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Jim McGreevey's Lifetime of Benefits for Four Months of Work

Hudson County will pay for the former New Jersey governor's lifetime health benefits. McGreevey put in just four months of work as an attorney for the county.

Why New Jersey’s Lottery Ticket Isn’t Winning

Governor Christie promised a bigger cash haul for NJ's cash strapped government when he privatized the state's lottery system. Instead, it posted its worst return in 40 years.

Problems Pile On for Rutgers Football

Another week, another embarrassing incident for the school’s athletic department. The latest involves star football player Leonte Carroo, who’s just been arrested. 

Charter School Head Says Newark Schools Are Better Since Facebook Gift

One charter school leader praises Mark Zuckerberg’s gift for helping start new charter schools and providing merit pay for the district’s teachers. 

Teachers Union Leader Says Nothing Good Came From Facebook Gift

Union president John Abeigon says Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was "snookered" into trusting Newark leaders on how to spend $100 million gift.

Christie's United Airlines Problem

A major corporate CEO is out and Bridgegate is back in the news. That can't be good for candidate Christie.

The Deal That Brought Mark Zuckerberg's $100 Million Gift to Newark's Schools

How the Facebook founder's $100 million donation to fix the struggling district became a political punching bag. 

United Chief Out as U.S. Attorney Probes Port Authority Dealings

The CEO of United Airlines has resigned as the U.S. Attorney reviews whether a former Port Authority Chief received a free flight route in exchange for benefits for the airline. 

How Booker, Christie Spent the $100 Million Facebook Donation

A new book reveals how Sen. Booker and Gov. Christie chose to use private philanthropy, instead of public funding, to transform Newark schools—without public approval.

Sen. Cory Booker Backing Iran Nuclear Deal

Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey says the deal is “our best opportunity among limited and flawed options.”

Christie’s Private Yahoo vs. Clinton’s Private Server

Hillary Clinton sent emails from a private server. Chris Christie sent an email from his private account. We wade into the debate and ask: How public is private?   

Drivers in New Jersey Fall for Low Gas Prices

With the price under $2 a gallon at some pumps, it may be time for a road trip in the Garden State.

Trump Is Gone From Atlantic City But Not Forgotten

The story of Donald Trump in Atlantic City is the story of any casino: Wins, losses and plenty of spectacle.

Christie Wins Fight in Exxon Toxic Clean-Up Settlement

Environmental groups and Democrats have criticized the deal, saying New Jersey is settling for pennies on the dollar.

NJ Pipeline Pushed Through Without a Vote

A two-year battle to stop a pipeline from crossing the conservation area is pushed through without a vote of the Pinelands Commission. 

Fox News Apologies To Christie Over Obama Hug That Wasn't

Conservatives' biggest gripe with Christie is over a hug that never happened. Nearly three years later, a mea culpa.

Christie's 'No Taxes' Pledge Has Implications in New Jersey

Does no taxes for America mean poor roads for New Jersey?

NJ Supreme Court Turns Attention to Public-Worker Cost-of-Living Adjustments

If court rules COLAs can’t be suspended -- as 2011 law allows -- state could be out $70 billion in projected savings over next three decades

Christie's New Hampshire Strategy

Christie is losing badly in the Granite State, according to the polls. But he has a plan. And it was set in motion back in 2013.

They Love Him at Town Hall Meetings, But Not When The Pollsters Call

Christie is doing horribly in the polls, but you wouldn't know that on the ground in New Hampshire.