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Christie Supporters Launch Super PAC

Lest there be any doubt his presidential prospects are alive, Christie's supporters announced the launch of the PAC "America Leads" that can raise unlimited money.

Newark Health Chief Tries to Allay Meningitis Fears

Dr. Hanaa Hamdi spoke with parents at a school where a child recently died of suspected meningitis.

Bridgegate Fall Guy Was Inside Man

Unearthed calendars from David Wildstein show he had more contact with Chris Christie's inner circle than the governor has previously acknowledged. 

Sandy Hecklers Dog Christie in Iowa

Storm victims crowd-funded a trip to follow the New Jersey governor's presidential campaign.

Christie Aide Took Political Trips Before Exxon Settlement

An explosive new allegation links one of Gov. Christie's top aides with a questionable environmental settlement with Exxon Mobil.

Christie Pushes Business-Tax Cuts, Racking Up $600M in Lost Revenue

Next year's budget calls for more in business tax breaks, despite depleted transportation fund and court-ordered pension payments.

Four Former NJ Governors Move to Block Pinelands Panel Nomination

Two Democrats and two Republicans drafted a letter to the New Jersey state senate asking legislators oppose the confirmation of Bob Barr.

Online Testing Arrives in New Jersey and Parents Are Not Happy

A growing number of New Jersey parents are pulling their children out of testing. But federal funding may be on the line if 95% of students don't participate.

Why Did NJ Settle a $9 Billion Pollution Case for Pennies on the Dollar?

New Jersey sought $9 billion from ExxonMobil for the contamination of 1,500 acres of marshland. So why did the Christie administration settle out of court for $250 million?

Christie Flips On Reason For Vetoing Planned Parenthood Funds

Christie is changing his explanation on a controversial policy move just in time for the Republican presidential campaign season.

Christie Is So Focused On New Jersey He May Announce Run For President There

Christie pledges commitment to his day job moments before he talks exclusively to a national presidential campaign reporter.

Christie's Budget Cuts $148M from Hospital Charity Care

Obamacare is helping state with budget problems, but hospitals worry the cuts will leave people in need.

Gov. Chris Christie Unveils Budget for 2016

The Governor renewed his call to overhaul New Jersey's ailing pension fund, but did not address a judge's ruling that he broke the law by shorting NJ's payment into the fund.

Cloudy With a Chance of Injury: What Meteorologists Learned from Sandy

Forecasters are changing their language to emphasize potential harm rather than what type of storm is coming.

Does Christie's 'Don't Raise Taxes' Pledge Include the Gas Tax?

Don't raise taxes. Don't raise taxes. Don't raise taxes. We hear ya, gov. But about the gas tax? Are you pledging, or negotiating?

Deep Freeze Forces NJ's Cape May/Lewes Ferry to Cancel Trips

No more ferry trips between Lewes, Del., and Cape May today, as icy waters and high winds force the ferry to cancel several crossings through Friday morning.

In Newark, Almost Half of Last Year's Murders Remain Unsolved

About 75 percent of those killed in Newark are deliberate targets over drug territory, according to the police director. Of last year's 93 murders, 42 have not yet led to an arrest. 

Did New Jersey Really Lose Out When the Nets Left Town?

It's been more than two years since the New Jersey Nets crossed the river(s) and became the Brooklyn Nets. A look back at what they left behind in downtown Newark.

NJ Says 'NO' to Oysters and All They Have to Offer

New York and New Jersey have startlingly different policies on the bivalve, which can help clean dirty waters and mitigate storm surges from hurricanes.

Who is Still Signing up for ObamaCare in Newark?

New Jersey Public Radio teamed up with New Jersey Citizen Action to host an Obamacare enrollment fair in Newark. Several who enrolled had gone years without any health coverage.