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NYS Schools Are Barring Immigrant Students

More than 20 percent of surveyed schools in New York state may have illegally blocked enrollment of immigrant students, according to the New York Civil Liberties Union.

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Audits of Four NYC Charter Networks Get Underway

The office of the city comptroller is looking at the internal operations of four charter school groups, including the Success network, the city's largest. 

NYS Schools Are Barring Immigrant Students

More than 20 percent of surveyed schools in New York state may have illegally blocked enrollment of immigrant students, according to the New York Civil Liberties Union.

Assessors Take the Pulse of NYC Pre-K Expansion

Two respected research firms and NYU experts assess what’s working and what’s not after New York City more than doubled the number of free pre-k seats.

Chancellor Fariña Says Discipline Code Revisions Still in the Works

Advocates say under current school guidelines, excessive force is used too often in dealing with "disruptive" students.

A Helping Hand To High Achievers

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg will invest $10 million over two years to help top students from poor families into college.

One Middle School Makes the High School Application a Team Effort

All the teachers at a Lower East Side school know how to help students apply to high schools. Last year, 90 percent of them got into one of their top three choices last year.

NYC Officials Try to Calm Concerns Over Ebola in Schools

On the same day a five-year-old child was being tested for possible Ebola infection, city officials issued a letter that outlined the low risk of the disease in the schools. 

Advocates Crave Word from Mayor on Expanding Breakfast in Schools

A coalition of anti-hunger advocates is calling on Mayor Bill de Blasio to fulfill a campaign pledge to serve breakfast in all schools, not just before the start of class.

Spanish-Speaking Parents Lament Complex Middle School Application

The city guides for applying to middle school were available only in English weeks into the application season which was a big problem for many New York City parents.

Brooklyn Parents Survey Their District on Middle School Choice

 "Probably the most stressful parenting endeavor I have yet encountered." That's what one parent said in a survey of District 15 parents about the search for a middle school.

New NYC School Leaders Named in Superintendent Shake Up

Chancellor Carmen Fariña fulfilled her pledged to strengthen the role of school superintendents, the principals' bosses, by filling seven vacancies and replacing eight others.

Overcrowded and Overwhelmed: Inside P.S. 176

How do you fit 22 third graders in a room the size of a Manhattan studio apartment? Ask P.S. 176 in Brooklyn. It's one of hundreds of crowded schools that can't catch a break.

State Regents Approve Alternative Path to Graduation

New York high schoolers will be able to swap out a history test required for graduation for an exam of their choice, in subjects such as information technology or culinary arts.

Mayor Weighs Admissions Changes for NYC's Top High Schools

The debate over admissions policies at New York City's most elite high schools has flared up again, as current eighth graders consider their options.

Resignation Raises Questions About Failing Schools Plan

The departure of the Boys and Girls High School principal last week has sparked a debate about how far the chancellor will go to fix New York City's struggling schools.

This is Not How NYC Names Schools (But it Could Be)

Aspire. Achieve. Strive. Derek Jeter? Could they be parts of future NYC school names? See for yourself.

Study: NYC's Small High Schools Boost College Enrollment Rates

The latest findings from an ongoing review of the small high schools that replaced many of New York's massive schools show more upside, this time in terms of college.

City Issues Ebola Memo for Schools

New York City's Health Department has distributed guidance about the virus to schools and daycare centers.

What Happens When Teachers Are at the Helm?

At several NYC schools, teachers decide on everything from field trips to who gets hired but making these decisions democratic doesn't make them easy.

Opinion: We Need More Diverse Children's Books

Sure a book needs to be good to interest a child but it also needs to be put in front of them in the first place. Parents and educators need to diversify their books shelves.