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City May Replace Times Square Plazas With Traffic

It's one step a new city task force will consider to combat the growth of quality of life crimes in the Big Apple's core.

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We Get to Keep Our C Train Cars for Seven More Years

When we last checked in with the R32s — the oldest subway cars in the MTA system — the agency said they'd be replaced in 2017. But now it looks like you'll be riding them until 2022.

Taxi Driver Could Pay $25,000 for Refusing Black Passenger

A case filed by the city's Commission on Human Rights claims the driver told a black woman he was off-duty and proceeded to pick up two white women. 

Cuomo Says He Doesn't Control the MTA

Speaking Wednesday, Governor Cuomo said the real beneficiary of the MTA's capital plan is the NYC region, not the whole state.

Port Authority Cool to New Hudson Tunnel Talks

The agency meant to foster regional cooperation says it needs more information if discussions "are to be fruitful."

The Octogenarian Electric Cables That Screwed Up This Week's Commute

Following four days of NJ Transit misery this week, the head of Amtrak came to New York Friday to see first-hand what the problems are.

De Blasio Opens Door to Congestion Pricing; Cuomo Slams It Shut

The de Blasio administration has avoided taking a position on the latest iteration of a congestion pricing plan — until now. But the governor was quick to react.

To Fight City Hall, Uber Plays to Race

Uber and the de Blasio administration seemed to be nearing a compromise on capping Uber's growth. Then the app-based service released ads suggesting the cap would hurt non-white people.

Despite Last-Minute Pleas, NJ Transit Votes to Raise Fares

As expected, the New Jersey Transit board voted to raise fares by nine percent, as well as cut some service. But that didn't stop members of the public from urging a different course.

NJ Transit Fare Hikes Don't Run on a Schedule

On Wednesday, New Jersey Transit's board is likely to approve the agency's first fare hike in five years. When will there be another one? There's no way to predict.

See Every New Citi Bike Headed to the Upper East and West Sides

Two of Manhattan's most densely populated neighborhoods are getting finally getting Citi Bike stations.

Sandy-Damaged Subway Tunnel Begins 40 Weekends of Rehab

Insiders call it the 'Cranberry Tube.' But it got pretty unappetizing during the storm.

The West Side of Prospect Park Is Now Car-Free (Sorry East Side)

Now that cars are out, park-goers are looking for the city to crack down on a new bogeyman: cyclists.

NYC to Google Maps: Help Drivers Avoid Left Turns

New York City is re-engineering streets to make them safer for pedestrians. Now, two City Council members want technology to give those efforts a boost.

Albany Leaves de Blasio's MTA Board Picks in Limbo

But one of Cuomo's picks sails through.

Pedestrian Deaths Holding Steady in NYC

At the end of June, 60 pedestrians have been killed in New York City traffic crashes, the same as last year, despite the mayor's efforts to bring down the numbers.

Central Park Now Partially Car-Free

Sections of Central Park are permanently closed to traffic. But that hasn't stopped some people from grumbling.

As Traffic Speeds Slow, NYC Wants to Curb Car Service Growth

Car and bus traffic is slowing down in Manhattan, and the city doesn't know the cause. But it has a theory.

Citi Bike Tricks Out for Pride Week

Going to the Pride Festival this weekend? Ride in style.

PHOTOS: The Subway Line That Changed Brooklyn Is Turning 100

It was the first subway line to go south of Prospect Park. You know it as the B, J, M, Z, L, N, R, and Q lines. But in 1915, it was the BMT. 

NYC Mayor Taps Three for MTA Board

New York City's voice on the MTA board is about to get a little louder.