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More Subway Tunnel Repairs and Closures To Come

Just when you started to enjoy the return of the R Train tunnel between Manhattan and Brooklyn, the "Cranberry Tube" on the A and C line gets ready for repairs.

EPA Disqualifies Controversial Tappan Zee Loan

In a stunning rebuke to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, the federal Environmental Protection Agency struck down a massive loan to one of the state's signature transportation projects.

New Environmental Regulations Spur Redesign of Silver Line's Next Phase

Officials say sections of the second phase of Virginia's Silver Line will be redesigned to comply with new environmental regulations.

TN MOVING STORIES: Transpo News Links from Around the Web

A new House report says NHTSA dropped the ball on G.M.'s ignition switch defect. London's transit system is now contactless.  And a video: hail a taxi, get a high-five from a stranger.

More Bike Racks Coming to Metro-North Trains

If you're riding the rails on Metro-North, soon it will be easier to bring your wheels along too.

Replacement Of Metro's Delay-Prone Old Rail Cars Delayed

Metro riders have been waiting a long time for new rail cars. And they'll have to wait at least a couple months longer.

TN MOVING STORIES: Transpo News Links from Around the Web

Traffic fatalities are rising in Texas along with the state's oil boom. Air France pilots are striking. And a NYC idea: turn parking spaces into affordable apartments.

A Regular R Train Returns

Repairs to the tunnel are finally done and riders can travel between Brooklyn and Manhattan more easily. 

Yes, The R Train Will Connect Brooklyn and Manhattan Once Again

The MTA is tight as a clam, but transit workers confirm the year-long tunnel closure ends Monday, 5 am.

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New York's R train could return to full service this Monday. The House wants to slash Amtrak's funding. And: the head of NHTSA is worried about car hacking.

Discrimination Complaints Trickle In About D.C. Cabs

Since streamlining the complaint process for racial discrimination among D.C. cab drivers last month, the city is seeing an increase in allegations.

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Michigan drivers can pay traffic fines through community service. San Franciscans are losing their drones. And one balloon-toting man navigates New York's subway system. 

Another PATH Fare Hike, and Riders Are Resigned

Starting October 1, a single-ride will cost $2.75, following the fourth and final annual increase approved in 2011.

This May Be the Largest Item Ever Carried On a NYC Subway

Just another Wednesday afternoon on the 1 train. 

New App Converts Transit Ads to Public Art

Commuters tired of staring at Doctor Zizmor or breast enlargement ads can now replace them with photographs and paintings — at least through the screens of their smartphones. 

Neglected D.C. Sidewalks Pose Threat To Seniors: Report

The District's population is aging — and if seniors want to remain in their homes, the city needs to ensure the right infrastructure is in place.

Feds Focus on Pedestrian, Cyclist Safety

The “Safer People, Safer Streets” initiative at the Department of Transportation will study how to improve conditions for people walking and riding bikes.

TN MOVING STORIES: Transpo News Links from Around the Web

Los Angeles's commuter rail system is losing passengers. Beijing's subway will double in size by 2020. California has sold 100,000 EVs. And: meet NYC's million-dollar parking space.

NYC's Vision Zero Gets $25 Million Federal Grant

Thirteen separate projects, ranging from safe routes to schools to upgrading Brooklyn bike paths, are getting a big boost from the federal government.

Empty Car Parks, Full Bike Racks at New D.C. Metro Station

Six weeks after the Silver Line started hauling Metro commuters, a parking shortage is developing at one station. But not the one that was widely expected.