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D.C. Cabs Could Adopt Surge Pricing

D.C. regulators are considering an unprecedented move for Washington’s metered taxicab fleet: deregulation. "This is a response to leveling the playing field," said city's taxicab chair, "and making everybody able to compete with one another."

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Federal inspectors have found a lot of flaws on Metro-North. The Bay Area's bike share should reach the East Bay next spring. Everything you need to know about boarding Amtrak, revealed. And: going to the Yankees home opener today? Ride the nostalgia train.

Ghostly Rides Mark Cyclists' Deaths

An annual memorial on wheels marks city locations where fellow cyclists have been killed in traffic.

G Train Faces Summer Shutdown

Sandy is the gift that keeps on giving for the New York City subway system. The G train won't run between Brooklyn and Queens for five weeks this summer so the MTA can finish repairing massive damage caused by the storm.

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The commuter tax break is close to being revived. New Jersey's transportation trust fund is almost dry. CicLAvia is happening this weekend. The washed-away British railway line has reopened. And: what was America's national pastime the late 1800s? Competitive walking.

De Blasio's Pick for Taxi Chair Makes Her Case to City Council

The woman nominated by Mayor de Blasio to run the city's Taxi and Limousine Commission says if she's confirmed, one of her top priorities will be to set a "new bar for driver and vehicle safety."

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L.A.'s Westside Subway extension survived its legal battle with Beverly Hills High. Dynamic pricing has cut cruising for parking spaces in San Francisco. The Koch brothers are funding opposition to a BRT line in Nashville. And: a British artist wants to install a 'park and slide' in Bristol.

D.C. Regulators to Focus on Rideshare Apps -- and Drivers

D.C. regulators say smartphone-based car services are essentially meterless taxis — and they are preparing to unveil a slew of proposals designed to close liability insurance gaps and limit drivers’ hours on the road.

Fixing the Port Authority: Here's What's on the Table

The Port Authority's problems are easy to diagnose. What's less clear is the remedy. Here's a look at four ideas being kicked around.

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Boston's late-night weekend transit service is off to a good start. Attorney Kenneth Feinberg will advise General Motors on its victims' compensation plan. A San Francisco group staged an elaborate protest against Google buses. And: sprawling cities face more car wrecks and obesity.

NYC Could Get 120 More Speed Cameras

Speed cameras for New York City streets didn’t make it into the final state budget bill, but twin bills in the Assembly and Senate would bring them to the five boroughs, along with Nassau and Suffolk counties.

Tax Break for Bike Share?

Commute to work via bike share? Hold onto your receipts: one U.S. Senator wants bike share to be a tax-deductible expense.

TN MOVING STORIES: Transpo News Links from Around the Web

Chicago's proposed transit superagency faces some hurdles. Houston's Metro set a ridership record. The Port Authority wants another bus terminal in Midtown. GM's CEO testifies before Congress today. And: one Egyptian candidate for president launched his campaign on the back of a bike.

We're Citibiking to Work, Not Play

New Yorkers are using Citi Bike as a key part of their commute, not just for touristy joyrides, according to new data released by the bikeshare system and analyzed by NYU’s Rudin Center for Transportation.

34,000 NJ Vehicles Will Need to Find a Detour Starting April 12th

A decaying bridge connecting New Jersey commuters to New York City is closing down for two years as part of a $1 billion renovation project. 

Silver Line Delays Holding Up Tysons Corner Development

Barring a rapid resolution to the project delays, people will have to drive to Tysons Corner for its “welcome the Silver Line” festival on May 31 – even though there will be no actual train to welcome.

TN MOVING STORIES: Transpo News Links from Around the Web

The CEO of General Motors will testify before Congress. Delays on Metro North trains are up — way up. London's buses will test sensors designed to prevent bike and pedestrian crashes. And: a hand-puppet-starring, transit-themed video, inside.

New York Gov. Cuomo: "Structural Changes" a Possibility for Port Authority

A day after New Jersey's governor said he'd like to "explore" splitting up the massive bi-state authority, his counterpart in New York says he agrees the Port needs to be overhauled.

Should the Port Authority Be Split Up?

Governor Chris Christie is "intrigued by the idea of dismantling the Port Authority operations." But dividing up its assets and responsibilities between New York and New Jersey doesn't make any sense, say transportation experts. 

D.C. Metro Fares Going Up

Metro's bus and rail fares and parking fees are going up, effective July 1. Here's how it will work.