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Despite Investments, Dulles Airport Sees Drop In Passengers

More travelers are opting for Reagan National Airport over Dulles Airport, and local officials say that Congress is partly to blame.

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A woman gave birth in a NYC taxi. Golden Gate bus drivers voted to strike. And a reminder: don't joke about having Ebola while sitting on a plane.

Honk If You're Angry About Ridesharing: D.C. Cabbies Stage Protest

Hundreds of D.C. taxicabs took part in a massive demonstration against Uber, protesting what they say is unfair competition from rideshare apps.

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As freight trains move more oil, Amtrak — & trains carrying consumer goods — are delayed. L.A. is going after apps that sell parking meter time. And: a trippy video of new London trains.

NJ Transit Rail Commuters Face Challenges Above and Below Ground

Commuters are starting to worry about a future of tunnel closures. But a precarious, 104-year-old rail bridge could also cause problems.

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Lower speeds limits are coming to New York Streets. Ebola screening at airports is "problematic." And rideshare apps may be the answer to taxi discrimination.

Drivers Who Crash Are Ticketed Less In Manhattan

Police are less likely to ticket drivers who crash in Manhattan than in other boroughs. Citywide, less than 6 percent of all traffic crashes result in a citation.

NYC's Speed Limit Set to Drop to 25 MPH

In a move safe streets advocates and elected officials are hailing as historic, New York City's speed limit is now set to change for the first time since 1964.

New York Governor Says MTA's $15 Billion Budget Gap Is Part of the "Dance"

Cuomo is characterizing a yawning gap in the MTA's five-year capital project plan by dismissing it as part of the budgetary process.

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An Arizona highway may file metric system road signs under 'failed experiments.' Seattle's transit agency cut 28 bus routes. And: a new NYC law would require tax breaks for transit.

After a Fatal Crash, the Grief Holds On

Lizi Rahman's son Asif was killed by a truck on Queens Boulevard in 2008. When people are killed by cars, the death can create a unique kind of grief. 

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Facebook bus drivers seek to form a union. Virginia bus commuters get a break from Beltway traffic. Milwaukee cyclists ride a little easier. And, world peace foiled by the Gulf Stream. 

NTSB Releases Details, Not Cause, of Deadly Metro-North Derailment

Blood stained the seats, floors and doors of several commuter rail cars after a derailment that killed four people in the Bronx in 2013, the NTSB reported Friday.

State Review Board Nixes MTA Capital Program

A veto is the latest blockade facing the 2015-2019 infrastructure plan after it was revealed the program is facing a $15.2 billion funding deficit.

New Hudson Tunnel: Show Me the Money

We've all had a few days to digest the news the region may need to immediately begin work on plans to build a new trans-Hudson rail tunnel. Now comes the fun part: paying for it.

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90% of NYC's subway stations need work. Freight rail is a hot investment right now. And the push to bring transit back to Clayton County, GA, is heating up.

Your Upcoming Delays Were Avoidable

News Analysis: It has come to this: tunnels under the Hudson were compromised by Sandy, and Amtrak's hoping a brand new tunnel gets built by 2024. But it didn't have to be so. 

Closing Hudson River Amtrak Tunnels 'Can't Be Done,' Despite Damage

Amtrak is recommending that four Sandy-damaged tunnels on the East River be closed for repairs, one by one. But not the Hudson tunnels. The consequences for that would be catastrophic.

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New York will crack down on subway sex crimes. A Citi Biker attempted to climb Mt. Washington. Ebola is rattling the airline industry. And: how the rest of the world navigates rush hour.

Repairing Sandy Damaged Rail Tunnels Could Snarl Commute for Years

Four of the six tunnels that carry Amtrak, NJ Transit and LIRR trains in and out of Manhattan need serious repair work, which would cause major commuting disruption.