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NJ Supreme Court Rules Judges Can Skimp on Pension Payments

New Jersey's Supreme Court says the state's judges don't have to contribute more to their pensions and health benefits, as is currently required of all other state employees.

NJ Buses Get Big Boost From Federal Funds

New Jersey made out with $76 million in federal funding for its buses — the biggest share of any state in the nation, the U.S. Department of Transportation announced Monday.

NJ Still a Long Way from Recovery, Report Shows

The jump in New Jersey’s unemployment rate last month to 9.6 percent — the farthest the state has been above the national average in 30 years — is just the latest in a series of sobering statistics on the state’s economy and budget.

NJ Foster Care System is Improving, But Not Enough

New Jersey's child welfare system continues to get mixed results in its decade-long effort to better protect abused children.

Map | NJ Traffic Fatalities Up in 2011

After falling for three years in a row, the number of automobile fatalities in New Jersey rose in 2011, according to preliminary data from the State Police.

NJ Lawmakers Examine Oversight of Halfway Houses

The commissioner of the New Jersey Department of Corrections defended the state’s system of halfway houses that has come under fire recently for reported rampant violence, drug use and escapes.

To Combat Counterfeiting, NJ Transit Unveils Secure Tickets

New Jersey Transit officials are cracking down on counterfeit tickets. Weekly and monthly passes will now feature an anti-counterfeit device, which can only be detected by the transit staff's special UV scanners.

NJ Asks Feds for Storm Aid for South Jersey

Acting Gov. Kim Guadagno has requested federal disaster aid for three southern New Jersey counties hit hard by weekend thunderstorms.

DreamWorks Plans Theme Park for Meadowlands

DreamWorks announced its plans to create an indoor theme park in the New Jersey Meadowlands — the Hollywood studio’s first — that would feature attractions based on its hit productions “Shrek,” “Kung Fu Panda” and others.


Delays at Newark Airport After Reports of Smoke in Control Tower

Flight delays could persist into the evening at New Jersey's Newark Liberty International Airport after the control tower was evacuated for an hour due to a report of smoke in an elevator shaft.

NJ Teen Leaps From Seaside Heights Chairlift as Storm Looms

A teen girl jumped from a chair lift in Seaside Heights last weekend to avoid getting struck by lightening during a fast-moving storm.

Christie Says DC Needs 'NJ Approach' to Get Things Done

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was in the nation's capital Monday morning to talk about "the New Jersey approach" to getting things done in government.

Football Rivals Team Up Against Possible Traffic Tie-ups from Mega-Mall

Concerns about potential traffic from the expansion of the former Xanadu mega-mall project at the Meadowland has brought together unusual allies: the Sierra Club, the New York Jets and Giants.

"What works in New Jersey, I suspect, would be very different from Montana."


Newark Leaders See Benefit to Higher Education Restructuring

The shuffling of New Jersey's state university system is gaining praise from Newark officials who say changes to the plan now make it advantageous to the city.

NJ County Under Outdoor Water Ban as Crews Fix Water Main Break

New Jersey officials are banning outdoor water use in Monmouth County after three water mains broke.

South Jersey Residents Left in the Dark for Days by Violent Storm

Some South Jersey residents who lost electricity during the violent storms over the weekend may have to go without power for up to six days, a utility said Monday.

Christie Beats Tax Cut Drum in Trenton onto National Stage

Governor Chris Christie tried to cajole the Democratically controlled legislature on Monday to add tax cuts to their list of bipartisan accomplishments for the year. And to drive home the point, he hit the national airwaves after his address.

Battle Over Tax Cut Continues in Trenton

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has called a special session of the state legislature for Monday to consider his proposal to cut income taxes by 10 percent. It’s a measure that has been rejected by the Democratically-controlled state Senate and Assembly.

Christie Signs Budget, But Slashes Some Items

Governor Chris Christie has signed a $31.7 billion dollar budget for the next fiscal year that starts Sunday. But he also vetoed $361 million in spending backed by  Democrats that Christie said the state can't afford.