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Christie's Budget Cuts $148M from Hospital Charity Care

Obamacare is helping state with budget problems, but hospitals worry the cuts will leave people in need.

Gov. Chris Christie Unveils Budget for 2016

The Governor renewed his call to overhaul New Jersey's ailing pension fund, but did not address a judge's ruling that he broke the law by shorting NJ's payment into the fund.

Cloudy With a Chance of Injury: What Meteorologists Learned from Sandy

Forecasters are changing their language to emphasize potential harm rather than what type of storm is coming.

Does Christie's 'Don't Raise Taxes' Pledge Include the Gas Tax?

Don't raise taxes. Don't raise taxes. Don't raise taxes. We hear ya, gov. But about the gas tax? Are you pledging, or negotiating?

Deep Freeze Forces NJ's Cape May/Lewes Ferry to Cancel Trips

No more ferry trips between Lewes, Del., and Cape May today, as icy waters and high winds force the ferry to cancel several crossings through Friday morning.

In Newark, Almost Half of Last Year's Murders Remain Unsolved

About 75 percent of those killed in Newark are deliberate targets over drug territory, according to the police director. Of last year's 93 murders, 42 have not yet led to an arrest. 

Did New Jersey Really Lose Out When the Nets Left Town?

It's been more than two years since the New Jersey Nets crossed the river(s) and became the Brooklyn Nets. A look back at what they left behind in downtown Newark.

NJ Says 'NO' to Oysters and All They Have to Offer

New York and New Jersey have startlingly different policies on the bivalve, which can help clean dirty waters and mitigate storm surges from hurricanes.

Who is Still Signing up for ObamaCare in Newark?

New Jersey Public Radio teamed up with New Jersey Citizen Action to host an Obamacare enrollment fair in Newark. Several who enrolled had gone years without any health coverage.

Federal Bridgegate Investigators Interview Christie Whistleblower

A former county prosecutor who says his refusal to drop a case against a Christie ally cost him his job says he detailed his abuse of power claims to federal investigators.

Complete List of All The Famous People Chris Christie Hangs Out With

Christie hangs out with famous people. All kinds of different famous people. 

Two Years Later, NJ Homeowners Still Waiting for Sandy Aid

Groups criticizing the Christie administration are calling for rental aid for displaced homeowners and a moratorium on foreclosures for storm victims whose grant money hasn't arrived.

New Jersey GOP Cools on its Governor

Chris Christie is not getting a lot of love from the very people who are supposed to love him.

What Happens When a Wetland is No Longer Wet?

Sandy dumped a bunch of sand on a protected wetland and now the owner wants to build on it.

New Flood-Plain Building Will Need to Consider Sea Level Rise

President Obama issued an executive order on Friday directing all government agencies handing out federal aid to incorporate stricter building requirements.

The Problem Obamacare Was Supposed to Fix

The Affordable Care Act provides for drug treatment. But finding a bed in rehab is still a problem. 

Fresh Off Well-Received Iowa Trip, Christie Forms PAC for Presidential Run

Gov. Christie didn't pander to his audience at a conservative gathering over the weekend. Well, not exactly.

Bon Jovi, Jerry Jones & Chris Christie

Christie has made conflicting statements about when he met the owner of the Dallas Cowboys. Here's why it's important.

The YouTube Governor, Decoded

This is how Christie and his team built his nationally-minded brand.

Cuba Announcement Continues to Send Ripples Through New Jersey

If you think Washington is divided over Obama's new Cuba policy, check out how much disagreement there is between Cuban-Americans and their relatives back home.