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Can More Money Fix America's Schools?

It's one of the loudest debates in education: whether spending more money adds up to better test scores and graduation rates.

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Mayor's Budget Adds $100 Million for Physical Education in Schools

More money for gym teachers and additional resources to help homeless children are among the education items in Mayor Bill de Blasio's revised budget proposal.

Parents at 'Progressive' School Call for Principal's Ouster

The principal at a well-known school in East Harlem is feuding with parents, prompting the city's top school leaders to step in. 

Time's (Not) Up: Educators on the Pros and Cons of Untimed State Tests

New York State removed the time limits for its annual math and reading tests that wrap up this week. Some loved the experience, others not so much.

'Testing' Doesn't Have to Be a Dirty Word

One school is working to improve how it tracks student learning by making assessments frequent and low pressure. Most importantly, the approach treats students as partners.

Behind the Scenes with the 'Hamilton' Curriculum

Thousands of New York City public high school students are getting a more rousing introduction to U.S. history through a guide based on the hit musical "Hamilton."

Former John Dewey HS Principal Cleared of Grade-Fixing Charges

An arbitrator ruled the city's Department of Education erroneously removed the principal of John Dewey High School last year, and must be reinstated as a principal with full back pay.

How One School Under Pressure Resists 'Test Prep'

With New York State tests underway, few schools are under as much pressure to show results as M.S. 22. Even so, the principal is not a fan of teaching to the test.

Pro-Charter Group Sues City Over School Safety

A group of New York City parents claims the city's public schools don't do enough to protect their children from violence and bullying.

Chancellor on State Tests: 'I Don't Believe in Opting Out'

In an appeal to New York City parents, Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña said state tests have improved and she hopes they will allow their kids to take the exams.

Fewer Suspensions in City Schools After Discipline Changes

New York City's effort to find punishment alternatives has resulted in a big drop in suspensions for less serious offenses, including insubordination.

To Opt Out or Not? Dueling Messages Before Next Week's Tests

A week before elementary and middle school students take their state math and reading tests, there's a debate about whether parents are getting enough information.

Study Says Breakfast in Class Has No Impact on Academics or Waist Lines

The NYU study found that serving breakfast in classrooms did not lead to higher test scores or attendance, nor did it contribute to childhood obesity.

Most New York City Schools Went 10 Years Without Getting Their Water Tested for Lead

Yet it turns out that contamination from lead pipes is likely to grow worse over time, not better.

For Syrian Refugees in New Jersey, a Bumpy Adjustment to School

The warm welcome many Syrian families received in Elizabeth, N.J., didn't always apply to their schools. When a few needed a change, a team of local volunteers stepped in to help. 

CUNY Protesters Take Their Budget Fight to the Governor's Door

Protesters outside Gov. Cuomo's office in Manhattan called for increased funding for the City University of New York. Dozens were arrested after blocking entry to the building.

New York Public Schools Post Lead Test Results Online

Concerned parents can now get a glimpse of the dangers — or lack thereof — in their children's drinking water.

New Regents Chancellor Says She Wouldn't Want Own Kids to Take State Tests

But New York State's newly-elected Board of Regents Chancellor Betty Rosa also wants to improve the assessments.

New York's Opt Out Movement Revs Back Up

Parents opposed to the state's annual tests aligned to the Common Core standards say they aren't appeased by recent changes, and they plan to boycott the tests once again.

Opinion: My CUNY Students Need Cuomo to Deliver on Funding

A Brooklyn College teacher makes a case for increased funding and labor contract deals at the City University of New York.

City Schools to See Some Money They're Owed — But Not All

The city schools are getting more funds next year, but the Department of Education acknowledged they still fall short of what they're owed by the state.