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D.C.'s Metro Bringing Back Computer-Driven Trains

Five years after the transit agency's worst disaster ever, Metro is returning some trains to automatic operation. But the phase-in will take years.

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A 'tourist-only' fare for the Staten Island Ferry would generate millions. It's Day 11 of the Air France pilots strike. And: that's an...interesting paint job, Dallas tour bus.

MTA Makes the Case for $32 Billion Investment

Every five years, the MTA lays out the major projects it plans to undertake — and how it will fund them. Now, facing a $15 billion shortfall, it needs buy-in from all stakeholders.

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New penalties for hit-and-run drivers in New York. Chicago transit welcomes bike commuters. Seattle streetcars take a whole lane. And, installing wifi on planes is harder than you think.

First Look: The MTA's 2015-2019 Capital Program

Phase 2 of the Second Avenue Subway, a contactless fare payment system, and Metro-North trains into Penn Station: it's all part of the MTA's proposed new five-year capital plan.

Video: Green Space and Art Anchor the New #7 Train Subway Station

When the #7 train extension opens next year, it will have a "lush park" at the subway entrance — and one of the system's largest mosaics.

NYC Council Votes to Fine Hit-and-Run Drivers

New York's City Council unanimously passed new penalties for hit-and-run drivers who knowingly leave the scene of a crash.

D.C. Police Crack Down On Bicycling Violations

The Metropolitan Police Department is in the midst of a bicycling law enforcement spree, writing tickets for numerous violations.

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Diplomatic officials owe NYC $16 million in unpaid parking tickets. Lawmakers are understandably wary about in-flight cell phone conversations. And: New Jersey's gas tax, explained.

The MTA's Next Capital Program Faces Massive Shortfall

The MTA says nearly half of its upcoming capital program — which includes projects like the next phase of the Second Avenue Subway — is unfunded.

As Earnings Fall, D.C. Cabbies Blame Uber

Taxicab companies and drivers say business is down at least 20 percent, because of competition from unregulated, low-price rideshare services.

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Uber's navigation picks "less-than-ideal routes." Sidewalks in Florida are forcing pedestrians onto the highway. GM adds 200,000 cars to its recall tally. And a Tina Turner car ad.

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Houston is delaying the opening of two new rail lines. The Tappan Zee Bridge is taking shape. It's now possible to purchase an antimicrobial transit jacket. And: happy Park(ing) Day!

Taxi Drivers Get Sticker Reminding Them to Yield to Pedestrians

Cab drivers will soon be required to post a sticker on their windshields reminding them to watch for pedestrians in crosswalks.

Here's What New Jersey's New Transportation Commissioner Is Facing

Welcome back to the job, Jamie Fox. Now, how are you going to fix transportation in the country's most densely populated state?

Environmental Design Change Won't Bust Silver Line Budget, Says MWAA

The cost of complying with Virginia's new storm water regulations won't put Silver Line Phase II to Dulles Airport over-budget, according to an MWAA official.

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Take an art tour of Detroit's People Mover. Or buy Easy Rider's ride. Bike lane NIMBYism hits New Orleans. And, Citi Bike workers join a union.

Staten Island Ferry Gets Major Storm Safety Upgrade

The ferry system is getting new storm-resilient boats and docking stations, thanks to almost $192 million in federal funding.

City Backs New Apps to Navigate NYC

A new tool making parks “easier to explore, discover and enjoy” was one of the winners of the Big Apps challenge.

Workers at JFK Airport Go On One-Day Strike

Baggage handlers, skycaps, and wheelchair attendants are protesting what they say is harassment and anti-union intimidation by their employer, Alstate Maintenance.