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Meet The Next Secretary Of Education

John King Jr. is Arne Duncan's deputy and was New York's education commissioner before heading to Washington. Like the man he's replacing, he's no stranger to controversy.

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Former NY Ed Official to Become U.S. Education Secretary

The man who will succeed Arne Duncan is both inspiring — and controversial.

Bengali Students Need Teachers Who Speak Their Language

The number of students from Bangladesh has jumped dramatically in recent years, but most attend a school where not a single teacher can speak to them in their native tongue.

City Refines Its Pitch to Rezone Two Brooklyn Elementary Schools

Education officials pledged they would not rezone and run. Instead, they'll put together a task force to help implement a plan that blends two communities.

History Repeats Itself in Brooklyn School Rezoning

Some families are uneasy about a plan to be zoned to P.S. 307, citing school quality. But not too long ago a similar story played out at the school everyone's trying to get into: P.S. 8.

City Enrolls Record Number of Pre-K Homeless

This school year, New York City has enrolled more homeless pe-kindergarteners than ever before.  

More Early Childcare Is Needed, Not Just Pre-K

A group that fought for more pre-kindergarten and after-school programs claims the city continues falling short in providing childcare for infants and toddlers.

Families Flock to Fair as HS Search Gets Underway

The weekend fair kicked off this year's public high school search for New York City students.

Muslim Students Celebrate a First With Eid School Holiday

On the same week that Jews celebrated Yom Kippur and Catholics greeted the Pope, Muslim students have their very first school holiday.

New Schools Official Wants to Untangle Bureaucratic Web for Parents

The Department of Education has named a seasoned insider to overhaul how schools engage with families, but it's no easy task.

City Schools Are Overcrowded, With No End in Sight

New York City is playing a constant game of catch-up with school overcrowding and right now it's losing.

The Mysterious Math of Making Space in City Schools

Critics have long argued that New York City overstates how many kids can — or should — be squeezed into a public school. And it's maddening.

Opinion: Suspending Students is the Easy Way Out

A teacher who has been in the school system for decades argues suspending students as a form or discipline is lazy. It also doesn’t work. 

De Blasio Says NYC Policies Support More Diverse Schools

Mayor Bill de Blasio explained how his education agenda will improve all schools but he said he hasn't committed to specific diversity plans, in his interview with WNYC's Brian Lehrer. 

De Blasio Says to Tackle Inequities, School Kids Must Go Back to the Basics

The mayor outlines a broad plan to raise the performance and offerings at all New York City schools, regardless of zip code.

City Wants to Spend Millions to Make School Kids Tech Savvy

Mayor Bill de Blasio says within 10 years, all schools must offer computer science to students in elementary grades on up.

Here's How to Make Sense of the New College Scorecard

The new scorecard for colleges includes mounds of data about average costs for students, and how graduates fare years later. We offer five tips to making sense of it all.

City Offers New Teacher Tool to Improve High School Writing

Elementary and middle school teachers are used to teaching basic writing skills. Now, high school teachers are getting a blueprint to take students' writing to the next level. 

Yeshivas Probe Faces Political Heft of Hasidic Community

The city is investigating claims of poor secular education at hasidic yeshivas in Brooklyn but some wonder if the probe will be serious, given the political power of the community. 

Is Improving Secular Education in Yeshivas a Matter of Money?

If the government wants better secular education in yeshivas, many in the hasidic community believe it should foot the bill. But that may not be legal, or wise.

Mayor de Blasio Heads Back to School, Too

Mayor Bill de Blasio used the first day of school to tout pre-k, community schools and helping teachers do a better job. Some of the kids he visited were into the play table.