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How to Change the NYC Speed Limit

If everything goes according to plan, next month the city's default speed limit will drop from 30 to 25 miles per hour. But culture change takes more than new signs.

New Bill Could End Legal Limbo for D.C. Rideshare

A bill before the D.C. City Council would legalize the app-based, on-demand transportation options, after months of conflict between the companies and regulators. 

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L.A. is on board with Vision Zero. Work to extend the PATH to Newark Airport will start in 2018. And: a video of Joshua Bell playing the D.C. subway.

Disability Access Signs Get Active

The new symbol looks like the traditional blue and white wheelchair symbol, only italicized.

D.C. Mum On Key Streetcar Questions As Safety Campaign Begins

The District Department of Transportation is teaching kids about streetcar safety. But students asked questions officials were not able to answer.

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The feds are investigating possible flaws in five million Chryslers. A Chicago cab company may have used wrecked cars as taxis. And: are there 'ghost riders' in Pennsylvania's buses?

TN MOVING STORIES: Transpo News Links from Around the Web

Airport chaos, bikeshare expansion, and a teen cyclist "almost decapitated" by a thin rope strung to "block kids off" - and that's just the news from Chicago.  

Cuomo: "We Don't Know" True Cost of Tappan Zee — Or Its Future Tolls

New York's governor ruminates about how to figure out the cost of tolls.

As D.C. Transit Chief Steps Down, A Last Pitch for Longer Train Cars

D.C.'s Metro trains are packed, and with predictions of growing ridership, the problem is getting worse. Richard Sarles, Metro's general manager, says 8-car trains are the answer. 

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London's Underground will run some trains around the clock next year. A pedestrian bridge collapsed on a Detroit highway. And: the Tappan Zee Bridge has a falcon cam.

Amtrak Picks Winners of Writer's Residency Program

Twenty-four writers will be boarding long distance trains and pounding their laptops — when they're not distracted by scenery or the dining car.

D.C.'s Metro Bringing Back Computer-Driven Trains

Five years after the transit agency's worst disaster ever, Metro is returning some trains to automatic operation. But the phase-in will take years.

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A 'tourist-only' fare for the Staten Island Ferry would generate millions. It's Day 11 of the Air France pilots strike. And: that's an...interesting paint job, Dallas tour bus.

MTA Makes the Case for $32 Billion Investment

Every five years, the MTA lays out the major projects it plans to undertake — and how it will fund them. Now, facing a $15 billion shortfall, it needs buy-in from all stakeholders.

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New penalties for hit-and-run drivers in New York. Chicago transit welcomes bike commuters. Seattle streetcars take a whole lane. And, installing wifi on planes is harder than you think.

First Look: The MTA's 2015-2019 Capital Program

Phase 2 of the Second Avenue Subway, a contactless fare payment system, and Metro-North trains into Penn Station: it's all part of the MTA's proposed new five-year capital plan.

Video: Green Space and Art Anchor the New #7 Train Subway Station

When the #7 train extension opens next year, it will have a "lush park" at the subway entrance — and one of the system's largest mosaics.

NYC Council Votes to Fine Hit-and-Run Drivers

New York's City Council unanimously passed new penalties for hit-and-run drivers who knowingly leave the scene of a crash.

D.C. Police Crack Down On Bicycling Violations

The Metropolitan Police Department is in the midst of a bicycling law enforcement spree, writing tickets for numerous violations.

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Diplomatic officials owe NYC $16 million in unpaid parking tickets. Lawmakers are understandably wary about in-flight cell phone conversations. And: New Jersey's gas tax, explained.