are ...

The Paradox of the Dulles Airport Toll Road

(Washington, D.C. -- David Schultz, WAMU) Nowadays, the cash toll roads generate is often put toward more than just the maintenance and upkeep of the road itself.

That's what's happening in Northern Virginia: the Dulles Toll Road connects the ...

Wyoming To Build $10M Wildlife Highway Crossings

(Balmori Associates rendering of possible wildlife crossing)

(Jackie Yamanaka, YPR) - Wyoming is spending $9.7 million dollars to create a series of wildlife underpasses and overpasses to help pronghorn antelope cross the road.

Antelope that ...

New Subway Fares in NYC -- All You Need to Know

New tolls and subway fares take effect in New York City today. In case you missed our primer on the changes, you can find it here.

It answers questions like how to calculate the best Metrocard to buy ...

TN Moving Stories: Car Boom in China, Ohio DOT's Green Lantern, and Happy Fare Hike Day

NYC MTA fare hikes take effect today. Click here for a primer.

The New York Daily News says that the MTA failed to follow its own emergency protocol before the blizzard that crippled large swaths of the subway system.

Car sales in China: how long will ...