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Houston's METRO Gets Money Back From Spanish Rail Car Supplier

(Houston -- Wendy Siegle, KUHF News) Houston's METRO has officially received a $14 million dollar refund from the Spanish-owned rail car vendor Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles (CAF).

METRO had hired CAF to build 103 light rail cars ...

NJ to Feds: We May Not Have Agreed About ARC Tunnel, But We Agree We Shouldn't Have To Pay

(Kate Hinds, Transportation Nation) New Jersey politicians might not have agreed about the ARC tunnel -- but when it comes to paying back the federal government $271 million in ARC money, they present a united front ... against ...

Waiting for "Go" Dough

(Matt Dellinger, Transportation Nation) They say attention spans are getting shorter. But great patience is required in the transportation world, where big plans don't always include... well, plans.

by Chuck Kennedy, via Wikimedia Commons

Obama's robust transportation budget (pdf), a wonky ...

Ray LaHood: I'm Disappointed FL Rejected HSR Money -- But Other States Will Benefit

(Kate Hinds, Transportation Nation) DOT secretary Ray LaHood is not happy about Florida governor Rick Scott's decision to reject federal funding for high speed rail. His office issued the following statement this morning:

U.S. Transportation Secretary ...

Christine Quinn: Parking Ticket Fix Good For Constituent Relations

(Kate Hinds, Transportation Nation) NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn was on the Brian Lehrer Show this morning to talk about her State of the City speech. And as parking tickets were one of the big ticket items in that speech, Brian asked --quoting Andrea Bernstein's Transportation ...

BREAKING: Rick Scott Rejects $2.4 Billion for High-Speed Rail

(Kate Hinds, Transportation Nation) Florida Governor Rick Scott just announced that he's rejecting $2.4 billion in federal stimulus funds for high-speed rail link connecting Orlando to Tampa.

"The truth is ...

Video: Rick Scott Ends Florida's High-Speed Rail Plan

Here's the press conference where Florida Governor Rick Scott announced his decision to cancel Florida's high-speed rail plan.
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TN Moving Stories: Maryland Population Growth Expected Near Transit, Transpo Groups Like President's Budget, And NCDOT Combats Junk in Your Trunk

Transportation groups have much to like in President Obama’s budget request for infrastructure improvements -- but fear the spending plan might not get off the ground in Congress. (The Hill)

Planners in Montgomery County, Maryland, expect population growth will happen around transit centers and mixed use developments near ...

The Politics of Driving

(Andrea Bernstein, Transportation Nation) New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn got a whole bunch of attention (including from WNYC), for her proposal, packaged to land with maximum punch in her state of the city address, to ...

Sessions: High-Speed Rail Will Never Be Profitable

Senator Jeff Sessions

Transportation Nation's Todd Zwillich asked Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions if he could ever support high-speed rail, as long as the overall budget bottom line is low. The response:

Senator Jeff Sessions: Well, the critical ...

Obama Puts Money on Houston's METRO

(Houston - Laurie Johnson and Wendy Siegle, KUHF News) There could be more money on the way for Houston's light rail system. President Obama's proposed budget for fiscal year 2012 sets aside a hefty $128 billion dollars ...

Love on the Subway P.S.

(Photo by bitchcakesny / Flckr-Creative Commons)

(New York - Jim O'Grady, WNYC) This post-Valentine bon bon just landed from Praxedes Arias, who read yesterday's post about Love on the Subway. It ...

New York's Taxi Riders: Credit Cards Yes, TV No

(Kate Hinds, Transportation Nation) They like the option to pay by credit card. But they hate the fare. Over 30% of riders also liked the ease of hailing cabs, and a similar number felt that they were faster than public transportation. And they don't like Taxi TV, which earned disdain ...

Montana Lawmakers Grapple With Megaloads On State Highways

A "megaload" of refinery equipment waits in Idaho (photo courtesy of ConocoPhilips)

(Helena, Montana -- Jackie Yamanaka, YPR) - It's described as "heavier than the Statue of Liberty, nearly as long as ...

TN Moving Stories: Boston's Pricey Cabs, BART Clears A San Jose Hurdle, and Privatizing The Tappan Zee?

Boston cab (photo by SPBer via Wikimedia Commons)

Radio Boston (WBUR) tries to figure out why that city's cabs are the most expensive in the nation.

The five-decade-long quest to bring BART to San ...

The President's Budget: Transportation Edition

(Alex Goldmark, Transportation Nation) President Obama’s proposed 2012 budget of $3.729 trillion slashes spending in many areas, but it is generous to transportation and infrastructure.

The budget calls for a $556 billion six-year transportation bill, a 60 percent increase--when adjusted for inflation--over the last bill, which expired three years ago ...

Transportation Budget Responses 6: House Republicans

President Obama released his proposed budget for 2012 this morning.

We are collecting responses and parsing through everything transportation and infrastructure related in the $3.7 trillion dollars of spending.We’ll be posting various responses and a round-up at the end of ...

Transportation Budget Responses 5: Senator Jim DeMint

President Obama released his proposed budget for 2012 this morning. We are collecting responses and parsing through everything transportation and infrastructure related in the $3.7 trillion dollars of spending.

We'll be posting various responses and a round-up at the end ...

Transportation Budget Responses 4: U.S. PIRG

The U.S. Public Interest Resource Group likes the allocation to infrastructure in the President's budget. We'll be posting statements as we get them...and rounding up what's in the budget at the end of the day.

From a

Transportation Budget Responses 3: American Public Transportation Assocation

The American Public Transportation Association is pleased with transportation spending levels in the budget, which, if it passes unchanged, would mean a 60 percent increase over last year. The APTA also likes Obama's proposal of a $30 billion infrastructure