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New Jersey Debates Gun Laws and Domestic Violence Victims

A set of bills in the New Jersey legislature seek to make it harder for domestic violence abusers to keep their guns, and make it easier for victims to obtain them. 

Christie, Catholicism & Climate Change

The Pope's new statement on climate change could give Gov. Christie, a Catholic Republican, an opportunity. Or it could drive him further to the right. 

Given the Chance to Appeal, Many Sandy Victims Give Up Instead

New rules allow homeowners to resubmit flood insurance claims, but many say they've given up trying to get more money.

NJ Offers Tax Breaks to Political Donor

The New Jersey Economic Development Authority has offered $164 million in tax breaks to a company that contributed to the Republican Governor's Association when Chris Christie was chair.

Lingering Questions: Christie's Bridgegate Report Isn't Going Away Any Time Soon

Four reasons why the Mastro Report is at the center of both the upcoming Bridgegate trial and Christie's presidential campaign.

Clash Between Police, Crowds at NJ Hip Hop Concert Prompts Questions

New Jersey State Police officers donned riot gear and fired tear gas after a group of non-ticket holders forcefully tried to gain admission into the concert.

The $32 Ticket to World Trade Center is Based on Hidden Calculations

The Port Authority won't disclose its deal to run the new observation deck.

Christie Calls for End to Common Core Standards in NJ

After years of supporting the national standards, the Republican governor now says the system isn't working for New Jersey students.

Hundreds of NJ Students Fail Grad Test and Earn Diploma by Appeal

 An alternate route to graduation raises questions about whether it helps or hurts kids in poor communities.

Hundreds of Teachers Laid Off Across New Jersey

School districts in New Jersey are announcing staff and teacher layoffs.

When Race and Drugs Intersect, Children More Likely to Enter Foster Care

An NJPR investigation found that black children in New Jersey are more than twice as likely as white children to be taken away when parental drugs are involved.

Black Mothers Judged Unfit at Higher Rate than White Mothers in NJ

An investigation by New Jersey Public Radio finds black mothers have their children taken away for things like marijuana use and not having a well-stocked refrigerator.

State Workers say NJ Affirmative Action Programs are Neglected

African American state employees say programs meant to encourage diversity and monitor discrimination are being ignored. 

New Jersey City Seeks to Move Past Violent Reputation

Community leaders in Paterson, NJ, are hopeful that a truce will end a cycle of youth violence that's long plagued the city.

Turbulence Ahead: Chris Christie and the 'Chairman's Flight'

Here's how United Airlines sought big fee reductions from the Port Authority, greased by a special flight route, fancy meals and campaign contributions — and how it all fell apart. 

Yo Christie, Did You Hear What The Next Mayor of Philly Said About You?

The time the soon-to-be-mayor of Philadelphia cursed out Chris Christie on Twitter.

Obama Plays In Christie's Democratic Sandbox

Obama and Christie have something in common, and Christie hates it.

Faith — Religious and Otherwise — Keeps Some Garden State Kids Unvaccinated

New Jersey releases immunization data for all schools. Most kids have most of their shots, but there are pockets where they don't — and where Trenton simply doesn't know.

Obama Visits Camden to Praise Police Efforts

President Obama heads to New Jersey while Gov. Chris Christie is in New Hampshire.

How Christie Talks About The Bridge Thing

Were these Christie's final words on Bridgegate?