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"We’ve been around the block. We probably helped pave it."

The current Secretary of Transportation — and 11 of his predecessors — are urging Congress to get its act together and enact a long-term fix for the rapidly dwindling Highway Trust Fund.

Changes To D.C.'s Blue Line Leave Some Commuters Seeing Red

Some Metro rail commuters began their work week on a grumpy note, and it had nothing to do with the mere fact that it was Monday morning. But the new rail schedule is necessary to accommodate the opening of the Silver Line — which will happen this weekend.

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NYC wrongly accused hundreds of people of operating illegal cabs. A future of driverless cars might actually mean more traffic, not less. New Orleans has a transit plan. And: a video of the world's first dog to drive a car.

In Virginia, Highways Grow Wider And Come With Tolls

The state’s top transportation planners unveiled plans Thursday designed to ease the commute on one of the region’s most congested roads. Commuters will get more highway capacity, but unless they are in an HOV-3 carpool they will have to pay a toll to use it.

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The Malaysia Airlines plane that crashed over Eastern Ukraine was shot down by an anti-aircraft missile. Pennsylvania police might finally get radar guns. Bikeshare companies need more bikes. And phew, Long Island Rail Road won't be striking this weekend. 

Strike Averted!

After several rounds of contentious negotiations, New York's governor has announced a tentative contract deal between the MTA and Long Island Rail Road workers, who were days away from walking off the job.

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The MTA and LIRR Unions are talking, but not nicely. Car companies are eying Iran's 78 million consumers. Muni cars in San Francisco will get black box recorders. And the FBI is worried that driverless cars will be used as weapons. 

Queens Commuters Bracing for LIRR Strike, Too

It’s not just Nassau County residents who would be hit by a Long Island Rail Road strike. Queens commuters can expect crowded buses, extra wait times and even lines at the subway, according to the MTA.

Clock Ticking, Talks Resume to Avert Rail Strike

Following a call from New York's governor, the MTA and unions representing Long Island Rail Road workers resume negotiations Wednesday afternoon. Without a settlement, 5,400 workers will walk off the job at 12:01 a.m. Sunday.

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Congress passed a stopgap measure to pay for the Highway Trust Fund. At least 44 million gallons of crude oil move through New York via train each week. The new Goethals Bridge will get a suicide-prevention fence. And: welcome to New Orleans, where transit costs are high and service is ...

Yellow Cab Blues

We visit a school for new cabbies in New York, where immigrant drivers learn to navigate the city streets and charm passengers for better tips.

We want to hear from you: What's the most interesting thing you've learned from a cab driver? Cabbies, what's the most interesting thing you've learned from a passenger?

As Rail Worker Walkout Looms, Cuomo Urges Patience

New York's governor talked of a fair deal for everyone, but a Long Island Rail Road union head says he assumes a strike is on.

D.C. Streetcars Will Launch in November. Maybe.

The H Street-Benning Road streetcar line, Washington’s first in a half century, will open for passenger service the first week of November at the earliest. Under this best-case scenario, the streetcar would open almost a year after the District had first hoped. 

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At least 19 people were killed when a subway train derailed in Moscow. It's hard to gauge how Montreal's bike share system is doing. Mike Huckabee likes private planes. And: as the Highway Trust Fund approaches its doomsday, states aren't waiting to act.

Andrew Cuomo Has a Bridge to Sell You

New York's governor is building a new Tappan Zee Bridge, funded by tolls. How much more will drivers have to pay? He's not as forthcoming about that bit. 

City-Owned Vehicles Are Speeding in School Zones (And So Is Everyone Else)

New York City's 20 speed cameras issued more than 41,000 tickets between January and June. More than 200 went to city-owned vehicles.

Talks to Avert Rail Strike Collapse

With just six days to go before a possible walkout that could shut down the Long Island Rail Road, talks between LIRR workers and the MTA broke down.

Ridesharing Critics Urge Caution As D.C. Regulation Put On Hold

The move to regulate ridesharing services like UberX and Lyft will likely be put on hold as the D.C. Council moves towards a recess next week, but some say that leaves riders in limbo over whether the cars have adequate insurance coverage.

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The White House really, really wants a Highway Trust Fund deal. Fresno County is having buyer's remorse about the state's high-speed rail program. And: Helsinki wants to make car ownership pointless.

MTA: "We're Ready" to Face a LIRR Strike

Shuttle buses, park and rides, and new ferry service will be put into place if Long Island Rail Road workers walk off the job on July 20 — the earliest date workers can legally strike.