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Educators Go Silent on State Tests

Concerns about the state tests may be legion, or they may comprise a small fraction of public opinion. We don't know because most educators are too nervous to talk about them.

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Educators Go Silent on State Tests

Concerns about the state tests may be legion, or they may comprise a small fraction of public opinion. We don't know because most educators are too nervous to talk about them.

Testing Period Is a Test of Stamina

Sitting for lengthy exams is no small task.

Long Island School Districts Confront Sharp Uptick in Test Refusals

The opt out movement is growing statewide, including in New York City. But Long Island school districts are seeing especially large numbers of students sitting out the tests.

Tisch: Battle Over Teacher Evaluations Spurred Opt Out Effort

New York's Board of Regents Chancellor Merryl Tisch said she didn’t expect so much uproar about testing when she suggested changes to the teacher evaluation system last year.

Thousands Across New York Opt Out of State Exams

Figures coming in from small school districts and in-field guesstimates suggest opt-out rates for the state's annual tests are on the rise.

Six More NYC Schools Land on State's 'Out of Time' List

New York's Department of Education has added six low-performing city schools to a watch list for those most in need of dramatic interventions.

Slightly More NYC Families Get Top Kindergarten Choice

This year more families got into their first and second choices for kindergarten in a public school than last year. Ten percent of applicants did not get into any school on their list. 

Brooklyn Parents Take Chance on Local Middle School

A middle school in Cobble Hill decided to improve its reputation, and its chance of survival, by collaborating with local families who previously shunned it for more prestigious schools.

Parents Get An Earful on Opting Out of the State Tests

Some advocate refusing the tests. Others wholeheartedly support them. And then there are parents in the middle, trying to make the next two weeks of state tests not such a big deal.  

Council Presses for More School Crossing Guards

With the city budget under review, local leaders are calling for more funding to hire school crossing guards and beef up protection at dangerous intersections. .

NYC Families Get Word of Eligibility for Gifted Classes

Education officials on Monday sent out emails and letters to parents telling them whether their child qualified for a gifted and talented class. 

State Tests Challenge to Special Needs Students Differently

Federal law requires that students with disabilities have access to the same material as their non-disabled peers, including state tests. But the end result may not be fair after all.

Opting Out is Cause for Concern For Some

A boycott of state tests for New York's schoolchildren could have far-reaching consequences, and that worries the head of school board members.

Cuomo: Budget Victory Despite 'Formidable' Opposition

Gov. Andrew Cuomo took a victory lap on Wednesday, claiming the new state budget includes a better teacher evaluation system despite tough opposition from the teachers union.

NY Budget Increases School Funding, Amends Teacher Eval Rules

Under deadline pressure, Democrats in Albany reluctantly agreed to a deal on how teachers are evaluated despite opposition from educators and policy makers across the state.

Education Partisans Vow to Keep Fighting on Items Excluded From Budget Deal

The future of teacher evaluations, mayoral control of the city schools and the DREAM Act are still uncertain now that they're left out of the state budget.

Students Claim City Sports Program Discriminates Against Small Schools

Student athletes protested at a City Council hearing — they say city funding favors big schools with more white students.

The City’s Grab for Pre-K Space Irks Some Parent Leaders

A group of Queens parents contends that the city is bypassing a standard approval process with its plan to site pre-k classes in buildings with existing schools.

Charter Leader Moskowitz Defends Her Policies, Won't Say if She's Running for Mayor

In an interview on WNYC's Brian Leher Show, charter school leader and lightning rod Eva Moskowitz defended her schools and her policy of not filling empty seats in upper grades.

Opinion: I Teach Music. Why am I Judged on English Test Scores?

A New York City music teacher proposes a better way to evaluate her and other colleagues who are not teaching subjects covered by state tests.