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Seton Hall Reopens After Bomb Threat

Seton Hall University reopened Thursday evening after a false bombs threat forced an evacuation of the main campus earlier that day.

Nocera: Big Ten Regretting Rutgers Decision? Not for a Second

The Big Ten isn’t likely thinking twice about having Rutgers join the conference next year despite scandals that have dogged its athletic department, according to New York Times columnist Joe Nocera said.

As Pipeline Expands, Questions Raised Over Who Protects NJ Water

The Highlands Region in the northwest corner of New Jersey provides water for more than 5 million households in the state. A utility company, Tennessee Gas Pipeline, is expanding the natural gas line that runs through the environmentally protected area. The fight over the project has become the centerpiece of ...

Newark Promoting Urban Farms

Newark got close to $90,000 from the USDA to promote farmer’s markets through “culturally appropriate marketing." And for the first time starting this June, the city’s 77,000 residents on food stamps will be able to use them at each of the cities community-run farmer's markets.

Healy Success His Own Demise

Mayor Jeremiah Healy attracted newcomers to Jersey City, and that just might have been his downfall.

Sandy's 'Forgotten Child' Struggles to Recover

Most of the attention on Sandy’s impact has focused on coastal areas, but several inland towns were also devastated, including the small, Bergen County borough of Moonachie.

Watch Live: Submerged NJ Roller Coaster Removed From Sea

WATCH LIVE: The partially submerged Seaside Heights roller coaster is being excavated from the ocean at this hour. The hulking frame of the Jet Star has become a symbol of Sandy's destruction along the Jersey Shore.

Submerged Seaside Heights Roller Coaster to Be Removed

The roller coaster in Seaside Heights, N.J., that has become the symbol of Sandy’s wrath along the Jersey Shore is finally being removed from its watery grave this week. “Once we have fully rebuilt Casino Pier it will be some sort of memorial or tribute to the storm and the ...

NJ Supreme Court Wades Into Dune Debate

The New Jersey Supreme Court will hear arguments Monday in a case that could make it more costly for towns to build protective dunes on the beach.

Christie Gets Bariatric Surgery to Slim Down, But Many Candidates Lack Access to Procedure

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has undergone lap-band surgery in a bid to lose weight. The various procedures — known collectively as bariatric surgery — have a mixed record, but they've grown more popular as the nation grapples with increasing obesity rates. Even so, these operations are not an option ...

Auctioning Comics to Restore Jersey Shore Staple Post-Sandy

Comics have always been a big deal to the men in Brick Wenzel’s family. But when Sandy devastated his home and his business, Wenzel realized that the books had more than sentimental value – they had quite a bit of monetary value as well.

Christie on His Weight: 'It's Not a Career Issue'

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said his decision to undergo gastric band surgery to lose weight was not a career move — and that he has no interest in becoming a role model. 

'A Generation of Untrained Scientists' After $1.6 Billion in Cuts to Biomedical Research

It means hundreds of labs will have to shut down – years of medical research sitting on shelves until funding comes back.

Thousands Flock to Jersey Shore for Post-Sandy Marathon

About 12,000 runners competed in the New Jersey Marathon Sunday amid cheering crowds and tighter security. It was the first marathon in New Jersey since Sandy devastated the Shore, and since last month's bombings at the Boston marathon.

New Cops Hit the Streets in Camden

The Camden City Police Department is no more. In its place is a special Metro Division of a new county-run force. The move is aimed at helping the city, which has struggled with high crime rates for years and budget problems that led to police layoffs.

First Cicadas Sighted in NJ!

Cicadas have been spotted crawling out of the ground, butt-first, in Short Hills, N.J. Take a look at some photos, and if cicadas are emerging near you, let us know on our quick cicada-spotting form (we'll send your data to bug scientists who are tracking the emergence).

Ghosts of Sneakers Past

The cover of Boston magazine's May issue is a photo of running shoes worn by people who ran the marathon. In New Jersey, shoes are drawing an emotional reaction from young people who are walking a trail of shoes that represent lives lost to gun violence.

Gov. Christie Outlines Sandy Recovery Plan

Six months after Sandy, Governor Chris Christie’s message to New Jersey residents is that more help is on the way. 

NJ 'Storm Czar' Speaks Out on Sandy Recovery

With $37 billion at his fingertips, Marc Ferzan is managing a budget of federal aid money that’s more than the entire state of New Jersey spends in an average year. He's also been operating largely behind the scenes and out of the public eye.

Will Betting on Gambling Pay Off for Atlantic City?

The Christie administration is betting on the gambling economy.