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What's Ahead for New Jersey's Solar Sector?

New Jersey’s solar industry is at a crossroads, a somewhat surprising development given its wildly successful record in the past decade.

NJ Senators Advance Health Insurance Exchange

A New Jersey state Senate committee has again advanced a bill that would create a state-run health insurance exchange.

Where Are the Banks for NJ's Poor and Elderly?

One in four New Jerseyans either is without a bank account or conducts some or all of his or her finances outside the mainstream banking system, according to a recent report from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.

As Voter Requirements Increase in Other States, NJ Goes Easy

Across the country dozens of states have moved to restrict access to voter registration and voting by adding new identification requirements. But New Jersey is moving in the opposite direction.

Roadwork Ahead: NJ Bill Would Give New Job to Environmental Infrastructure Trust

For years, the state’s Environmental Infrastructure Trust has earned widespread praise for helping local governments clean up New Jersey’s waterways by issuing low-interest loans to upgrade wastewater treatment plants, not to mention creating a huge amount of jobs in the process.

NJ Supreme Court Decision Could Make It Tougher to Pursue Polluters

The New Jersey Supreme Court yesterday ruled that the state must demonstrate a cause-and-effect connection before it holds a suspected polluter responsible for contaminating groundwater or other natural resources, even if a hazardous discharge has occurred.

Feds Remove North NJ Site from Superfund List

Federal officials say a six-acre plot in northern New Jersey that was once contaminated with radioactive thorium has been officially removed from the nation's Superfund list.

Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities Let Seniors Age in Place

Legislation that would create a pilot program to provide support services in communities with high concentrations of senior citizens has been approved by the Senate Health and Senior Services Committee and goes to the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee for consideration.

Christie Heads to NH for GOP Campaign

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie will travel to New Hampshire Tuesday for a fundraiser and rally for Republican gubernatorial candidate Ovide  Lamontagne.

Shad Resurgence Marks a Cleaner Delaware River

American shad were once so common that East Coast rivers were described as being “black” and “boiling” as tens of millions of fish migrated upstream each spring to spawn. Today, approximately 98 percent of the fish that formed a staple of the Colonial diet have been depleted. In rivers once ...

Unemployment Rate Rises for Fifth Straight Month in NJ

With New Jersey’s unemployment rate rising to a new 35-year high of 9.9 percent, the Christie administration yesterday took aim at the methodology used to determine the rate, saying there is clearly something awry with the nationwide household survey used to come up with the numbers.

"This is a town where everyone knows your name, your children’s name, your dog’s name. When you live here you have an instant family."


Cerf & Co. Deliver 'State of the Schools' Address

It’s becoming an annual “State of the Schools” address, with the New Jersey's education commissioner and top lieutenants exhaustively outline the administration’s plans and priorities for the coming year.

NJ No. 2 Worst in Nation for Delinquencies, Foreclosures

New Jersey's rate of foreclosures or serious delinquencies is now the No. 2 worst in the nation, second only to Florida, according to a report from the  Mortgage Bankers Association.

NJ Prosecutors Who Make Errors Aren't Disciplined, Report Finds

A report found that New Jersey prosecutors — whose mistakes may lead to convictions that are reversed on appeal — were never disciplined for their in-court errors.

Cost of Subsidizing Offshore Wind May Have Hit a Downdraft

The developer of the state’s first offshore wind farm is telling regulatory officials that the project's impact on ratepayers will be significantly lower than a similarly scaled initiative in Rhode Island, which is likely to be the first operating wind farm off the East Coast.

Getting Out the School Board Vote in the Garden State

While the presidential election in November is getting all the headlines, another landmark vote will be taking place on November 6 that is struggling to grab people's attention.

NJ Senate Committee Takes Up Bills for Alternative-Fueled Vehicle

New Jersey has one of the most ambitious clean energy programs in the nation, but some have criticized the state for not doing enough to promote the development of electric vehicles and other alternative-fueled cars.

Culture of Corruption in North Bergen

The Hudson County town of North Bergen is so corrupt that town officials used city employees to get themselves re-elected, handed out no-show jobs and made electioneering part of keeping of those jobs, according to a report in the Star-Ledger

Camden Set to Impose Nighttime Curfew

The city of Camden, N.J, is imposing a curfew on businesses including restaurants and retailers, starting on Monday.