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Car Sharing App Lyft Hits Roadblock in NYC

The NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission said Lyft is unauthorized to dispatch cars to pick up passengers.

Man Visiting D.C. Has Wild Ride on Uber

The man says the Uber driver ran red lights and nearly mowed down pedestrians in his panicked flight from Washington.

If LIRR Workers Strike, Don't Look to Congress to Settle It

Get back to the table and stay there until you get a deal. That was the message Wednesday from New York's Congressional delegation.

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No deal yet to avoid a Long Island Rail Road strike. DUI arrests dropped in Philly after rideshare apps launched. Chicago residents want police to "give tons of tickets." And an Italian man gets disability transit access trending on twitter.

No Deal Yet Between MTA and LIRR Workers

Federal mediators failed to produce a deal between the MTA and Long Island Rail Road workers — and the transit agency's chief is heading to Washington D.C. to ask Congress whether it will intervene.

DC Transit Agency Abandons 'Zebras' On Major Bike Lane

There was only one problem with the zebras the District Department of Transportation installed on Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest last October: they did not work.

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Google is cataloging street art images. Uber is cheaper than a NYC taxi -- for now. Rioters are destroying Jerusalem's light rail line. And: Mexico is about to become Latin America's top car producer.

Cuomo Says He Has No Control Over Possible LIRR Strike

"The possibility of a strike...causes so much anxiety I don't even like to think about it," said New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Perhaps for good reason: it would be up to Congress, not local lawmakers, to resolve.  

Old Railcars Slow Down Metro Progress

Metro’s fleet of aging trains — scheduled for replacement over the next several years — continues to bedevil commuters, risking Metro’s message that things actually are getting better halfway through a six-year, $5 billion rebuilding effort.

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The holiday is over for Congress, which must deal with the soon-to-be-broke Highway Trust Fund. Chicago's transit system is overcharging teens. British tourists set a new record for visiting all 468 NYC subway stations. And: is Arlington County the suburb of the future?

Citi Bike Bailout Not Till End of Summer

The city's financially beleaguered bike share system is being bailed out by the same company that owns a chain of gyms.

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Freight-hopping meets the smartphone age. NASA may get to Mars yet. Federal regulators step in to LIRR negotiations. And if you're hitting the road, we have your road trip playlist.

Hit the Road: Transportation Tunes for Your Long Weekend

Take a midnight train. Get on your bike. Rollerskate. Whatever your mode of transport, we’ve got you covered with jams for your long weekend voyages

Federal Mediators Now Trying to Avert LIRR Strike

The National Mediation Board is now trying to resolve the ongoing contract dispute — and avoid a LIRR strike, which could come as soon as July 20th.  

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Countdown timers may be causing crashes. The Highway Trust Fund is on the brink. Gas-guzzlers will pay more to park in Madrid. Virginia cyclists get some breathing room. And finally, gorgeous dollar van route maps.

Sidewalk Closed: Group Says D.C. Not Focused Enough On Pedestrian Safety

Some D.C. residents are banding together to try to pressure the District to tackle pedestrian safety.

'Las Bicicletas' Hit NYC Streets

Large metal bike sculptures will start popping up in New York City on Wednesday. It's a public art installation that first premiered in Mexico City — and the artist hopes it will encourage more people to take up riding.

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President Obama will call for eliminating corporate tax breaks to replenish the Highway Trust Fund. Transit fares are going up today in several cities. G.M. has now recalled 28 million vehicles. And: check out the SEFT-1, a car built by two Mexican artists to explore that country's abandoned railroads.

NYC Council Eyes Transit Tax Benefit for Commuters

A bill before the City Council would require companies with more than 20 workers to offer commuter transit benefits, letting employees set aside pre-tax dollars to spend on MetroCards and other travel costs.

Don't Change Alternate Side Parking Rules, Says NYC Department of Sanitation

 A bill before City Council would allow drivers to move their cars back as soon as the sweeper has passed, rather than waiting for the whole 90-minute window to end.  But the Department of Sanitation says even with GPS on sweepers, the idea is unworkable.