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Child's Death Raises Questions About NJ Gun Laws

Six-year-old Brandon Holt was fatally shot in the head Monday by a 4-year-old friend and neighbor who got hold of a rifle in his home, and the incident is calling into question a law that charges gun owners with disorderly conduct if a minor gains unsupervised access to a gun.

New Jersey's New School Performance Report Offers More Data Than Before

The New Jersey Department of Education today released its 2011-12 School Performance Report. It replaces the old School Report Card format and offers more data, including a score based on how well schools prepare students for college and careers.

For One Beach Block, Rebuild on Hold

Fielder Avenue in Ortley Beach was one of the worst hit blocks at the shore. Sandy destroyed 10 homes, and badly damaged most others. WNYC has been visiting the block and collecting the stories of residents and their struggles to rebuild.

"I don't care about the legalities and the niceties."
— Chris Christie on Christie Defends Rutgers President


NJ Jails Clogged While People Await Trial

A new report shows New Jersey's county jails are full of people who could not afford bail and are currently awaiting trial.

Rutgers Athletic Director Resigns

Tim Pernetti resigned as Rutgers athletic director on Friday, two days after the basketball coach he hired was dismissed for abusive behavior during practices - actions that prompted nationwide outrage once a video went public.

At Jersey Shore, Some Push for Buy Outs

While a strong contingent of people — from beach front homeowners to Governor Chris Christie — are all for rebuilding the New Jersey shore, some others are saying the properties should be bought out and restored as a natural habitat area.

Old Water Pipes, New Development...Big Problem

A string of water main breaks in Hoboken last week is causing the city to take a closer look at its aging drinking water system.

The city has had to repair anywhere from 12 to 37 water mains each year. In 2012, the city had to repair 21 water mains.

Latest Rutgers Scandal Threatens to Stain School’s Reputation

Rutgers basketball coach Mike Rice may have been fired after a video surfaced showing him shouting gay slurs and physically abusing players during practice – but another causality of the scandal may be the school's reputation: "There will be a stigma attached to the school for years to come,” — ...

Rutgers Fires Basketball Coach

Rutgers has fired men's basketball coach Mike Rice.

One Train Ticket in New Jersey Can be Valid for Years ... If You Never Get on a Train

Constrained by the lack of public loitering laws in the Garden State, New Jersey Transit is taking a different approach with homeless people who have taken up residence in train stations. The transit agency can't ask homeless people to leave the waiting areas, so they’re trying a kinder approach to ...

FEMA Warned Christie That No-Bid Contract Could Jeopardize Funds

New information has emerged about a New Jersey contract with AshBritt, a politically-connected debris removal company.  

New Jersey More Prone to Flooding Post Sandy

Up and down the New Jersey coast, municipalities from Sea Bright to Ortley Beach are reporting increased incidences of flooding, even in places that don’t normally flood. But officials don’t agree on why it’s happening or how to stop it.

State Takes Over Troubled Camden Schools

Gov. Chris Christie announced Monday that the state is taking over the school system in Camden.

Trails of Post Sandy Debris Surface with Spring

A lot of attention has been focused on the damage Sandy caused to beaches. But as spring blooms, officials are just now getting a sense of what a blow the storm was to millions of acres of public forest lands and hiking trails.

Why Poverty, Disability Are Baked into Student Test Scores

Starting next year teachers in New Jersey are going to be held accountable for how much their students learn, as part of Governor Chris Christie’s teacher tenure reform plan. At least a third of their evaluation will be based on how much they raise test scores on the NJ ASK ...

Sandy Charities Track Record a Mixed Bag

The tracking of charities is spotty and there's no way to know exactly how much has been donated. But at least half of the donations surveyed has yet to reach storm victims.

Report: Grand Jury Investigating NJ Sen. Menendez

A federal grand jury in Miami is reportedly investigating New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez over his role in advocating for the business interests of his friend Salomon Melgen, a Florida eye doctor who's a major contributor to Menendez.

Christie Comment Alienates Host

The African American pastor who hosted Governor Chris Christie's town hall this week has asked the Governor to apologize for his comments about Democratic Assembly Speaker Shelia Oliver.

Christie Urban Strategy Has Perils

At a town hall in Paterson -- only the second out of 102 to be held in an urban church, Gov. Chris Christie criticized Speaker of the Assembly, Sheila Oliver (D-Essex) for blocking his school voucher bill.  Oliver called the comments a racial provocation.