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8 Questions — and Answers — About the BQX Streetcar

A miscellany of new and old information about Mayor de Blasio's still relatively new idea to link Queens and Brooklyn by light rail.

NJ Transit, Rail Unions on Collision Course Toward Possible Strike

Over 4,200 rail workers could go on strike — or be locked out — in a little over a month, leaving 160,000 NJ Transit rail riders scrambling.

All Aboard, Amtrak! And that Means Cats and Dogs, Too.

The crowd-pleasing pilot program, which was the result of a rare moment of bipartisan harmony in Congress, has been expanded to include more trains as well as the Acela.

Wait for It: A Year After Fatal Metro-North Crash, Grade Crossing Still the Same

Six people were killed last February when a train collided with an SUV on the tracks in Westchester. But no changes have been made to the crossing.

Uber Price Cut Cuts Both Ways, Drivers Say

The car service operator says cheaper fares will increase business for everyone, but some drivers disagree.

Engineer in Fatal Amtrak Crash Has "Dream-Like...Foggy Memory"

Brian Bostian, the engineer at the controls of Amtrak train number 188, says there are gaps in his memory leading up to last May's fatal crash in Philadelphia.

What the L: Residents Outraged By Possibility of Canarsie Tube Closure

Residents were upset when word broke that the MTA wanted to close the L train between Brooklyn and Manhattan. But that was nothing compared to a recent public meeting.

Where's the Urgency? MTA Muddles Forward as Mayor, Governor Fail to Budget Transit Funds

When the mayor and the governor reached a deal on MTA funding, transit advocates were thrilled. But a deal is one thing. Getting the actual cash out of the city and the state is another.

LIRR Raises Hopes — Only to Leave Them on Crowded Platforms

Less than half a day after the storm ended, the MTA was able to restore service on buses, above-ground subways, and Metro-North. But commuters on Long Island weren't as lucky.

NYC Rethinking Left Turns

The maneuver accounts for nearly 30 percent of crashes involving pedestrians. Now, Mayor de Blasio says the city will redesign 100 intersections to make left turns less hazardous.

Show Me the Money: Where's the $8.3 Billion Cuomo Promised the MTA?

When New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo unveiled his proposed budget this week, transit advocates were hoping the documents would answer the big outstanding question. They're still waiting.

Federal Mediators Side With NJ Transit Unions — Again

For the second time in less than a year, White House-appointed mediators have ruled in favor of rail workers in their long-running dispute with NJ Transit.

NYC Subway System to Get Wi-Fi, Cell Service and Revamped Stations

The governor capped off a week of references to the Erie Canal and the founding fathers by vowing to bring the city's transit system into the 21st century.

Penn Station's Lesson: If At First You Don't Succeed...

Gov. Andrew Cuomo's promise to overhaul Penn Station is like déjà vu all over again. Will this time be any different? 

Cuomo's Vision for Penn Station: Hello, Empire Station Complex

The governor is spending his week previewing upcoming State of the State initiatives. And the latest could be the most beguiling: the long-hoped for overhaul of Penn Station.

Cuomo Renews Bet on Third Track to Ease LIRR Woes

Remember that plan to add a third track to a key stretch of the LIRR? And a car tunnel under the Long Island Sound? Governor Cuomo resurrected them Tuesday morning.

Amtrak Activates Crash Prevention System

Amtrak just activated a crash-prevention system along one of its busiest stretches of track. It's designed to prevent crashes like the one that killed eight people in Philadelphia.

Legendary, Sometimes-Functioning Structure Returns to Port Authority Bus Terminal

It's under wraps right now, but the bus terminal's audio kinetic sculpture is almost ready to roll again.

NTSB Releases Details of Fatal Metro-North Valhalla Crash

Federal investigators have made public hundreds of new pages of information about a fatal train crash earlier this year.

As Subway Ridership Soars, So Do Delays

By almost every standard the MTA uses to measure subway performance, the system is struggling to keep pace.