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Debate Brews Over After-School Programs

Should after-school classes in struggling or low-income schools be all about school work? Or should they focus on sports and arts, like more affluent schools offer? 

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Debate Brews Over After-School Programs

Should after-school classes in struggling or low-income schools be all about school work? Or should they focus on sports and arts, like more affluent schools offer? 

Teachers Union Showcases Community Schools Model

Union leaders want people to see what a good community school looks like, now that Mayor Bill de Blasio is planning to expand the program to 94 struggling schools.

Focus on Discipline: How One NYC Student Was Suspended for 30 Days

As New York City's Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña considers changes to the discipline code, we look at one suspension case and all the questions it raises. 

NYC Adjusts Pre-K Report Card Policy

Some pre-k students recently got report cards with their skills graded on a one to four scale. Now, education officials say that might not be such a good idea. 

NYC Rejects Charter School Requests for Free Space

Two new charter schools that applied for space in school buildings were sent packing, a sign perhaps of what's to come as more charters seek help from the city.

City Pulls Plug on Student Data System

New York City's Department of Education is ending its contract to maintain the controversial — and little used — ARIS computer system that cost the city at least $95 million.

Parents Urge Mayor to Honor Pledge Against Co-Locations

New York City parent leaders are urging Mayor de Blasio to stick to his word and prevent any more schools from having to share space in the same building.

New York Schools Group Calls on State to Up Funding By $2 Bln

State coffers are flush. The economy has rebounded from the Great Recession. That's why a statewide group of educators and parents says it's time to give more money to the schools. 

Opinion: Hold NYC Schools Accountable for Arts Education

New York City is the cultural capital of the country. This opinion piece argues that the city schools should reflect that, with mandatory arts education.  

NYC Pre-K Enrollment Exceeds Target

There are now more than 53,000 students enrolled in pre-kindergarten programs across the city.

Leading the Way to School Discipline Without Suspensions

One principal approaches discipline with a combination of structure and flexibility. It's helped turn a violent, failing school in Queens into a neighborhood model.

School Report Cards Are Out, Now Without Letter Grades

Say goodbye to A's and F's. The city's new school report cards now include the terms "poor" through "excellent," as well as "exceeding target" and "not approaching target."

Another Promise for English Language Learners

State and city agreed to improve services for English Language Learners, after the city failed to meet targets outlined in 2011.

City Deal to Fix Two Schools Includes Replacing Staff

New York City is on track to restructure two failing high schools, in part by requiring staff members to reapply for their jobs.

After a Dip More NYC Teachers Get Tenure

Nearly 60 percent of eligible city teachers received tenure this year, a slight uptick from recent years when the city made it harder for teachers to receive the extra job protections.

Tens of Thousands of NYC Students Are Chronically Absent

During the 2012-2013 school year, more than 87,000 children in K-5 classrooms missed more than a month of class.

Opinion: De Blasio Must Put Reducing Class Sizes First

Two early childhood experts urge New York City's mayor to put his money where the research is: small class sizes help all kids learn better.

State Bond Act Means Building Funds for NYC Schools

New York City is getting a windfall from the 'smart schools' bond act, to the tune of about $780 million to be spent mostly on making more space in overcrowded schools. 

Pre-K Reimbursements Leave Some NYC Centers Falling Short

Across New York City, pre-k programs in vastly different neighborhoods say the average reimbursement rate leads to varied bottom lines, and some are struggling to make ends meet.

School 'Renewal' Plan Marks Major Shift from Bloomberg

The critics were ready to pounce when Mayor Bill de Blasio announced his strategy to help struggling schools, but he insisted it's time for a different approach.