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NJ Lobbyists Spent Record $73M in 2011: Report

Lobbyists in New Jersey spent a record $73 million last year, according to a report by the state's Election Law Enforcement Commission released this week.

AG Holder: NYPD's Surveillance of NJ Muslims Is 'Disturbing'

Attorney General Eric Holder said the NYPD's surveillance of the Muslim population in New Jersey was "disturbing" and is under review at the Justice Department during a Senate hearing in Washington, D.C., on Thursday.

Prosecution Rests Case in NJ Webcam Spying Trial

The prosecution rested its case Thursday against a Rutgers student who is accused of using a webcam to spy on his roommate during an encounter with another man.

Christie, Lawmakers Agree to Fix Anti-Bullying Law

Gov. Chris Christie and New Jersey lawmakers have agreed to fix the state's anti-bullying law. The law was struck down in January when a state panel found it was a financial burden to school districts.

"When I was describing what the FBI knew and what the FBI didn't know, I had members of the community looking at me saying 'Why should I believe you?' which we have never had before. These are leaders in the community, people of influence."
— Michael B. Ward, FBI special agent in charge of Newark’s office on FBI Head in Newark Says NYPD Has 'Strained' Relationships in NJ


Christie Will Work With Sweeney on Tax Cut Plan

Governor Chris Christie says it's a good day for New Jerseyans because the Democratic leader of the state Senate agrees that residents deserve an income tax break.

Jurors See Video of Interview in Webcam Spy Case

The prosecution in the Rutgers webcam spying trial played a video on Wednesday of the defendant, Dharun Ravi, speaking with investigators the day after Tyler Clementi jumped off the George Washington Bridge.

Newark Residents Speak Out on Rutgers Merger

Newark residents ripped into New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's plan to reorganize the state's public universities and medical and dental school at a public hearing Tuesday.


Rutgers Student Saw and Saved Roommates' Tweets

In the last two days of his life, Rutgers student Tyler Clementi read the tweets of his roommate, Dharun Ravi, and took screen shots that were saved onto his computer in the days before his suicide.

NJ Rep. Donald Payne Dies at 77

Payne was New Jersey's first black congressman. The 12-term member of the House had announced in February that he was undergoing treatment for colon cancer and would continue to represent his district.


Rutgers Roommate Saved Tweets, Detective Says

A detective has shown jurors that a Rutgers University student saved screenshots of his roommate's Twitter postings that said he was seen on a video chat "making out with a dude" and "daring" others to watch.


Watch Live: Governor Chris Christie on NJ Budget

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie addresses the state's budget and his new proposals to close revenue gaps in a press conference Monday morning.

Student in Clementi Spy Case Spoke of 'Viewing Party,' Says Pal

A friend says a former Rutgers student accused of using a webcam to spy on his roommate's intimate encounter with another man told her there was going to be a "viewing party" to watch the liaison.

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NJ Muslims, Officials Discuss NYPD Program

Muslim leaders say New Jersey's attorney general stopped short of promising a formal investigation into New York Police Department surveillance operations in the state during a meeting they characterized as a positive first step.

Man With Tyler Clementi Says He Noticed Webcam in Dorm Room

The other man who allegedly had his privacy invaded in the Rutgers webcam spying trial took the witness stand Friday. The 32-year-old man, identified only as M.B, testified that Ravi's webcam, which was mounted on the top of his desktop computer, was pointing directly at Clementi's bed.

Christie Critical of NYPD Surveillance Secrecy

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie kept up his criticism of the New York Police Department on Thursday saying the department ignored one of the key lessons of the 9/11 attacks when it conducted secret surveillance of Muslim communities in New Jersey: sharing information.

Defense Asks for Mistrial as Testimony Continues about Clementi Webcam

The defense attorney for Dharun Ravi requested a mistrial Thursday, but it was turned down by Middlesex County Judge Glenn Berman.

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Gov Christie Critical of NYPD Surveillance Secrecy

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has sharply criticized the New York Police Department for not informing federal law enforcement agencies about their secret surveillance of Muslims in Newark.

Witness Says Rutgers Roommate Aimed Web Cam at Clementi's Bed

A friend of Dharun Ravi testified Wednesday in the Rutgers webcam spying trial that he helped the defendant adjust his webcam to aim it toward Tyler Clementi’s bed.

NJ Revives Long-Closed Bergen County Hospital

New Jersey health officials say a long-shuttered Bergen County hospital will reopen as an emergency care facility after years of tussling over its future.