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New York City Shutters Two Charter Schools

New York City education officials took the unusual step to close two charters, effective this June, because of persistently low performance and weak leadership.

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Report: More Barriers to Diversity at Specialized High Schools Than Test

Holistic admissions criteria may only modestly diversify the racial make-up at New York City's most competitive high schools. A new approach would benefit one group, however: girls. 

New York City Shutters Two Charter Schools

New York City education officials took the unusual step to close two charters, effective this June, because of persistently low performance and weak leadership.

Nearly Half of NYC High School Applicants Accepted to First Choice

About 92 percent of students got into at least one of their high school choices. But almost 6,000 students didn't get a match and will have to reapply in Round 2.

Competing School Rallies Vie For Albany's Attention

The city's teachers union sees the solution in more funding for traditional public schools. Charter school proponents want alternatives.

NYC Schools to Observe Two Muslim Holidays as Days Off

After nine years, Muslim groups win their campaign to put Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Aha on school calendar.

City Schools Aspire To Up Their 'PROSE'

Chancellor Carmen Fariña (on left) visits Brooklyn to encourage other schools to follow a new teaching model.

Nearly Half of NYC Students In Overcrowded Schools

New York City Council members claim overcrowding in the public schools is a result of bad math: available space is overcounted, projected student demand is undercounted. Go figure.

NYC Schools Roll Out the New Cell Phone Rules

New York City's ban on cell phones in public schools is over. Now, individual schools get to choose a policy that works for them. 

Teens Get Schooled on Sexual Consent

At one high school campus, leaders of sexual health workshops unpacked what it meant to have personal agency when saying yes to sex, and how to handle no.

In Dig at De Blasio, Cuomo Defends His Plan for Failing Schools

Gov. Andrew Cuomo offered a vigorous defense of his plan to turnaround failing schools, one day after Mayor Bill de Blasio went to Albany and argued for an alternative.

CUNY Program Raises Graduation Rates with Intensive Support

A program aimed at boosting graduation rates among community college students has bucked the trend and managed to retain students, according to an independent research study.

Controversial Schools Tech Contract Wins Approval

A contract to expand internet access in New York City schools as well as proposals for sharing school space moved forward despite concerns. Oh, and the cell phone ban was lifted.

Feds Find Discrimination Against Female Athletes in NYC Schools

New York City denies violating federal law, but agrees to changes to expand high school sports options for girls. 

Taylor Swift Donates to NYC Schools

Pop star Taylor Swift is making good on her pledge to give the city schools proceeds from her hit single "Welcome to New York."

Principals Say Teacher Evaluation Plan Undercuts Their Authority

New York City principals challenged Gov. Andrew Cuomo on his plan to rely more on outside evaluators when reviewing teacher performance.

De Blasio Adjusts Pre-K Rules to Attract Religious Schools

Schools that were reluctant to join the city's expansion of pre-k because of instructional guidelines won some leeway, including the right to take prayer breaks during the school day.

Proposed School Discipline Code Scales Back Suspensions

Mayor Bill de Blasio wants to reduce student suspensions by making it harder for principals to suspend students for lesser infractions, like being defiant or disrespectful.

Report: Discipline at Many Charter Schools Violates Students' Rights

Too many city charter schools have discipline policies that can expel or suspend a student for minor infractions, in violation of state and federal laws, according to a new report.

Wanted: A Few Good Parent Candidates

New York City parents interested in seeking an elected office now have their chance. Candidates can submit applications for the 36 local councils.

OPINION: It Really is All About the Children

An advocate presses New York lawmakers to pay attention to the return on investments when it comes to supporting children as they negotiate next year's budget.