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Bank Street Helps NYC Train Pre-K Teachers

Putting the focus on quality, education officials are offering intensive training sessions for pre-k teachers next month.

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Even the Schools Chancellor Takes a Summer Break

The city's top education official is heading to Spain for vacation next week. And the mayor will be just across the sea in Italy. Their spokespeople said their deputies will be fully in charge during their summer breaks.

Six NYC Charter Schools Join Pre-K Expansion

The first batch of charter schools to offer pre-k in New York City will hold lotteries at the end of the month for nearly 200 seats.

Teen Leaders-in-Training Get Boost from First Lady

“The best moment of my life,” said Annie Willis, the New York teen who invited Michelle Obama to visit Global Kids.

Bank Street Helps NYC Train Pre-K Teachers

Putting the focus on quality, education officials are offering intensive training sessions for pre-k teachers next month.

NYC Chancellor Raises Standards for Superintendents

New York City's Department of Education is raising the minimum requirements for the job of district superintendent with an eye towards strengthening the chain of command — and supports — running from the top all the way down to individual school principals.

Teen Accused of Killing Classmate Appears in Family Court

The Bronx 14-year-old's case is likely to proceed quickly now because of his age.

'Innovation' Schools Get a Chance to Shake Up the Rules

Dozens of city schools will have the freedom to stray from the rules this fall in the name of innovation.

The District Lines that Divide

In a small section of Jackson Heights sits the 'lost peninsula,' an oddball zone where kids must change schools across district lines twice before the sixth grade. 

Opinion: Let's Talk Class Size

Longtime advocates for smaller class sizes say now is the ideal time for the city to live up to its 2007 commitment to bring down the number of children in every grade level.

The Final Push to Graduation

Danielle Motindabeka has overcome incredible odds to succeed in the United States—she has learned English and made a home here. She tried very hard to graduate high school, and the last test she needed is one she's failed three times.

Arts Funding in NYC Schools Gets Boost

Sometimes it's the art class that connects a student to school. And that's why the city is adding 120 new arts teachers at targeted middle and high schools next year.

School Data Show Student Churn in Early Years

Overall enrollment in the New York City schools fluctuates slightly from year to year, but data show that many students who start early in the school are not the ones finishing.

I was able to celebrate my achievement with my second family, WNYC Radio Rookies It was really a BIG SURPRISE!


Summer School in Full Swing

That was a short break. Tens of thousands of students across New York City headed to summer school on July 1.

NYC Tweaks How it Reports School Crowding

NYC school communities concerned about overcrowding and connoisseurs of obscure technical reports take note: the next version of the "blue book" is out. City officials say they tried to make it easier to read.

The High School Finale: Graduation Day

On Thursday, 46 students from West Brooklyn Community High School graduated from high school. As Principal Gloria Rosario said: "Some students just need a push through the graduation door."

What to Do With Your Child's Artwork?

One art teacher who's also a parent says he saves about 10 percent of his children's art. How did you handle all that cute and unwieldy stuff that came home from school? 

Radio Rookie Danielle Finds Out Her Regents Exam Results

Radio Rookie Danielle Motindabeka reported this week that she was taking the US History Regents exam for the fourth and final time. It's the one thing standing in the way of her getting her high school diploma. Danielle went to find out her results.

After six years of high school this NYC student is determined to graduate - today.

On this last day of school in New York City, we meet Paula Dinh, a student who was determined to get her diploma after six years of high school.

"If I could go back in time and talk to myself, when I was younger, I think I would do it. ...

Determined to Graduate: 'You’re Going to See Me on That Stage'

It was a battle to the end for Paula Dinh. After years of skipping class and other bad habits, followed by a big push to change her ways, Paula finds out if she finally earned a high school diploma.