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Harris Defeat Underscores Political Impasse Over NJ Supreme Court

Republican Governor Chris Christie and Senate Democratic leaders are locked in a constitutional battle over the political balance and future independence of the New Jersey Supreme Court — one that threatens to leave the once-proud high court two justices short all the way through next year’s gubernatorial election.

Dems Duke it Out for Shot at Payne’s Seat

There’s less than a week to go before the Democratic primary, and candidates running to try and succeed the late Congressman Donald Payne Sr. have been relying on tried and true methods to make their case to the voters: name recognition, resumes and endorsements.

Christie Accuses Dems of 'Partisan Politics' after Court Pick is Voted Down

An angry Gov. Chris Christie accused Senate Democrats of playing partisan politics at the expense of the gay, black Republican he nominated to the New Jersey Supreme Court.

As you can see these families are coming here for a free meal, and they all have clean clothes. They are embarrassed but they get to take something home. My situation's a little bit different. I am actually a homeowner, and we struggle.
— Paul Oliver, longtime resident of Paterson, N.J. on Incumbents in NJ Battle for District That Is a Study in Contrasts


Ex-Rutgers Student Reports to Jail in Webcam Spying Case

The former Rutgers University student convicted of using a webcam to spy on and intimidate his gay roommate has reported to the county jail where he will spend the next 30-days.

After Cory Booker's Remarks, Press Aide Resigns

His communications director insisted that her departure had nothing to do with the Newark, N.J., mayor's controversial comments in which he criticized the Obama campaign for targeting Mitt Romney's experience at Bain Capital. Still, her exit shows how managing the mayor's political message has become a challenge as his star ...

Ex-Rutgers Student Convicted in Webcam Spy Case to Go to Jail

A day after apologizing for the first time, a former Rutgers University student convicted of using a webcam to spy on his gay roommate gave up his right to remain free on Wednesday while New Jersey prosecutors appeal his 30-day jail sentence.

Interactive Map | Wide Disparities in Child Wellbeing Throughout NJ

A child advocacy group's annual survey of the overall wellbeing of New Jersey's kids reveals there is a wide gap between the county where they fare the best, and the one where they fare the worst.

Bill Clinton to Stump for NJ Incumbent Locked in Battle With Fellow Democrat

Former President Bill Clinton will be in northern New Jersey this week to campaign for Democratic Rep. Bill Pascrell, who is battling fellow Democrat Rep. Steve Rothman in a hotly contested primary in the 9th Congressional District.

Facebook Fund Releases Wish List for Newark Public Schools, Charters

The Foundation for Newark’s Future, the fund created from Mark Zuckerberg’s $100 million gift to Newark public schools, will soon commit approximately $15 million to the city’s charter schools -- nearly doubling its overall outlay so far.

The Politics of the Budget: For Christie, Any Income Tax Cut Will Do

To Governor Chris Christie, any "10 percent income tax cut" will do — as long as he can sign it into law by July in time for the Republican National Convention in Tampa this summer. And, as he said this week, "if taxes do not get cut this year, it ...

“I am not condoning what this gentleman did. I’m not defending it. I’m not minimizing it. But I think that’s what the legislature had in mind when they adopted this statute."
— Judge Glenn Berman, indicating there was no threat of violence in the Ravi case. on Sentence in Webcam Spy Trial Sparks Debate Over Hate Crime Prosecutions


NJ Finds NYPD Muslim Surveillance Is Legal

Governor Chris Christie's administration has concluded that New York City police did not violate New Jersey laws when they conducted surveillance of Muslim businesses, mosques and student groups in the state.

NJ Budget Officials Forecast Shows Lower Revenue

The Legislature's chief budget officer says New Jersey has achieved only half of the $1 billion in revenue growth Gov. Chris Christie anticipated for this fiscal year.

A Look at Life Inside Ravi's Jailhouse Digs

The ex-Rutgers student who was convicted of 15 counts including invasion of privacy and bias intimidation for using a webcam to spy on his gay roommate will spend next month inside a jail cell in a Northern New Jersey facility

Prominent Lawmaker Seeks to Slow Down NJ's Virtual Charters

As students continue to sign up for New Jersey’s first experiments with online charter schools, one leading legislator is asking the state to slow down.

Rowan Faculty, Employees Endorse No-Merger Recommendation

A union representing Rowan University’s faculty, adjunct faculty, coaches, and librarians has endorsed a set of recommendations that oppose the school’s proposed merger with Rutgers-Camden. Despite a pledge of neutrality by Rowan’s administration and the union itself, representatives of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) Local 2373 voted to approve ...

Both Sides Dissatisfied With Sentence in Webcam Spy Trial

A former Rutgers student was sentenced to 30-days in jail after he was was convicted of invasion of privacy and a hate crime for using a webcam to spy on his gay roommate. Both the defense and the prosecution are unhappy with the sentence given to Dharun Ravi in the ...

Muslim Leaders, Officials Discuss NYPD Surveillance in NJ

Muslim leaders in New Jersey have been invited back to Trenton for a follow-up meeting with the state's attorney general. They are expected to discuss the state's response to the New York Police Department's secret surveillance of Muslims in Newark, New Jersey.

Ex-Rutgers Student Gets 30 Days in Jail, Probation in Webcam Spy Trial

The Middlesex County Prosecutor's Office says the 30-day sentence given to a former Rutgers student who was convicted of invasion of privacy and a hate crime for using a webcam to spy on his gay roommate is "insufficient" and plans on appealing the sentence.