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Booker's Senate Bid Sees Support in the Suburbs, Skepticism in Newark

A day after announcing his bid for U.S. Senate, Newark Mayor Cory Booker was greeted like a rock star at North Jersey Pride in Maplewood on Sunday.

Meet the Newest Senator from NJ

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's pick to fill the seat vacated by Senator Frank Lautenberg isn't a household name. But Attorney General Jeff Chiesa and the governor have had a friendship that spans decades. 

Lautenberg Recalled at Funeral for Humble Start

"He came out fighting, and he never stopped," Rabbi Elliot Cosgrove told mourners.

Dawn Quixote? Buono Challenges Christie

New Jersey Public Radio's Terri Langford reports the State Senator could use a new hand to play in her struggle to take on Governor Chris Christie.

Special Election Throws a Wrench in Booker's Plans for the U.S. Senate

The death of Senator Frank Lautenberg on Monday began a scramble in New Jersey’s political world to figure out how the seat will be filled.

Governor Chris Christie announced Tuesday the state will hold a special election on October 16, 2013. The decision has thrown a wrench into Newark Mayor ...

Christie Calls Special Election in Oct. for Lautenberg Seat

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie says he wants to hold a special election in October to fill the U.S. Senate seat left vacant by Frank Lautenberg's death on Monday.

Lautenberg Dead at Age 89

Senator Frank Lautenberg, a multimillionaire New Jersey businessman and liberal who was called out of retirement for a second tour of duty in Congress, has died at age 89 from complications of viral pneumonia.

Atlantic City Faces Tough Times

Seven months after Sandy, tourism officials in Atlantic City are doing their best to dispel lingering misperceptions about damage to the city’s boardwalk.  They’re gearing up for what they hope will be a busy summer season, and they’re hopeful that by re-branding the city as more than just a gambling ...

Sandy Isn't Keeping Prom Away From the NJ Shore

Students say they aren't letting the destruction by Sandy get in the way of a weekend with their friends after prom. New Jersey Public Radio's Sarah Gonzalez brings us along for the high school tradition.

Seton Hall Reopens After Bomb Threat

Seton Hall University reopened Thursday evening after a false bombs threat forced an evacuation of the main campus earlier that day.

Nocera: Big Ten Regretting Rutgers Decision? Not for a Second

The Big Ten isn’t likely thinking twice about having Rutgers join the conference next year despite scandals that have dogged its athletic department, according to New York Times columnist Joe Nocera said.

As Pipeline Expands, Questions Raised Over Who Protects NJ Water

The Highlands Region in the northwest corner of New Jersey provides water for more than 5 million households in the state. A utility company, Tennessee Gas Pipeline, is expanding the natural gas line that runs through the environmentally protected area. The fight over the project has become the centerpiece of ...

Newark Promoting Urban Farms

Newark got close to $90,000 from the USDA to promote farmer’s markets through “culturally appropriate marketing." And for the first time starting this June, the city’s 77,000 reside...

Healy Success His Own Demise

Mayor Jeremiah Healy attracted newcomers to Jersey City, and that just might have been his downfall.

Sandy's 'Forgotten Child' Struggles to Recover

Most of the attention on Sandy’s impact has focused on coastal areas, but several inland towns were also devastated, including the small, Bergen County borough of Moonachie.

Watch Live: Submerged NJ Roller Coaster Removed From Sea

WATCH LIVE: The partially submerged Seaside Heights roller coaster is being excavated from the ocean at this hour. The hulking frame of the Jet Star has become a symbol of Sandy's des...

Submerged Seaside Heights Roller Coaster to Be Removed

The roller coaster in Seaside Heights, N.J., that has become the symbol of Sandy’s wrath along the Jersey Shore is finally being removed from its watery grave this week. “Once we ...

NJ Supreme Court Wades Into Dune Debate

The New Jersey Supreme Court will hear arguments Monday in a case that could make it more costly for towns to build protective dunes on the beach.

Christie Gets Bariatric Surgery to Slim Down, But Many Candidates Lack Access to Procedure

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has undergone lap-band surgery in a bid to lose weight. The various procedures — known collectively as bariatric surgery — have a mixed record, but they've grown more popular as the nation grapples with increasing obesity rates. Even so, these operations are not an option ...

Auctioning Comics to Restore Jersey Shore Staple Post-Sandy

Comics have always been a big deal to the men in Brick Wenzel’s family. But when Sandy devastated his home and his business, Wenzel realized that the books had more than sentimental value – they had quite a bit of monetary value as well.