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Teachers Union Fires First Shot in Battle Over Charter School Cap

Union leaders say charter schools shouldn't be rewarded by Albany lawmakers until they accept more of the most difficult to teach students. 

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Teachers Union Fires First Shot in Battle Over Charter School Cap

Union leaders say charter schools shouldn't be rewarded by Albany lawmakers until they accept more of the most difficult to teach students. 

Report: Special Needs Students Stay Longer at Charter Schools

In a reversal, the Independent Budget Office said students with special needs are less likely to leave charters than their peers at city district schools.

Orthodox Jewish Group Presses City for More Pre-K Seats

With only so many hours in a day, some orthodox groups want more half-day pre-kindergarten seats so they have enough time to offer religious instruction as well. 

Relishing A Day to Play Before School Resumes Wednesday

Plenty of New York City school children made the most of their snow day in textbook fashion, with sledding, snow ball fights and hot chocolate. Schools re-open Wednesday.

Students Get a Snow Day

Snow days for the New York City public school system do not come easily, but with forecasts predicting two feet of snow and wind gusts up to 65 miles per hour, yes: school's canceled.

Farina Consolidates Power in School Superintendents

Principals were treated as C.E.O.'s of their schools by the previous administration but Chancellor Carmen Fariña wants their bosses, school superintendents, to have more of a say.

Unhappy with Testing — and Not Just Complaining About It

Parents and educators unhappy with "test mania" say state tests are taking the joy out of learning. And they're not going to sit back and watch.

Cuomo Proposes Tying School Aid to Specific Education Reforms

Gov. Andrew Cuomo wants changes to the teacher evaluation and disciplinary systems, despite opposition from Democrats and the unions. But he's using school aid for leverage.

Brooklyn Principal Selected to Talk Education in DC

A Brooklyn high school principal was among a group of 15 school leaders from around the country brought to D.C. to talk about federal policies and meet the Education Secretary.

Cuomo Expected to Tackle Teacher Evaluations, Charter Schools

Gov. Andrew Cuomo said his State of the State speech will include fixes to the teacher evaluation system so that good teachers are rewarded and bad teachers are shown the door. 

Telemundo 47 and WNYC Team Up on School Admissions Info

About 40 percent of New York City public school students are Latino. Many of their parents are new to the city, and perhaps new to English. That's why we are airing these TV segments.  

It's Kindergarten Shopping Time

Many parents of four-year-olds are filling their days with information sessions and school tours in an effort to find a classroom that’s just right for their child.

Here's the List of New Dual Language Programs

New York City families who want their children to learn another language will have more public school options in the fall.

Plaintiffs Urge Judge to Let Case Against Teacher Tenure Proceed

An ambitious lawsuit challenging teacher tenure in New York got its first full hearing, as two groups of parents claimed job protections make it too difficult to remove bad teachers.

Challenge to Teacher Tenure Gets Day in Court

A judge will hear arguments on whether the state's teacher tenure system violates the rights of students. City and state lawyers will argue it's a political issue, not a legal one.

Rally to Fund Schools Draws Hundreds to Albany

Public school education groups and unions rallied in Albany on the same day supporters of charter schools pressed their own cause.

Success Network Scales Back Charter Expansion in 2015

Success Academy charter network will postpone opening four schools after talks with the city, although the network is on track to have 45 charters in the 2016-17 school year.

Not All Students Are Thrilled About End to Cell Phone Ban

For the New York City students who admit to little self control, allowing cell phones in high school spells trouble. They'd rather not have daytime access to their tempting screens.

De Blasio Lifts School Cell Phone Ban

After a more than decade-long ban, principals will now set their own policies on cell phones on New York City school campuses.

Improving Schools By Improving Health

The Children’s Health Fund is offering in-school care for eight health issues, those that most adversely affect student learning.