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Sesame Street Says Goodbye to Longtime Resident

Sonia Manzano, who played the shop owner "Maria", is retiring after 44 years on the program.

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One Last Push Before Vacation: Summer School

New York City public schools are offering summer school this month, but for fewer students than last year.

How One Observant Muslim Persuaded Her Parents to Let Her Attend Princeton

“When they went to Princeton, they could see that it was really safe, even though my dad was a bit worried," Maria said. "He was like, ‘Why are the gates open all the time?’”

With Earlier Release, Teachers Can Discuss Test Questions

Teachers in New York State will have a little more freedom to talk about standardized test questions and answers, following legislation approved last week.

Summer Beckons; NYC Students Call It a Wrap

Another school year comes to an end, the first one entirely under the watch of the de Blasio administration which sought to put its own stamp on the massive system. 

Farina's 5 Things To Do This Summer

New York City's chancellor wants to make sure students take advantage of all the free things the city has to offer this summer, from parks to museums. And, most of all, to keep reading!

Community Schools to Offer Free Vision Screenings and Glasses

The city is spending $10 million to expand free vision screenings in schools and will also provide free glasses to children through a collaboration with the local company Warby Parker.

Local Efforts Underway to Integrate NYC Schools Start Small

A look at grassroots efforts to counter segregation in the New York City schools.

Report: Many NY Schools Fail to Protect Transgender Students

The New York Civil Liberties Union says that too many schools are out of compliance with the Dignity Act, which prohibits discrimination based on gender or gender expression.   

Final PEP Meeting of the School Year Short and (Relatively) Sweet

Members of the New York City education policy panel approved spending plans and another set of contracts.

Newest School Holiday: Lunar New Year

New York City has become the second city in the country to recognize the Lunar New Year as an official school holiday. The change will go into effect next year, the year of the monkey.

New York City Budget Includes Expanded Breakfast for Students, More P.E. Teachers

Elementary schools will allow breakfast in the classrooms, principals can hire more physical education teachers and so-called Renewal schools will get more funds to help them improve. 

Hip Hop Therapy Boosts Attendance at Bronx High School

A newly installed recording studio has lured students to stay in school, partly because it's an outlet for emotions that otherwise don't have a place in the classroom.

Drama Helps English Learners Tackle Common Core Readings

For students with little English, theater offers an cool way to teach complex stories with difficult text structures. Making it fun and using props also help.

When Research Projects Replace State Tests

While thousands of teens are slogging their way through state tests required for graduation, a few dozen schools get a pass. Is their approach a glimpse into the future? 

How Much Learning Actually Happens in June?

Hands-on projects, parties, homework, movies. What students get out of school in these last few weeks varies. Share your June stories with us.

OPINION: City's 'Talk to Your Baby' Message Is Not Enough

“If you’re telling them to talk to their child in the grocery store when nobody talked to them in the grocery store, they aren’t going to know how to do that,” says one child advocate.

New Study Shows Gaps in Translation Services for City Parents

More than half the parents surveyed had trouble accessing interpreters for non-English speakers.

Chancellor Merges Two Sets of Struggling Schools

Two more sets of low performing schools will be consolidated, as New York City's Chancellor Carmen Fariña demonstrates that she isn't wedded to saving every school that struggles.

As Pre-K Expands, Early Child Care Gets Squeezed

New York City has hundreds of child care centers serving infants through four-year-olds. They've been struggling because they don't get enough money from the city and rents are rising.

NYC Students Rate Their Teachers in First-Ever Citywide Survey

Part of a pilot program in New York City public schools, the student feedback was supposed to count in teachers' evaluations next year but now that's not so clear.