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NYC Schools to Allow Condom Demonstrations in Class

Teachers can now show New York City high school students how to use a condom rather than just talk about it. 

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NYC Schools to Allow Condom Demonstrations in Class

Teachers can now show New York City high school students how to use a condom rather than just talk about it. 

City Chef Freshens Up School Lunch Food

New York City schools serve about 950,000 meals a day — breakfast, lunch and after-school. But it's the little things that occupy the city's top chef, like the plates.

Cardinal Courts Lawmakers Over Education Tax Credits

Cardinal Timothy Dolan urged Albany lawmakers to pass Gov. Andrew Cuomo's education tax credit that assists private and parochial school donors and families.

A Mom Who Got So Mad She Got an Education Degree

Lorraine Hexstall was angry about the way her son was being treated in school. While she struggled to help him, she also decided nobody should have to experience the same ordeal.

City Hall Responds to Protests, Restores Summer Program Funding

Mayor Bill de Blasio's administration reversed course on Thursday, restoring funds so that 17,000 middle school students can attend enrichment classes over the summer.

Soccer Club Eases Transition for Yemeni Students

New arrivals from Yemen with prodigious soccer skills are finding benefits of the game extend well beyond the field.

Fariña Lauds Guidance Counselors, Plans Modest Boost in Ranks

Twenty-eight guidance counselors had a rare moment in the spotlight, as Chancellor Carmen Fariña recognized them with awards for their work in New York City schools.

Two-Thirds of NYC Applicants Win Seats in Gifted Programs

Education officials sent offer letters Wednesday to New York City's gifted and talented classes. Fewer children applied, making competition slightly less fierce than in previous years.

Former Florida Chief Named NY State Education Commish

MaryEllen Elia's appointment to the state's top education post was praised by a range of stakeholders, including teachers who cited her record as a good collaborator in Florida.

De Blasio Okays Second Batch of School Experiments

A New York City program that encourages schools to try new approaches to teaching is doubling in size in its second year.

Chancellor Tisch Stands By Charter School Rejections

While the decision by New York officials to reject 15 new charter schools raised concerns for some, Board of Regents head Merryl Tisch shut down criticism with a few choice words.

New York's Property Tax Cap, More Aid Eases School Budget Approvals

School budgets passed at a high rate across the state this year, without the usual controversy.

Who Benefits from Cuomo's Education Tax Credit Plan

Gov. Andrew Cuomo is pressing lawmakers to pass $150 million worth of education tax credits before the legislative session ends. We look at who really would benefit from the credits.

Social Issues You Can Sit On

Lunch tables and benches painted by New York City students will populate the city parks this summer.

Regents Wrestle with Teacher Evaluation Law

A panel appointed by the Board of Regents suggested changes to the state's teacher evaluation law, but they don't go far enough to satisfy some critics.

NYC School Principals Share Tips, Strategies in Video Series

New York City principals have starring roles in a video series made by PBS and the Wallace Foundation that brings the work of school leadership to life.

Teaching about Race and Rights

In a school year when the deaths of black men at the hands of police dominated the news, hundreds of teachers attended a conference on how to talk about these issues with students.

Opinion: Remove an Unnecessary Bar to Parent Involvement

Parent leaders make the case that the next time a parent steps up to volunteer for an education council, the state should say 'thank you' instead of checking for a rap sheet.

NYC Starts Cutting Checks for Charter School Rent

New York City expects to spend more than $30 million renting private space for charter schools by June 2016, thanks to a new state law.

Teacher Candidates Sweat and Scramble Over New Certification Tests

It's the second year of new and harder certification tests for New York teachers in training. And they're expensive, costing nearly $1,000 in all.