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FEMA Warned Christie That No-Bid Contract Could Jeopardize Funds

New information has emerged about a New Jersey contract with AshBritt, a politically-connected debris removal company.  

New Jersey More Prone to Flooding Post Sandy

Up and down the New Jersey coast, municipalities from Sea Bright to Ortley Beach are reporting increased incidences of flooding, even in places that don’t normally flood. But officials don’t agree on why it’s happening or how to stop it.

State Takes Over Troubled Camden Schools

Gov. Chris Christie announced Monday that the state is taking over the school system in Camden.

Trails of Post Sandy Debris Surface with Spring

A lot of attention has been focused on the damage Sandy caused to beaches. But as spring blooms, officials are just now getting a sense of what a blow the storm was to millions of acres of public forest lands and hiking trails.

Why Poverty, Disability Are Baked into Student Test Scores

Starting next year teachers in New Jersey are going to be held accountable for how much their students learn, as part of Governor Chris Christie’s teacher tenure reform plan. At least...

Sandy Charities Track Record a Mixed Bag

The tracking of charities is spotty and there's no way to know exactly how much has been donated. But at least half of the donations surveyed has yet to reach storm victims.

Report: Grand Jury Investigating NJ Sen. Menendez

A federal grand jury in Miami is reportedly investigating New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez over his role in advocating for the business interests of his friend Salomon Melgen, a Florida eye doctor who's a major contributor to Menendez.

Christie Comment Alienates Host

The African American pastor who hosted Governor Chris Christie's town hall this week has asked the Governor to apologize for his comments about Democratic Assembly Speaker Shelia Oliver.

Christie Urban Strategy Has Perils

At a town hall in Paterson -- only the second out of 102 to be held in an urban church, Gov. Chris Christie criticized Speaker of the Assembly, Sheila Oliver (D-Essex) for blocking his school voucher bill.  Oliver called the comments a racial provocation.

In Hunt for Votes, Christie Amps up Voucher Talk

Never one to shy away from a fight, Gov. Chris Christie told the mostly African-American crowd at a town hall in Paterson that one of their own was failing them by not supporting public funding of vouchers for private schools. He called out Speaker of the Assembly ...

Fight Brewing Between Towns and State Over Utilities’ Taxes

For years, Trenton has been diverting millions of dollars in local property payments due to municipalities from gas and electric utilities to close state budget gaps.

Policing Takes Center Stage at Cory Booker State of City Address

To a crowd of about 500 people, Newark Mayor Cory Booker announced that after years of difficult but necessary budget cuts, Newark can start investing again.

Inside the K-Street Trade Group Where Menendez's Influence Meets Washington Money

A Senate ethics probe into the relationship between Senator Robert Menendez's and a Miami doctor and major campaign donor is bringing additional scrutiny to Senator Menendez's formidable campaign finance operation and his sphere of influence.

Special Education Expansion Brings Challenges, Hope to Newark School

Quitman Street Renew School is one of seven buildings that are the focus of plans to improve the Newark public schools. One of it's new programs has brought an influx of special education students, which raises concern that a school with so many kids with high needs will make it ...

Flood Insurance Claims Delayed and Diminished

Many New Jersey homeowners badly-affected by Sandy are still struggling to repair their damages and rebuild.  But thousands who filed flood insurance claims months ago, have yet to receive the money they need to pay for that work. That's causing a lot of finger pointing from Trenton to Washington.

FEMA Aid Deadline for NJ Approaches

The deadline for New Jersey residents who suffered losses from Sandy to register with FEMA for disaster assistance or apply for low-interest loans from the Small Business Administration is Friday.

NJ Governor Christie Proposes $32.9 Billion Budget

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie proposed a $32.9 billion budget Tuesday that allows more poor residents to enroll in Medicaid and increases public school aid but defers property tax rebates for three months to cover a projected budget shortfall.

Christie Agrees to Expand Medicaid in NJ

Hundreds of thousands of uninsured, low-income residents in New Jersey could soon be covered by President Obama's healthcare overhaul, now that Governor Chris Christie is endorsing ...

Atlantic City's Revel Casino Declares Bankruptcy

Governor Chris Christie is putting a positive spin on the bankruptcy filing by Atlantic City's newest casino and hotel. The New Jersey governor says the filing actually shows confidence in Revel because investors are exchanging debt for stock in the company.  

"I'm not announcing a retirement. I'm announcing today that I will be continuing on my mission to do the right thing wherever I can."
— Frank Lautenberg on Sen. Lautenberg Officially Retiring