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Booker's Sexual Orientation Brought up in NJ Senate Race

The race between U.S. Senate hopefuls Republican Steve Lonegan and Democrat Cory Booker has gotten personal. The issue is Booker’s sexual orientation.

The "Best Tasting Water" in New Jersey

This month, Livingston was presented with an award for having the "best tasting water" in the state by the New Jersey Chapter of the American Water Works Association. And earlier this summer, Facebook called Livingston one of the top-10 "fittest" cities in America.

Newark Teachers Get $1.3 Million in Performance-Based Bonus Checks

More than $1.3 million in performance-based bonus checks are being issued to 190 teachers in Newark, N.J.

Newark Police Department Limits Cooperation With Federal Immigration Agency

The police department in Newark, N.J., has decided to limit its cooperation with federal immigration authorities.

Back to School - With a "Shooter Drill" in West Orange

It's sobering that one of our first back-to-school stories this August is all about a "shooter drill" in New Jersey. But that's the reality of back-to-school, 2013-style. This was a major school shooting simulation that took place at Liberty Middle School in West Orange on Tuesday. The story was reported ...

Christie Softening on Climate Change?

Nearly ten months after Sandy, Governor Christie is continuing to avoid discussions about the threat of climate change leading to more severe storms. But remarks the Governor made yesterday show he seems to be taking a softer approach.

Christie, Donovan Present Sandy Report

Governor Chris Christie and U.S. Housing and Urban Development Secretary Shaun Donovan visited a town damaged by Sandy to call attention to a new federal report on how the region should prepare for future storms. Despite the governor's reluctance to speak about climate change, he did express concern about an ...

Raising Up Homes Could Put Them Out Of Reach

As part of Sandy rebuilding efforts along the Jersey Shore, many people are elevating their damaged homes to lift them out of reach from future floods, either because their insurance requires it or because it would make them feel safer.  But lifting homes presents unique problems for elderly or disabled ...

Obama Task Force Reports on Sandy Rebuild

A task force appointed by President Obama is expected to release its report Monday on the post-Sandy rebuilding, which could guide the storm recovery process.

New Jersey Judge Considering Same Sex Marriage

A judge in Trenton has declined to rule immediately on whether same sex marriages in New Jersey should be allowed.

Legislators Hear Sandy Recovery Taking "Wrong Approach'

Before a rare joint meeting of the Senate and Assembly Environment committees, a series of environmental experts testified that the state is not considering the future effects of climate change and not focusing enough of its efforts on offering buyouts in flood prone areas.

First Batch of Stop-and-Frisk Data Released by Newark Police

Just over half of Newark's population is black. But in the month of July, blacks made up 72-percent of the Stop-and-Frisk cases, according to the first batch of data released today by the Newark Police Department.

A Shark Panic in New Jersey - From Over 90 Years Ago

We may have missed 'Shark Week' on the Discovery Channel but we'll make up for it with a terrifying New Jersey story. This gruesome slice of state history appeared on It all started in Beach Haven in July of 1916.

An Easy Win for Lonegan in the GOP Senate Primary

Steve Lonegan won the GOP primary with almost 80 percent of the vote last night. He defeated physician Alieta Eck.

At Republican Party headquarters, Lonegan wasted no time in blasting his opponent, Cory Booker, as beholden to Hollywood and Silicon Valley. But it has been over two decades ...

Booker Wins Democratic Nod for NJ Senator

A rising star in the Democratic Party and a Republican former mayor won their parties' primaries on Tuesday to set up a campaign of political and stylistic contrasts as they seek to fill the final 15 months of the term of the late U.S. Sen. Frank Lautenberg.

NJ Senate Primary Turnout Wasn't the Lowest. But Almost.

Thanks to the celebrity of Democratic front-runner Cory Booker, the race to fill the seat of the late Sen. Frank Lautenberg  has garnered national media attention. But national headlines did little to motivate voter turnout. See live results here.

New Jersey voters sitting out primary elections

A small percentage of New Jersey voters could decide who wins Tuesday's special Senate primary -- given the mid-summer timing of the election and a trend of fewer residents casting ballots in the past several primaries.

Pesticide-Free Zone

It's the latest suburban showdown. Barista Kids recently reported on the growing divide between neighbors who spray their lawns with pesticides... and those who do not. Debbie Galant with New Jersey News Commons speaks with New Jersey Public Radio's David Furst about a new program to encourage pesticide-free lawns in ...

In Newark, Gunshot Detection System Falls Short of Booker's Claims

Mayor Cory Booker touts the gunshot detection technology he brought in to combat gun violence. But, the impact of the technology has been, at best, modest.

Buy-Out Dilemma: To Rebuild or Pull Up Stakes

For many homeowners and businesses recovering from Sandy, the mantra has been to rebuild stronger. But some New Jersey residents have concluded that their best option is not to rebuild at all.