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Mayor Doubles Down on Renewal Strategy for Struggling Schools

Mayor Bill de Blasio is adding $34 million to his budget proposal, to make up for a shortfall in state funding at struggling schools.

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Mayor Doubles Down on Renewal Strategy for Struggling Schools

Mayor Bill de Blasio is adding $34 million to his budget proposal, to make up for a shortfall in state funding at struggling schools.

Bringing Baltimore to the Classroom

The riots and protests in Baltimore may seem far away from the classrooms in New York City, but some teachers have made a point of incorporating them into their lessons.

Charter Schools Top the Lobbying Chart in Albany

With controversies brewing in New York State over new learning standards and testing, charter groups and teachers' unions spent the most in lobbying dollars last year.

#ThisIsNotATest: Your Responses on View

Students said they would like to be tested on: U.S. presidents, hockey, appreciation, history, jumping rope and social media, among other things.

Wanted: One Thousand More Pre-K Teachers

New York City officials are busy recruiting teachers to staff the second-year expansion of free full-day pre-kindergarten. 

NYC Changes Course on How to Help a Struggling School

After promising intensive support to a middle school in Crown Heights, officials say they've decided it's better to merge it with a more successful neighbor.

Poems About Robbers, Railroads, Restaurants and Wabbits

They might not be able to spell, but these first graders from Ms. Marisa's class at PS 859 in Manhattan are fast becoming wee Wordsworths.    

Alternatives to Suspension: Inside a 'Restorative Justice' High School

Chancellor Carmen Fariña is urging schools to try restorative justice practices in order to reduce suspensions. What does that look like?  At one school, it means much more talking.

Addressing Student Behavior with a 'Restorative Justice' Circle

A look inside a high school that has used mediation and other techniques to change the culture of the school community, and sharply bring down suspension rates.

#ThisIsNotATest. But It is An Assignment.

Pencils down. The state tests are over. Now we want to hear some of the other skills and achievements that should get some recognition.

How to Choose the Right College

It's deadline time for students accepted to college for the fall. A high school senior and a college advisor share their views on choosing the right school.

Remembering Radio Rookie Keith Tingman

The radio story Keith Tingman reported when he was just 15 has helped young people with parents in jail. That is part of Keith's legacy, in a life that ended too soon.

New York Grants Extension for Teacher Evaluation Phase-In

The chancellor of the New York Board of Regents steps in and postpones by a year Gov. Andrew Cuomo's plan to enact new teacher evaluations by this fall. 

Opinion: My Special Ed Students Are Ready for State Tests

A teacher at a Success Academy charter school makes the case that her network's approach helps even the most challenged students achieve results.  

Some NYC Parents Question State Testing's Motives

On the eve of the state math test, some parents of New York City public school students are choosing once again to opt out.

Critic Raises Doubts About City's Pre-K Expansion

A high-profile researcher claims there could be many more families who need full-day pre-k classes than the city thinks, but Mayor de Blasio's administration is confident about its math.

Educators Go Silent on State Tests

Concerns about the state tests may be legion, or they may comprise a small fraction of public opinion. We don't know because most educators are too nervous to talk about them.

Testing Period Is a Test of Stamina

Sitting for lengthy exams is no small task.

Long Island School Districts Confront Sharp Uptick in Test Refusals

The opt out movement is growing statewide, including in New York City. But Long Island school districts are seeing especially large numbers of students sitting out the tests.

Tisch: Battle Over Teacher Evaluations Spurred Opt Out Effort

New York's Board of Regents Chancellor Merryl Tisch said she didn’t expect so much uproar about testing when she suggested changes to the teacher evaluation system last year.