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State Lawmakers Announce Budget Deal

The proposed $142 billion spending plan is expected to go to lawmakers for a final vote early this week following weeks of closed-door negotiations.

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Students Claim City Sports Program Discriminates Against Small Schools

Student athletes protested at a City Council hearing — they say city funding favors big schools with more white students.

The City’s Grab for Pre-K Space Irks Some Parent Leaders

A group of Queens parents contends that the city is bypassing a standard approval process with its plan to site pre-k classes in buildings with existing schools.

Charter Leader Moskowitz Defends Her Policies, Won't Say if She's Running for Mayor

In an interview on WNYC's Brian Leher Show, charter school leader and lightning rod Eva Moskowitz defended her schools and her policy of not filling empty seats in upper grades.

Opinion: I Teach Music. Why am I Judged on English Test Scores?

A New York City music teacher proposes a better way to evaluate her and other colleagues who are not teaching subjects covered by state tests.

Election Season Begins for New Crop of Parent Leaders

More parents have put their hats in the ring this year to fill seats on Community Education Councils, with the hope of shaping education policy in New York City.

More Unwanted Teachers Leave System Under de Blasio

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has gotten more "excessed" teachers to leave the system, mostly by encouraging them to take the retirement deal laid out in the new teachers contract.

Opinion: Charter School Does Right By My Child

A Brooklyn mom refutes the claim that charter schools don't know how to support special education students, citing the example of her own son.

De Blasio Defends School Improvement Plan

New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio makes the case that struggling schools have a better chance of turning around with his approach than with the plan proposed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

DREAM Act and Education Tax Credit Appear on Collision Course

With the Republican-led State Senate opposed to the DREAM act and the Democrat-led Assembly opposed to an education tax credit, Albany observers wonder how both items can survive.

Mayor Touts High Number of Pre-K Applicants

After just one day, more than three times as many families submitted a pre-k application compared to last year.

Families Can Now Apply to Expanded Pre-K Options

New York City is adding another 17,000 pre-kindergarten seats, enough to cover every 4-year-old, the city said. Parents can apply now.

How Compatible Are Common Core and Technology?

“People have this fear that if you put technology into a classroom, kids will just be staring at computers,” says a New York City principal, but that's not always the case.

Being 12: The Year Everthing Changes

Download this special program on why 12 matters so much. It's a "hot mess" of change. Hear straight from New York City kids — and a few adults — on Being 12. 

When Relationships Reign Supreme

Déjà Palmer, 12, is spending much more time worrying about friendships and romance, but she also knows she's too young to let dating dominate her life.

What a Brand Would Give to Be a Tween Girl’s Friend

As tampon boxes come with comforting factoids and lingerie ads boast “No Photoshop” images, advertisers are crafting a message of female empowerment. And it’s selling. 

Judge Rules Teacher Tenure Suit Can Proceed

A Staten Island judge has found no reason to dismiss a lawsuit by parents challenging the state's teacher tenure system, but the union said it still believes the case is without merit.

Parents and Teachers Join Forces Against Cuomo's Education Agenda

The teachers union and a non-profit group helped organize schools across New York City to protest the governor's plans.

Three Reasons Middle School Teachers Stay

Sure, teacher turnover is higher in New York City middle schools than at elementary or high schools. But for those who stick around there's the potential for a very big payoff.

First Person: New Yorkers on Being 12

Twelve is an age when the world starts opening up. Hear these students sound off on topics like bullying, social media, discipline, dating and friendships. It's not easy being 12. 

Lessons on Getting Adolescents Excited About Reading

In conjunction with WNYC’s Being 12 series, celebrated children’s book author Jon Scieszka will talk about getting adolescents to read, and the appeal of writing for this age group.