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Success Charter Schools Secure City Space to Expand

Mayor de Blasio's administration avoided another feud with charter school leader Eva Moskowitz by agreeing to site more of her schools inside city public schools.

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King Agrees with Governor on Need to Change Teacher Evaluations

Education commissioner John King may have one foot out the door as he departs for a new job in Washington, but he's still calling for further reforms in New York State.

Cuomo Letter Outlines 'Aggressive' Education Plans, Seeks Input from State Leaders

Gov. Andrew Cuomo questioned the credibility of the teacher evaluation system, after only 1 percent of teachers received the lowest possible ratings.

Success Charter Schools Secure City Space to Expand

Mayor de Blasio's administration avoided another feud with charter school leader Eva Moskowitz by agreeing to site more of her schools inside city public schools.

NYC's High School Graduation Rates Continue Modest Climb

More students who started high school in the fall of 2010 finished in four years than those the year before, with the city's graduation rate just over 64 percent. 

Mayor De Blasio's Charter School Dilemma

With more charter schools seeking space in public school buildings, the mayor of New York City has a week left to announce his policy for choosing the winners and the losers.

Making Pre-K Teachers Better through Coaching

New York City has hired more coaches to help pre-k teachers.... but are there enough of them to ensure quality?

Most NYC Teachers Score High Under New Evaluations

Despite the controversy over the new teacher evaluation system, it did not result in many more city teachers getting bad marks. It's more nuanced than that.

City Agrees to Stop Schools from Using 911 for Discipline

New York City has settled a lawsuit that claimed the public schools relied too heavily on the 911 emergency number when disciplining disruptive students. 

NYC Council Pushes For More Diversity at Top Schools

There's a range of views on the test for admission to some of the city's best high schools but agreement that there should be more test prep and recruiting in all middle schools.

State Education Commissioner Leaves To Join Obama Administration

State Education Commissioner John King is leaving Albany for Washington, where he'll become a senior adviser to U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan.

Federal Pre-K Grants Helping New York, New Jersey

New York and New Jersey are getting a combined $42 million in federal grants to support pre-k programs, including in New York City.

Opinion: How I Would Fix New York's Graduation Requirements

A teacher who faces demoralized students struggling with exit exams they need to pass to earn a diploma argues for another way, with targets that kids actually aspire to meet.

Union: Absentee Homeowners Should Help NYC Schools

The teachers union believes the buyers in New York City's booming market for luxury apartments may hold the key to lower class sizes.

One NYC School Takes Student Data to the Micro-Level

The city cites this school as a model to follow but visiting educators wonder whether their teachers really would learn the data systems and log the hours that these teachers do. 

NYC Students of Color Debate 'The Talk'

A group of Harlem teens discuss "the talk" their parents give them about interacting with police: "You need to be safe, don't worry about your rights, just make sure you're alive."

Garner Decision Stirs NYC Teens to Action

High school activists are demonstrating, launching Facebook campaigns, and teaching others as the impact of the Eric Garner grand jury decision ripples through their lives.

Controversy 101: City Teachers Tackle the Garner Case

They knew the conversations would be difficult and emotional, but many teachers felt compelled to make their classrooms a safe place to talk about the Eric Garner case.

NYC Chancellor Offers Guidance on Garner Case

Chancellor Carmen Fariña suggested ways to make a "teachable moment" out of the Eric Garner case, and to make a safe space for students to express their feelings.

Amid Pre-K Expansion, Some Classrooms Closing

Thousands of pre-kindergarten classrooms opened in New York City this fall. But WNYC found that just a few months later at least a handful are closing their doors.

Giants Give $1.2M to Curb HS Football Injuries

The funds will go to varsity and JV programs at 53 New York City public schools.