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Federal Grant Could Help Region's Cargo Industry

Global Container Terminals USA in Jersey City, N.J., has secured an $11.4 million federal grant to buy two new cranes. Federal officials said the money will reduce truck traffic and diesel emissions in the state, as well as create jobs in the region.

Legislative Message to Rutgers on Restructuring: Take It or Leave It

The Legislature Thursday made several moves in its battle to restructure New Jersey higher education, including a legislative warning to the Rutgers' board of trustees that the plan is all or nothing — accept all aspects of the proposal or have it voided in its entirety.

NJ Lawmakers Reach Deal on Teacher Tenure

The New Jersey State Senate voted unanimously Thursday to approve a bill that would make it harder for teachers to obtain and keep tenure.

WNJP: Sussex Service Interruption

Beginning at 9 a.m. on Thursday, June 21 WNJP will be temporarily off the air. Service will resume in the afternoon on Friday, June 22. Users will be able to stream NJPR online during this time.

Democrats Giving Christie Three Tax Cuts -- Just Not the One He Wants

For Governor Chris Christie, it must be like a bad horror movie. Earlier this week, he likened Democrats to vampires -- recalcitrant ones who won't stay dead despite the stakes through their hearts. Now he may be facing an even more fiendish foe: zombie Democrats called back to life after ...

In NJ Budget Battle, Dems Try to Stay in Sync

Democrats control the State Senate and Assembly in New Jersey. They are currently working on a budget proposal to counter the one put out by Republican Gov. Chris Christie. But fissures within the Democratic party are making a united front difficult to achieve, and may help tip the situation to ...

Coast Guard Says NJ Hoax May Be Linked to Texas Mayday Call

There may be a link between a hoax distress call reporting a yacht explosion off the New Jersey coast and a call in Texas last month, officials said Wednesday.

Despite Dim Projections, Solar Installations Boom in NJ

Despite all the gloom and doom talk about the solar sector, New Jersey installed more solar systems in the first three months of the year than any other state in the nation.

Claim That Halfway House Inmates Ask to Return to Prison Are ‘Ludicrous’: Official

A company that runs many halfway houses in New Jersey where reports of abuse are rampant told WNYC that claims some inmates request to return to prison because they fear for their safety in the privately run facilities is “ludicrous.”

NJ Gov Says Rutgers Merger Will 'Keep Families Together'

Governor Chris Christie said on Tuesday that New Jersey was the No. 1 exporter of college students in the country — and that his controversial Rutgers reorganization plan will help keep families together.

Christie Quips: I Want to Know If I Blew It

Governor Chris Christie again played coy when asked whether he would run for vice president – saying he would consider it but doubted GOP presidential frontrunner Mitt Romney would ask.

Ex-Rutgers Student Convicted of Webcam Spying Leaves Jail

A former Rutgers student convicted of bias intimidation for using a webcam to watch his gay roommate kiss another man was released from jail after serving 20 days of a 30-day sentence on Tuesday.

Cost of Controversial Rutgers Merger Expected to Be Unveiled Monday

The cost of Governor Chris Christie’s ambitious plan to reconfigure Rutgers University in Newark, New Brunswick and Camden will be revealed Monday.

Christie Ramps Up Halfway House Inspections After Scathing Report

Governor Chris Christie demanded stepped-up inspections of the state's halfway houses following a report that found lax oversight, escapes and widespread use of violence and drugs were common at many privately run facilities in New Jersey.

With Thirteen Days To Go, No One is Blinking

With less than two weeks left ahead of New Jersey's budget deadline, Governor Chris Christie and the Democrats, who control the state house, remain at odds over Christie's proposal for a 10 percent income tax cut.

As Reforms Take Hold, Teachers Reapply or Leave

Teachers at eight schools slated for intensive reform in Newark began learning on Friday whether they'd be keeping their positions at their current schools.

Ex-Rutgers Student Expected to Leave Jail Next Week

A New Jersey jail warden says the former Rutgers student convicted of using a webcam to spy on his roommate will likely be released from prison Tuesday after serving 20 days of a 30-day sentence.

“I don’t know if they think I’m not competent, capable—I don’t know. But what I believe is that there’s a reason I’m here. I believe that if given two more years, this school will be one of those schools that people are knocking on the doors to get into.”
— Erskine Glover, principal of Quitman Street Community School on Bracing for Reform: A Newark School Prepares to Reinvent Itself, Again


Dems Slam Christie Over Spending in NJ Budget Battle

Governor Chris Christie’s budget proposal calls for the highest spending increase in the nation, even as state revenue projections are below initial estimates, a new analysis shows.

Yacht Hoax Cost Hundreds of Thousands More Than Initial Estimate

The New Jersey coast guard said it spent $318,000 on the hoax yacht explosion – well over authorities’ initial $88,000 estimate.